New, Thorough Examination of Barack Obama’s Communist Mentor, Frank Marshall Davis

Come, get to know Frank Marshall Davis.

We have seen breakthrough information from Andrew Waldin, Cliff Kincaid, Marion Valentine, and Trevor Loudon, about this Communist operative, hot dog and cocaine vendor in the park, pornographer and frequenter of brothels — this main man mentor of the occupant of the Oval Office, handpicked by Obama’s grandfather, Stanley Dunham.

Add to this, new research from Paul Kengor.  Here begins Kengor’s column about his project, in National Review Online.

October 5, 2010 6:30 P.M.

Obama’s Communist Mentor

Frank Marshall Davis parroted the Communist line and attacked Democratic icon Harry Truman.

When you write a book, particularly one that requires several years of research, you tend to encounter a bunch of unexpected information. Sometimes you find things that, if reported, will undoubtedly prompt partisans to demand you explain yourself. For me, this begins that process of explaining, given that one of the major characters in my new book on American Communists, Dupes, is Frank Marshall Davis.

Allegations regarding Davis’s Communism are sure to infuriate the Left because of the influence Davis once had over our president. He was a drinking buddy of Barack Obama’s maternal grandfather, Stanley Dunham, and spent time with young Obama. He turns up in the president’s memoir, Dreams from My Father, shrewdly identified only as “Frank”: “I was intrigued by old Frank, with his books and whiskey breath and the hint of hard-earned knowledge behind the hooded eyes.” Recently, a U.S. Communist-party official confirmed the relationship, bragging in a speech of the Communist Davis’s formative influence over Obama. And yet when the allegations surfaced during the 2008 campaign, they went virtually unreported in the mainstream media.

After an almost four-year-long sojourn in which I tried to ascertain whether Davis was a progressive duped by Communists, or, conversely, a Communist who duped progressives, I determined the latter. No doubt, this conclusion — which means the leader of the free world was strongly influenced by a Marxist — will bring the unholy wrath of liberals. Yet, they should brace themselves for another kind of anger. Once they read what Davis did and wrote, they might redirect their rage. In truth, Davis’s targets were mainly Democrats, and especially a Democratic icon, Harry Truman. What Davis said about Truman was unbelievably outrageous. Worse, he said it because it was the Moscow line.

Since the early 1990s, I’ve been absorbed with archives from the Soviet and Communist world — I’ve looked at every kind of declassified holding. In recent years, I’ve concentrated on an extraordinary cache of material from the Comintern Archives on Communist Party USA (CPUSA). This material is utterly damning to theAmerican Left, especially in its vindication of the worst fears and warnings of anti-Communists. Not surprisingly, our illustrious “scholars” in the academy are studiously ignoring it.

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  1. Paul Kengor is a propagandist. He has a history of fabricating evidence against Davis, starting with his fraudulent claim that the NAACP’s Roy Wilkins criticized Davis following the 1949 Honolulu NAACP incident (

    “Accuracy In Media” (AIM) posted four different reports which each misrepresent the Congressional testimony of rookie Honolulu NAACP board member Edward Berman. Just like the Orwellian “Ministry of Truth,” AIM has conducted a disinformation campaign against the Obama-Davis relationship, and even had the audacity to post Berman’s testimony as Exhibit 4A of Evidently AIM’s Cliff Kincaid never thought anyone would take the time to actually READ Berman’s testimony!

    “Falsehoods not only disagree with truths, but usually quarrel among themselves.”
    – Daniel Webster, American, Statesman Quotes

    • Kaleokualoha,

      How is Paul Kengor just making stuff up, when what he’s doing is quoting Communist Frank Marshall Davis’ own articles?

      Also, it is ironic that you hurl the invective that he and AIM are fabricating information, when they cite sources and reference their research and you do not.

      Thank you for the humor.

  2. I invite you to read the references. Berman’s Congressional testimony did NOT say that Roy Wilkins criticized Davis. Based on Berman’s testimony, Kengor claimed that Wilkins DID criticize Davis. Please read the testimony, and four AIM misrepresentations of that testimony.

    Paul Kengor’s credibility is in serious doubt because he blatantly misrepresented Frank Marshall Davis’s involvement with the Honolulu NAACP in 1949 in his “Accuracy In Media” (AIM) column “Return of the Dupes and the Anti-Anti-Communists” ( Kengor wrote :

    “Finally, if that doesn’t concern liberals, they should understand how communists, including Frank Marshall Davis, used the civil-rights movement, and again and again exploited and undermined the NAACP. Romerstein lays this out at length in his report. He quotes Roy Wilkins of the NAACP, who rightly noted of Davis and his comrades: “they would now destroy the local branch of the NAACP.” They would do so after having destroyed another good civil-rights organization. “Comrade Davis,” wrote Wilkins, “was supported by others who recently ‘sneaked’ into the organization with the avowed intent and purpose of converting it into a front for the Stalinist line.” Wilkins knew well that this was a standard “tactic” by the communists; it was known by everyone involved in the NAACP at the time. Wilkins, like many civil-rights leaders of his time, refused to be duped by Davis and his comrades.”

