Shocking Video: ‘Healthcare Reform’ Designed to Kill

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Reported in the Conservative Examiner:

by Anthony G Martin

Shocker video–‘healthcare reform’ designed to kill

In the final 9 days in the run-up to the November midterm elections, it is time to take off the gloves and tell it like it is.

One of the major reasons for voting ALL Democrats out of office, along with Republicans-in-name-only, is that the healthcare reform bill they rammed through Congress against the will of the people is designed to kill.


The only way a nation can possibly do what Obama and the Democrats in Congress wish to do is to kill off a major sector of the population–the severely ill and the chronically-ill elderly.  When one looks realistically and honestly at the healthcare systems in nations such as England and Canada, which serve as models for Leftists such as Obama and the Democrats in Congress, the only conclusion one can reach is that the only way socialized medicine survives is by killing off certain persons within the population. And even then eventually the system.implodes under its own weight.

The entire article can be read here.

Obamacare blogger, Beyond 140 Characters reveals the shocking video:

If you are a seasoned citizen like me… ready to celebrate a 60th birthday before the year ends… yet feeling like a 30 year old and looking forward to another 30 or 40 years of productive and joyful living…  this is truly chilling.

Obamacare must be repealed in toto along with the other 9,000 bills which have been passed by the Congress of Death under Nancy Pelosi’s maniacal leadership.


  1. Obama was more explicit in a May 3 interview with the New York Times, when he said there ought to be a national “conversation” over whether “sort of in the aggregate, society making those decisions to give my grandmother, or everybody else’s aging grandparents or parents, a hip replacement when they’re terminally ill is a sustainable model.” Such decisions, added Obama, shouldn’t be left to patients or their relatives, but to a “group” of “doctors, scientists, ethicists” who are not part of “normal political channels.”

    This group of “doctors, scientists, ethicists” are the “panel” Sarah Palin was referring to. She was referring exactly to what obama had said in the May 3 New York Times interview!

    (These groups of “doctors, scientists, ethicists” are in fact the DEATH PANELS that have been talked about by obama. These panels are in fact in the obamacare bill that was passed by congress under suspection of fraud and coercion.

    Obama himself thinks your own health should not be your personal decision but should be determined by a panel as the quote above reveals, ie DEATH PANEL, via obamacare. Obama truly is a recycled hitler that is willing to terminate, ie kill, older people even his own grand mother.) Story Reports

  2. If you want a chilling look into the future of the US under the totalitariansism of Obamacare, read Michelle Buckman’s novel “The Death Panels”.

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