‘Liar!’ Obama & Progs Set to Raise Taxes on $40K Earners

Perhaps it is now a trend.  People have been shouting “You lie!” and “Liar!” at Barack Obama a.k.a., Barry Soetoro, a.k.a., the PINO – President in Name Only (going back in time: here, here, & here.)

How many lies does it take, to be a liar?  Visit the unofficial “Obama Lies Directory,” though reading through it all may wreck your plans for the day.

Obama has repeatedly stated he will not be a party to raising taxes on individuals who earn less than $250K per year (or was it $200K? $100K?).

This chart, from Wall Street Journal Online’s October 7th article on only a slightly different subject, “Delays to Tax Tables May Dent Paychecks,” lays out proposed tax hikes to Sovereign Citizens earning $40K per year.

The WSJ article, for the rest of the story, including the administrative confusion caused by the Pelosi-Reid, Marxofascist Congress’ procrastination in dealing with inescapable truth, regarding pesky matters about trifles such as taxation and budgeting, until after the General Election

Video, also from October 7th:
Student Gets Attacked by Obama / O’Malley Supporters

And speaking of bending the truth, voting is going on now, in many states, in the “November 2nd” General Election.  Are you informing your family and friends of what is at stake?  Will you drive your neighbor who doesn’t vote, to the polls?  Volunteering for a good candidate?  Making calls?  Going door to door?  Or, are you failing those who have passed America on to you and failing our children?

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