We’ll be Posting Items; Rather You Weren’t Reading, but Volunteering

Please, if you have not already done so, pick a Patriot candidate in a close race (preferably, a smaller race, not overwhelmed by mass media, thus where you can have a significant impact).

Please contact that candidate’s office and volunteer for him or her.

It could be a literature drop, Friday, Saturday, or Sunday.

It could be telephoning.

It could be simply contacting a list of all those you know in this candidate’s voting populace.

It could be making Get Out The Vote calls on Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday.

It could be poll watching, on Tuesday.

It could be that you ask the campaign what they need!

Then, maybe before you get going in the  morning, or lie down to sleep, you can see what we are talking about in the Gulag.  There will probably be elections-oriented bubble-ups, whether fair or foul.

Thank you, God bless,
Arlen Williams
Coordinating Publisher

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