Bloggers Forced Out of Van Jones Event by St. Louis Campus Police; Accused of Working for FoxNews

As reported in today’s Gateway Pundit, citizen journalist Adam Sharp visited a Washington University (St. Louis, MO) event to question former Obama Green Czar and self-professed communist, Van Jones.

Fortunately, Sharp was accompanied by fellow blogger, Patch W. Adams of, as each share a different perspective of the same event. Wrote Sharp, “With Jones visiting Washington University in St. Louis it was once again time for citizen journalism to fill the vacuum left by the ‘mainstream media’.”

From the beginning, organizers appeared upset when Sharp called out questions to Van Jones about any role in the removal of Andrew Brietbart from ABC’s Election Night programming, through Jones’ Color of Change organization. He went on to ask if Van Jones was really a 9/11 “Truther,” and at an attempt at humor, he complimented him on his music. “No chance of you busting a freestyle, Van?” Sharp added, “I’m a big fan of his rap.”

After some maneuvering offstage, officials then came forward to order everything be shut off and claiming Sharp was violating the University’s “intellectual property rights,” despite the visible evidence of cameras all over the hall. Sharp was then accused of being with FoxNews local Channel 2 (as if that’s a bad thing). Soon after, uniformed campus police arrived to forcefully remove both bloggers from the hall.

The first video, by Adam Sharp of SharpElbowsStL:

The second video is from Patch W. Adams, aka, The P-Oed Patriot:

So much for the “liberty” in Liberalism.

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