Updated – Glenn Beck Seems to Show his Elitism; How he is Not to be Trusted with Power

Updated below, original post, Nov. 6th at 2:29 pm CT.
The comments of Nov. 6, 11:33 pm & Nov. 7,  12:31 CT are especially offered the reader.

Glenn Beck, yesterday ridiculed, in fine Saul Alinsky fashion, patriots who have been attempting for the last two years and more, to get America to see it is being warred against by globalist Marxists — even as he claimed the limelight in doing the very same thing.

At the beginning of his program, Beck blurted, paraphrased but nearly an exact quote:

“This is Cloward and Piven.  You probably didn’t even know them, unless you were a progressive — or unless [making a childish neener-neener face] you were sitting in your underwear in your mother’s basement eating Cheetos and crying, ‘It’s Cloward and Piven!'”

What an odd put-down. What kind of perverse motive would cause this?  Is he trying in some bizarre way, to gain credit of authorship on the Cloward-Piven strategy?  For the record, it was explained and related to the current crises much earlier than Beck opened his eyes to it.  James Simpson’s “Barack Obama and the Strategy of Manufactured Crisis,” in September, 2008, was the key element in opening America’s eyes.

Why are you besmirching those whom you should be thanking among the most, on the face of this earth, Mr. Beck?  Because they detract from personal glory?

I have heard from God, Mr. Beck.  He says He is “I AM THAT I AM” — and you are not.  (Beck recently took off in a riff about mere humans ostensibly taking for ourselves, the unique holiness of God, Himself.)

Whether in our underwear or not, our cute, suit and sneaker clad Mr. Beck, compatriots of America, some of whom, my personal friends, are in this for The One True “I AM,” the Author of all Truth, not for whatever would seem to be corrupting your personal set of motives, apparent by your now apparent attempt to put us down.

What bothers you about those who are volunteering in this cause, perhaps at the sacrifice of a significant portion of their incomes, as you make your fortune in large part, from the work they have done and continue to do? What is it? Your conscience, somehow?


Gulag Update — This observer has received a reply “tweet” from Glenn Beck and has responded.  Twitter is odd; it’s like one-to-many telegraph without Morse code.


  1. Thank you for writting this out. I hate being right all the time but hey, some of us pay very good attention.
    I hope to see him in prison with everyone else involved in this hijcking of America & the list is very BIG & has many major players people seem to worship.

  2. AZ Pat.,

    I don’t have any knowledge of treason by Mr. Beck and tend to believe he is sincere in what he says (which is often very good and sometimes not so much).

  3. Jeez, lighten up!

    It’s satire. Get a grip. If his entertaining satire helps people want to tune in and find out about this stuff, how is that a bad thing? What’s more important, Arlen? Being right, or getting credit for being right? You might want to check your own ego. Just a suggestion.

  4. Wow! You people & the writer of this story? What is it with you? Now that we have an inkling of a chance you still have to complain? Your sad! So what if he’s making money, he’s still informoing those whom might not have listened before! That’s A LOT to me. Try to be positive & quit being devicive! I heard abt. Cloward-Piven before Obama was ever elected! No one wanted to hear it then. That’s the same state Beck probably found he was in! Sorry, but you’ll need to PROVE much more that just rhetoric for me.

  5. I believe Beck is sincere and open to correction if any facts he states can be proved otherwise. When did liberals stop being open minded? Isn’t our freedom to openly disagree great part of our strength as a nation?

  6. I have watched Glenn Beck from the first day on Fox News, and I remember the first time Cloward and Piven were mentioned, and he did in fact thank someone for bringing him this information.

    Clearly, to anyone who is not just sitting around looking to criticize, he was just trying to say that none of the mainstream media or writers were delving into this. It was indie bloggers and conservative historians who were doing it.

    I know that I became more involved in politics due to Glenn Beck and I believe that if it weren’t for him, the recent elections would have been much more of a stalemate, and less of a rout. He took the demoralized and helped them to realize that they were not powerless. And, I don’t believe that the conservative/libertarian alliance for defeating progressivism would have staying power without him. How many followers do the bloggers have? Not enough to energize and sustain a passionate political movement.

