Who Are the ‘Middle Class Taxpayers’ According to Our Marxist Puppeteers?

Reported in Canada Free Press:

by Judy McCleod:

The Democrat-loving mainstream media is missing the boat on Warren Buffet’s take of America’s economic meltdown as …”a sort of economic Pearl Harbor we’re going through.”

That being the case, then surely the first question should be: “Who is attacking the U.S.?”

The billionaire’s $5 billion investment in Goldman Sachs Group Inc. at the same time he’s touting the Treasury’s $700 billion bank rescue plan, should be the tipoff.

With so many banksters and fraudsters openly treating the U.S. treasury as their private piggybank, one ponders what‘s really going on.

Is wholesale market manipulation the new al Qaeda?

Unfortunately that’s a concept based far more on fact than paranoia.

The big casualty in this 21st century U.S. civil war is the Middle Class and there will be no Code Pink protests calling off the troops.

While middle class Americans have been busy putting their youngsters through school and college, pooh-bahs like Buffet, George Soros and his Canadian sidekick Kyoto architect Maurice Strong, who hangs out with the likes of Al Gore and “Now-I’m-a-Christian” Mikhail Gorbachev have been rearranging their lives for them.

For all of those middle classers understandably ignoring a propagandist press, here’s the first hint: The pooh-bahs seem mighty gleeful that the U.S. is headed toward certain economic meltdown.  Make that a meltdown with or without a $700 billion bank bailout.

With world attention on man-made global warming, (also arranged by some of them), these ageing power brokers actually predicted the economic meltdown.

Buffet, Soros, Strong and their ilk aren’t, as the mainstream media would have it, new age old men able to see through the mist of crystal balls. They’re influential powerbrokers in the corridors of power, enabled by vast personal wealth, and hard at work as agents of change.
Barrack Hussein Obama is the one out in front talking about “Change we can believe in,” but the senator from Illinois is only the Pooh-bahs’ latest puppet.

We already know from the Internet that Soros has gone a long way to bankroll Obama’s campaign, but not so well known is that Soros worked in conjunction with Strong to saturate the American automobile market with the China-produced Chery.

“Like the bad guys in a spy movie, Soros and Strong teamed up on the Chery, a sort of poor man’s made-in-China vehicle, with which they hope to flood the U.S. market next year.” (Canada Free Press, June, 2006).

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Words have meaning, but when those in power change the meaning without even telling us, we are in danger of accepting  false premises foisted upon us by wily wolves in humanitarian clothing.

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