U.S. Department of Defense War Gaming for Actions Against U.S. Citizens (CNBC Video Report)

This, for a long, long time, has been illegal in the United States of America — and for very, very good reason.

Video posted November 22, 2010

Question 1: If the United States finds itself in worldwide crices of debt, finance, and monetary policy so grave that the Department of Defense is preparing for “sovereign state” economic warfare against us, then why have the Bush (i.e., Henry Paulson) administration. much worse, the Obama administration and Pelosi/Reid Congress, and of course the Federal Reserve been so diligent in bringing it about?

Question 2: Are the planning for war against us as a nation, or is the DoD preparing for continuation of war against the Sovereign People, by this American government?

Question 3: a. Why is this practice called “Unified Quest 2011?”  b. Unified how and with whom? c. Why, 2011?

Question 4: Are we getting the picture?

From the report, emphasis ours:


  • Army Studying implications of “large scale economic breakdown”
  • Would force the Army to keep “domestic order amid civil unrest.”
  • Army to deal with fragmented global power and drastically lower budgets

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