Massive Voter Fraud Alledged in Arizona by ‘Mi Familia Vota’ ACORN-Like Group

Thanks to the Gateway Pundit for this report:

On Friday it was reported that the Yuma Recorder’s office was checking the 3,000 last minute voter registration forms turned in by the far left Mi Familia Vota organization. The recorder’s office found that already more than 65% of the registrations were invalid due to the registrant not being a citizen, wrong/invalid address, false signature, etc.

Mi Familia Vota is a SEIU sub-organization. It is just as “non-partisan” as ACORN was before documented fraudulent behaviors finally killed it.

Yuma County is located in Arizona’s 7th District. Currently, far left Arizona boycotter Rep. Raul Grijalva is caught in a tight race with Republican rocket scientist Ruth McClung. A few thousand votes could change the outcome of the race between the popular rocket scientist Ruth McClung and the socialist boycotter Raul Grijalva.

The same SEIU offshoot group that is accused of turning in thousands of bogus voter registrations in Arizona has also come under fire in Colorado. Mi Familia Vota was accused of turning in 6,000 bogus voter registrations in Colorado earlier this year.

The rest of the article contains a letter from the Maricopa County GOP and can be found here.

Rep. Raul Grijalva of Arizona, co-chair of the Congressional Progressive Caucus said he was deeply disappointed when the healthcare bill was unveiled by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. He pledged to fight for a floor vote on including a robust public option in the bill.  Transcript from a 10/29/09 interview with Democracy Now can be read here.

Be watchful for possible voter fraud in your area.  Volunteer at a polling place.  Vote and pray.

[Ed.] Candidate Grijalva is part of a coalition of candidates at Many of these coalition candidates are (or were) clients of an online social media agency, Progressive PST, co-founded by KOS bloggers Beth Becker and Neal Rauhauser. Progressive PST and its co-founder, Neal Rauhauser are the subjects of a series of exposés here on Gulag Bound. Read part 1:

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