Correction re. Beck | Socialists & Communists are Using the Words; Why aren’t Republicans?

Update – We received this “tweet” from Katy Abram, this afternoon.  My apology in this particular instance, to Glenn Beck.  I don’t wish to become a “watchdog” about him.  I do  however, question his treatment of patriot researchers and bloggers, including what ridicule has been heard directly from his mouth — also, his significant lacking of accreditations and interviews, in his broadcasts — also his decisions to compete with these rather than to support, with his Internet news venture.  This morning, he spoke of his making citations and in his book, footnotes.  To fail to accredit the works of others, as well as to cite original information hurts the movement to preserve America.  In Beck’s case, it also detracts from the credibility of his pronouncements, some of which are very critically important for the future of our nation and the world.  Perhaps his performance will improve, on the air, where most observe him.  — Arlen Williams

@GulagBound I heard about o’donnell on his show this morning. no need 2 b upset w him. I expounded upon the premise. thanks though :-)
– KatyAbram

Katy and Thomas Lifson, American Thinker’s editor in chief must be lightning fast at the keyboard and mouse.

Original post 11/08, 1:19pm CT

Katy Abram in her famous town hall encounter with Sen. Arlen Specter, 2009

From Katy Abram in American Thinker, today

Socialists and Communists: Coming out of the Closet

I have come to believe we live in the Twilight Zone.  During the past few days two videos had come to my attention which almost made my jaw drop to the floor.  The socialists and communists are coming out of the closet, outing themselves.

Last Thursday, a communist commercial (or as I prefer to call it: propaganda) surfaced.  It starts out with a sweet lady saying she likes to scrapbook.  Wow, I do too!  But in her next statement she tells the viewers that she is a communist.  I did a double take and watched as one after another fellow communists depicted how average they are, but that they have chosen to be communists.

When I thought things couldn’t become any stranger Lawrence O’Donnell of MSNBC verified something I had always thought about him.

This past Friday on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe,” Lawrence O’Donnell and blogger Glenn Greenwald had a heated exchange which resulted in O’Donnell proudly leaping out of the proverbial socialist closet:

article continues

If you were listening to Glenn Beck on his morning radio program, you may have heard him refer to these instances.

Oddly, I did not hear Mr. Beck credit Katy Abram, rather, by default he seemed to assume credit for just kind of knowing these factoids.  That seems to fit the pattern I wrote about yesterday.  So, I asked Mr. Beck about this, in a “tweet.” Now, by that I do not wish to detract from your paying attention to Glenn Beck — in fact, I’m calling your attention to him and the full set of his behaviors.  Personally, I have rarely listened to his radio program and suggest it be heard not infrequently.  His information is at the cutting edge — well, not that it can be called “his information.”

I also strongly suggest you watch Beck’s television expose’ of George Soros, beginning tomorrow.

But, back to this, by Abram (here is her page and door to her blog; unlike what seems to be Beck’s attitude, I suggest that patriot bloggers are to be heralded).

Do you remember, around this time two years ago, how U.S. Rep. Paul Broun and U.S. Rep. Michelle Bachmann were called in on the carpet and Republican=Reprimanded for calling Barack Obama’s worldview, “Marxist?”

So, now we have Marxists coming out and calling themselves the same, whichever synonym they may choose.

So, when will the Republicans stop knuckling under?

When, indeed?

When… will… Republicans… stop… knuckling under… to global… Marxism….


  1. Okay…look, in a perfect world every should receive credit for their research. Unfortunately, we don’t live in a perfect world. We live in a world where evil people are plotting the destruction of our Republic. I think which so much at stake, it is more important to make sure the information gets out to the general public than to concern ourselves with who performed the research and who should get credit.

    Harsh? Maybe. Easy for me to say? Yes, definitely, because, most likely, it wasn’t I who spent all of the time researching. However, keep in mind that Beck, like most other “talking heads” have a whole team of people performing the research and compiling that research into “bite sized chunks” that are easy for the general public to digest. I don’t think anyone knows for certain that Beck or his researchers are purposefully “slighting” someone (probably a loyal fan) just to bring forth a story.

    Very few Media personalities will give credit where credit is due…that’s just part of life! Bloggers, on the other hand, will often cite the original source. Michelle Malkin for one, has always gone out of her way to credit others.

    Instead of frustrating ourselves over this…..(speaking to my fellow bloggers and researchers), we should THANK GOD, that the information is getting out there.

    Look, none of us started researching and blogging with the illusion that were were going to get rich by doing so. We will NEVER, EVER, EVER have our own show on FOX. We do it because we have a talent and have a desire to expose the lies, corruption and evil that we encounter. Therefore, if someone actually believes that it is more beneficial for 1,000 people to read a post vs. 1 Million people actually seeing your post (research) on Beck’s chaulkboard, I suggest you should rethink why you are doing research and blogging in the first place.

    Just my two cents…..but what the hell do I know?

  2. Thank you for your good thoughts, Jean. All of them are ceded before I beginning to make this criticism public.

    There is never a good reason not to do the right thing. Someone concerned with restoring honor should honor those whom he should honor.

    Broadcasting professionals accredit their fellow professionals at their own level of notoriety. They should do the same with the others from whom they draw — even ones who are not making hundreds of thousands, even millions of dollars — especially when the big bucks are made and the big audience is before the one who is drawing from the one making little or no money, from the one(s) proving they are not in it for the fame, by not publishing in a mega-famous venues.

    To apply the principles to which you refer, the pursuit of saving America is not served well by hoarding attention and credit, not by mogulism, if I could coin that word. True leaders in battle know that giving credit where credit is due is fundamental to successful warfare.

    Also, I’ll pull this, from the original thread of comments after the Daily Inspection item, “Updated – Glenn Beck Seems to Show his Elitism; How he is Not to be Trusted with Power”:

    This is not an issue of vainglory. When people give proper credit for the works of important others from whom they draw, they:

    1. do a better job of supporting their own efforts, giving themselves more credibility — this is very important when positing that a U.S. President and Congress are involved in treachery.

    2. direct the attention of those whom Mr. Beck for one, has told to find the truth for themselves, to the sources and resources for the truth — why let it be tough? — why not facilitate accurately?

    There are important reasons for both academic and journalistic standards of citation.

    There are also important reasons that people in leading positions should be kind to those “upon whose shoulders they stand.” It’s good for the cause — much better than ridicule.

    from this comment, in this thread

    And the ridicule from Beck was a case of “adding insult to injury.” It was “the last straw,” for me and I spoke up.

    By the way, so that I do not mislead any reader: I have not written this pertaining to any of my own bits of work.

  3. Arlen, just because I have a different opinion, doesn’t mean I entirely disagree. You’ve made some excellent points which are hard to argue against. Just so you know, I would never post anything publicly that you write without giving full credit to Glenn Beck. : )

  4. When someone writes an article he/she retains the thought of a user in his/her brain that how a user can know it. So that’s why this paragraph is great. Thanks!

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