$52M to Restore Habitat Damaged by ‘Border Fence’

As reported at Judicial Watch

The region where an illegal immigrant murdered an Arizona rancher six months ago remains plagued by Mexican drug-cartel violence yet the Obama Administration has chosen to spend $52 million on restoring habitat damaged by the border fence rather than secure the area.

A chunk of the cash—$14.3 million—will fund more than a dozen habitat restoration projects in a region long afflicted by the violence of Mexican drug and human smuggling operations. It’s an area where earlier this year a veteran cattle rancher (Robert Krentz) was gunned down by an illegal immigrant on his 34,000-acre property in Cochise County near the southern border.

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It’s not the fence… it’s the illegal immigrants that are destroying the habitat!


  1. Why don’t we get Sheriff Joe to bring his guys in the pink jumpers down to the border to clean up the mess. They are already being housed and fed on the taxpayer dime. Sounds alot cheaper than paying a federal contractor to restore the “habitat.”

    Just a suggestion.

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