    So, bloggers just want a little attention, eh? Thank you for your work, although I never saw it. But I did hear Glen Beck talk about it. Talking about a topic is not the same as publishing it as your own.

    Want to save this country? Then grow up and stop whining. Consider it your sacrifice for the country. Most people who had been trying to warn the country about something and getting no traction would be thrilled if someone with a bigger megaphone became aware and started broadcasting the info. And every blogger who mentioned it before him does not need to get credit for something that is discoverable.

  7. You do realize that his statement wasn’t talking to you don’t you? That statement was a slight to the leftists of Media Matters and all of the George Soros organizations that blow up the net with negative pieces like this.

    What he was saying is that you knew about Cloward and Piven if you were a leftist or a leftist blogger. If that’s not you, then he wasn’t putting you down…but maybe he should have.

  8. Huladeb,

    I appreciate your apt, positive comments about Glenn Beck. I thank God for his work. I am saying he should not be ridiculing patriot bloggers — and he should give specific credit where specific credit is due, giving one specific example, the manufactured crisis article, by James Simpson, which served to inform numerous writers of profitable books.

    On the other hand, it is very appropriate that he has mentioned Trevor Loudon’s work. It’s also an excellent move to let “Naked Emperor News” have a venue with The Blaze.

    This is not an issue of vainglory. When people give proper credit for the works of important others from whom they draw, they:

    1. do a better job of supporting their own efforts, giving themselves more credibility — this is very important when positing that a U.S. President and Congress are involved in treachery.

    2. direct the attention of those whom Mr. Beck for one, has told to find the truth for themselves, to the sources and resources for the truth — why let it be tough? — why not facilitate accurately?

    There are important reasons for both academic and journalistic standards of citation.

    There are also important reasons that people in leading positions should be kind to those “upon whose shoulders they stand.” It’s good for the cause — much better than ridicule.
    Addendum: by “treachery,” the full definition is meant, i.e., treason. While “politics ain’t beanbag,” we aren’t just talking about politics, here. Other applicable words: sabotage (mega-sabotage) insurrection, and revolution (violent revolution, since this strategy of what are effectively America’s domestic enemies violates our fundamental rights and the fundamental meaning and definition of Sovereign America and the Sovereignty of Americans, to say nothing of being a violation of oaths of office).

  9. He does not consider himself in the Elite Category. He tells you do not take his word for anything but do your own research. He, also, tells you of books that some have written that are old and some are new but at least it is some of what we learned in school and some of which was taking out of our history books by Progressives from back before I was even born. The indoctrination our children are going through now and the price they are going to pay because we not only fail to educate ourself even more but because we cannot research on the web ourselves. You can google anything and with a little bit of time can find almost anything. So stop condemning Beck just because you do not like his ways. You better pay attention to the czars Obama has working for him. They are the real enemies of Americans.

    [Fm. Arlen: Thanks, I wouldn’t ever want to condemn Glenn Beck, who is on our side, or even the enemies waging war against us.]

  10. Although I appreciate the historical perspective from Glenn I do not appreciate his hypocrissy. He continues to repeat “The truth will set you free” YET HE DELIBERATELY IGNORES THE “TRUTH” ABOUT OBAMA’S ELLIGIBILITY. Until he decides to help 60% of Americans get to the bottom of Obama’s illegal presidency…then I refuse to watch him….it is only a matter of time before more and more Americans turn him off.

  11. Interesting take on things. I ass-ume that you did your homework so as to debunk what Glenn Beck warned about. Is there any truth in it? And if there is, do you uphold the constitution and stand with your fellow americans to defend it? My grandfather served in the Navy and was buried at sea. I never had the honor of meeting him, nor have I had the chance to thank him for his service. I think that he would be ashamed of the people in his country today, so willing to trade their freedom for communism.

    [Arlen: I see no debunking of what Glenn Beck, James Simpson, Cliff Kincaid, James Walsh, and so many others others have warned about; only corroboration. And my point again (the most essential one) is that disciplined corroboration (including citation) is necessary, when speaking of national sabotage, treason, insurrection, and revolution.]

  12. Until he decides to help 60% of Americans get to the bottom of Obama’s illegal presidency…then I refuse to watch him….it is only a matter of time before more and more Americans turn him off.

