Big Marxist Unions Collaborate with U.N. Against American Sovereignty

Obama patting AFL-CIO's Marxist boss, Richard Trumka; photo from

From Emerging Corruption

U.N. Pushing Card Check on U.S.?

November 9, 2010 By Warner Todd Huston

The U.N. is at it again, trying to use its “power” to control the U.S.A. Naturally that control leans toward the extreme, anti-American, left-wing of the political spectrum. In a meeting of the UN Human Rights Council, those that stand against America had a gripe session where supposed violations of human rights were leveled against the United States. And what sort of force was at the forefront of these calumnies? Unions, of course.

One of the reports that was entered into the “evidence” against the U.S. was prepared by the AFL-CIO and other American unions.


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