Updated, George Soros & Friends: Telling those You Know about Glenn Beck’s ‘Puppet Master’ Programs

…and watching them, of course

Gulag Note: Visit us this Thursday Night, 10pm to Midnight ET, for a net-radio analysis and commentary regarding Beck’s “Puppet Master” programs.  The program streams with optional live chat, on this page: Gulag Night.  You can also listen at 310/807-5060 and we’ll take questions and calls (press 1 for attention).

Participants include Sher Zieve, Anita MonCrief & Babe Huggett of Emerging Corruption, CJ in TX, Tallulah Starr, and host, Arlen Williams.

What did Beck leave unsaid? Is Soros America’s Prime Minister? Our Master Saboteur? What if Soros went away — would much change?  More.

Original post, 11/9: If you have not been paying attention, today’s Glenn Beck program on Fox News marks the first of at least three programs on the George Soros network (and we don’t mean TV network — or do we?).

This program airs at 5pm and 2am Eastern Time.  Do you need to set your recording device? at least the alarm in your mobile phone?

He has promised to collate and broadcast information on Soros himself and the network of which he is a part, as no one ever has before.

If you would like preliminary or subsequent reading, the following are suggested:

And another three items, from Gulag Bound:

And Beck’s news venture has published their documentation, to validate his presentations and to expand upon them:

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Who do you know, who should know?


  1. God help us. Are we sure that Soros is not the Anti-Christ? Think twice or is he the front man for the Anti-Christ. There are some people who are just evil. Should he be considered treasonist?

  2. I thought Part 1 of “Spookydude Exposed” was terrific. Just don’t watch it at home alone!

  3. If you don’t have a DVR and missed Beck’s Soros week, you can catch all of the episodes in their entirety w/o commercials at http://www.watchglennbeck.com. Make sure to watch last Friday’s episode too. For more on Soros, check out a 2004 AIM article. http://www.aim.org “The Hidden Soros Agenda: Drugs, Money, the Media, and Political Power” by Cliff Kincaid.

  4. If we don’t stop that old reprobate ONE WAY OR THE OTHER, then we deserve what he’s trying to do. Keep your powder dry, fellow patriots.

  5. Non-violently, Marauder… non-violently.


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  2. […] of Rome member, multi-billionaire George Soros [Gulag Bound link] echoed Strong’s statement last fall, when he told an Australian newspaper, “America, as the […]

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