Jill Stanek on Elena Kagan’s Partial-Birth Abortion Scheme

Plus, What I Suggest We Do About it All

We have served you Trevor Loudon’s articles on Elena Kagan, exposing her for the carefully nurtured and hand-picked Marxist subversive she is.  Now see this, reported by Jill Stanek, to observe Kagan in action.  As you may note, Marxists are known for the rampant sins of their means and ends: deceit, theft, enslavement, and violence.

They lie about who they are and what they mean to accomplish.  They seek a system of institutional theft and bondage to the state.   And disregarding that all men are endowed by their Creator with the inalienable Right to Life, one way and another, they employ measures which do great violence to the Sovereign People of the lands they defile.

Jill Stanek on Elena Kagan’s demonstrated penchant for violence, excerpted from her article dated June 29, 2010, in World Net Daily:

Exposed! Kagan’s partial-birth abortion scheme

The final version of ACOG’s January 1997 statement read (bold highlight theirs – accentuating what Kagan accentuated):

A select panel convened by ACOG could identify no circumstances under which this procedure, as defined above, would be the only option to save the life or preserve the health of the woman. An intact D & X, however, may be the best or most appropriate procedure in a particular circumstance to save the life or preserve the health of a woman, and only the doctor, in consultation with the patient, based upon the woman’s particular circumstances can make this decision.ACOG used Kagan’s language verbatim.

As former Justice Department lawyer Shannen Coffin pointed out in a National Review Online column yesterday, the U.S. Supreme Court cited ACOG’s opinion when striking Nebraska’s partial-birth abortion ban in 2000, and U.S. District Court Judge Richard Kopf also cited it when he, as well as two other judges, enjoined the 2003 federal ban.

So it can be said Elena Kagan was largely responsible for keeping partial-birth abortion on the books 10 years beyond what it would have had the courts ruled based on uncorrupted medical opinion.

You may read the rest at its source, including Kagan’s hand-written source document.

Then, for the time being, let us immediately contact our U.S. Senators (link) and let them know they have no place to hide, if they fail to participate in a filibuster to stop this appointment, and honor U.S. Citizens and their Oath of Office by telling the truth about the Marxofascist insurrection in Washington, D.C.

Please follow the suggestions of James Simpson, about replacing elected officials who foolishly fail America, our Constitution, and our national charter, the Declaration of Independence.

And, you may wish to share the low-down on Elena Kagan (and the anti-American network of which she is a part) with those you know.

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