What does Soldier of Fortune have to do with it?

James Simpson, who has written for them, writes about their often cutting edge role, in the often fiery hot “Cold War.”  As we now also face the Sorosian soft warfare of global Marxism, America has been conditioned by the Marxstream media to unlearn the utter evil of atheistic, authoritarian empire building in the guise of collectivism.  Soldier of Fortune is like a bucket of water in the face of our so opiated culture.

In Big Peace:

Soldier of Fortune turns 35

How Simpson begins:


SOF – an Exceptional Magazine and Much More

Like most things unapologetically conservative and unapologetically pro-American, Soldier of Fortune magazine has been pilloried for years by the organized Left’s venomously anti-American press and culture. But SOF, founded in 1975 by decorated Special Forces veteran and lifelong adventurer, Lt. Col. Robert K. Brown (USAR – Ret.), stands out as a singular example of American exceptionalism in print media. Would that the rest were half as good.

SOF is more than that too, for unknown to most people, Soldier of Fortune magazine and its staff of intrepid reporters – almost all with special operations backgrounds, some who paid the ultimate price while on assignment – has voluntarily assisted the U.S. military and our allies for decades, with little or no recognition, providing intelligence, training and combat support to freedom fighters throughout the world. They did so much of this in fact, that they could almost be characterized as the first “private contractor,” except they did all their work for free, with expenses being covered by the magazine itself.

Started in 1975, the year of the Vietnam War’s ignoble end, Soldier of Fortune magazine quickly gained a wide following among Vietnam veterans. It was one of the few journals then in print that gave an honest and appreciative assessment of veterans’ wartime sacrifices…

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