    Suzanne – I agree that Obama is most likely ineligible, but I don’t cut off my nose to spite my face. I’ve learned a million things watching Beck!

  13. Sorry – also meant to say that I would not have known this site existed had Glenn Beck not tweeted it. And I am not familiar with any of the people you mention in the article. So GB appeals to those of us who were truly asleep – what is news to us, may not be to you.

  14. Lighten up. Your attack on Beck makes you guilty of the same thing of which you accuse him.

  15. Tone Dagger (and don’t get me wrong, I’m not fighing with you):

    I am guilty of ridiculing those who volunteer at significant sacrifice in livelihood, in unprofitable venues, while taking their information and making a great fortune with it — and not even bothering to cite those most relevant sources? Huh. ;->

    By the way, patriot bloggers have received more of this weird sort of guff from Bill O’Reilly than Glenn Beck, to be fair to Glenn.

    Now, don’t get me wrong — it’s nice that these fellows achieve some status and it’s even important, considering the huge Marxstream media set against us all. It however, does no one in the cause any good, for them to so oddly look down their noses at those who do it for free (or for much, much less) — whether or not they take the freebies and profiteer with them.

    Actually, those who research and publish information, do it so that it is publicized. They don’t resent that. It is just an outrage that they get treated with disdain in the process.

    Talk about elitism….

    Consider the witnessing of this Nov. 5th broadcast’s quip by Beck, a “final straw” moment, for me.

    As a matter of fact, I would enjoy seeing Glenn Beck paying James Simpson, Trevor Loudon, Cliff Kincaid, and Pamela Key (and maybe a couple others) not only for what they might do (i.e., employment) but for what they have done for him. That would be nice to see.

    And as long as long as Larry Grathwohl’s critical contribution in the cause was mentioned by Mr. Beck, Mr. Grathwohl should have gotten full accreditation — and significant air time, in my humble opinion. That, especially since Larry is a true American hero, for what he did. Now there is one who deserves a medal.

    There are standards of decency, and as explained a few comments up, citing sources (and seeing and hearing from them, in broadcast media) is very important, in order to validate one’s communication and to give heuristic support to the audience, to do their own fact finding.

  16. A 140 character message in a bottle:

    “For Scripture says ‘Do not muzzle an ox while it is treading out the grain’ & ‘The worker deserves his wages'” 1Tim.5:18 http://is.gd/gOLIT

  17. I also took this comment to mean little commie progressives sitting in their basement cheering on Cloward and Piven. Beck can say some “off the wall” stuff sometimes, but I honestly think you have misinterpreted this.
    As far as credit, I’m afraid most national figures do not credit those out in the real world who are finding this stuff. I guess we just have to be glad somebody is getting it out.

  18. Tex-ma’am,

    Alas, I wish it were so. He may have gotten some synapses crossed, but it seems to fit a pattern, especially when combined with the derisive comments from his friend Bill O’Reilly, about even patriot bloggers.

    I guess I’ll have to post the video,”if I have time,” for accuracy’s sake.

    Your “good enough” comment is okay if it refers to me, but as I explained north on this thread, such behavior hurts the entire effort — including Beck’s own veracity.

    Thanks to all commentators,

  19. No one can read Beck’s mind. I’ve always given him the benefit of the doubt regarding attributions, simply for this reason:
    If he had referenced kincaid and others in the beginning the left would have stopped him dead in his tracks. He would never have gotten off the launchpad.

    Fair or not, the left has effectively marginalized the original sources. If early on Beck had even hinted that Kincaid and others had remotely similar views half of his audience would have concluded that he was one of those “conspiracy nuts” and stopped watching.

    It was absolutely necessary that a “new guy”, in Herbert Spencer fashion started from scratch and independenly discovered and refined what the world already knew.

    A new generation had to begin from scratch and be converted by the facts. Give it time. If the general public becomes convinced by facts, “rooted out” by Beck, they will, going forward discover the vanguard and give credit wherever it is due.

    Just keep your pants on. It will all come to a fair end. Books already written by the pioneers will be rediscovered and sell millions. They will receive their fame and fortunes on the back end.

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