    This is entirely false. Romerstein does NOT quote Roy Wilkins (see, Exhibit 4A). Romerstein actually quotes Congressional testimony of NAACP rookie Edward Berman, a white new board member who also testified (falsely) that there was no segregation in Hawaii.

    Note that Berman only accuses Davis of suddenly appearing “on the scene to propagandize the membership about our `racial problems’ here in Hawaii.” Berman said Davis was supported by OTHERS “who recently ‘sneaked’ into the organization with the avowed intent and purpose of converting it into a front for the Stalinist line.” Neither Roy Wilkins nor Edward Berman said Davis “exploited and undermined the NAACP,” as falsely claimed by Paul Kengor.

    The Congressional testimony directly contradicts Kengor’s essay. Roy Wilkins did not criticize Davis at all. The cited criticism comes from Edward Berman. Berman said that OTHERS, not Davis, “would now destroy the local branch of the NAACP” after having destroyed another good civil-rights organization. Falsely attributing criticism of Davis to Wilkins, instead of coming from rookie member Berman, greatly enhanced their credibility. Falsely attributing the actions of others (“they would now destroy the local branch of the NAACP”) to Davis greatly magnified Davis’s culpability.

    This is journalistic fraud, part of AIM’s disinformation campaign that misrepresents the Davis-Obama relationship in an apparent attempt to exaggerate Obama’s radical background. AIM, including guest columnists such as Paul Kengor, is the primary source of these falsehoods.

    Besides the false claims of Paul Kengor, AIM also misrepresents the Congressional testimony of Edward Berman by falsely accusing Davis of (a) sneaking into a NAACP meeting to convert it into a “front for the Stalinist line” (“Obama’s Red Mentor Praised Red Army”); (b) trying to take over multiple meetings of the Honolulu NAACP (“Obama Plays Reagan In Berlin, Al-Jazeera Journalist Funds Campaign”); and (c) trying to take over not the Honolulu Branch, but the NAACP itself (“AP Lies About Obama’s Red Mentor).

    I can provide links to these AIM posts upon requests. I invite you to compare the actual testimony with AIM’s falsehoods.

    “Truth is generally the best vindication against slander.”
    – Abraham Lincoln

  3. Kal’,

    I don’t grant what you state, because I haven’t researched it. But if I did grant what you state, you are claiming distinctions without much of a difference, at all.

    A. The NAACP was a Marxist organization, formed by Marxists (and their associates, who might prefer the cover of the term “progressive’) from the beginning.

    B. F.M. Davis’ own articles show him to be a Stalinist.

    By the evidence, Communist, cocaine dealer, pervert, and pornographer, Frank Marshall Davis’ personal mentoring is one element of many, in the truly radical Marxist past and present of the agent saboteur, Barack Hussein Obama, a.k.a., Barry Soetoro, apparent citizen of Indonesia (thus, not of the United States) by what documentation has been discoverable.

    As I recall, I have encountered you previously and you seem to have a career of defending this anti-American insurrectionist (and thereby, said saboteur in chief). Do what you will, you will not contradict the facts.

  4. Sorry that I failed to make my point: Paul Kengor LIED about Roy Wilkins criticizing Davis. The proof is in the Congressional testimony of Edward Berman.

  5. Socialist/Democrats not only intend to control U.S. Government by granting Amnesty to 12 million illegal immigrants to permanently swing votes in favor of the extreme left, Democrats could keep the Mexican Border open ensuring another 12 million illegal immigrants replaced the current 12 million to start the process all over again.

    Barack Obama longs to legislate his belief that “Being an American is not a matter of blood or birth.” Obama now wants to seize Citizens’ retirement accounts to support his out of control spending. It is problematic that once 12 million illegal immigrants get amnesty and can swing votes to empower a Socialist U.S. Government, leftists will pass laws that effectively appropriate Citizens’ other assets e.g., land and industries in the name of redistribution and by invoking huge income and other taxes on property and inheritances. It is obvious Obama and his Socialist/Marxist associates are building a “Fifth Column” of extreme leftists” in labor, pro-illegal immigration and other groups, supported by socialists and communists that appear intended to destroy America.

    If you are not a socialist or communist, how do you think an extreme Leftist U.S. Government might treat you if you do not support their government?

    If the Leftists destroy free enterprise, that will destroy most jobs in America, how will leftists deal with millions of unemployed Americans that believe in Free Enterprise or as the communists say, Non-Critical Citizens? Should Leftists succeed, in the end they will devour themselves after they run out of other people’s money to pay for their unproductive Socialist/communist programs and no doubt this could end up on the streets.

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