Baseball, Politics & the New Team in Teaparty Town

The Home Run

As the fast approaching World’s Series of American politics looms less than a month away, Sharon Angle has hit one out of the park and the Teaparty home town fans rise as one body to cheer!

Angle said:

The Republicans have lost their standards, they’ve lost their principles…. Really that’s why the machine in the Republican Party is fighting against me…. They have never really gone along with lower taxes and less government.

Let’s be clear, there has never been a series like this one because there is a third league in the playoffs.  Like all big changes in the rules the commentators are all asking how will this rule change affect the outcome of the big game?  Each one has an opinion, but no one can really make an accurate prediction.  We will all have to watch the game on the edge of our seats, hold our breath and pray as each player steps up to the plate and takes his swing.

This league has a few well known players like Mike Pence, Darrell Issa, Jim Inhoff and Jim DeMint, but the majority of the players are rookies, some of them substituting for long time starters that they defeated during spring training. Now they are fighting for their chance to play to the best of their ability.  The seasoned commentators, for the most part, are skeptical and since there is so little known about these rookies they have relied on questionable sources and they have grasped at every straw held out as “proof” that the untested rookies are going to ruin the game and shouldn’t even be given a chance to play.  Some very disturbing tales have been told of witchcraft, questionable employment and drastic plans for irreparable harm.

The startling thing is that this new league isn’t sponsored by some multi millionaire sports fan or a wealthy consortium looking for a tax write off.  This league has been put together around kitchen tables by the moms and pops of America who can remember the good old days when Maris and Drysdale and Mickey Mantle played and it was exciting to watch and everyone felt good about the winners.  Where have you gone Joe Dimaggio? They are the people who watch The Natural because it makes them smile when the story ends with redemption and a bright future.

The New Teaparty Team seeks to restore that feeling of patriotism and wholesomeness, the feeling of satisfaction in a job well done, self sufficiency and responsibility.  One wonders why the rookies have been so slandered and smeared.  Can it be that the old leagues are the source of money and favors and a comfortable incestuous “I’ll scratch yours if…” relationship that the commentators have blindly accepted as “normal?”

And so we return to Sharon Angle’s home run.  It hasn’t been received well in the old league halls, in fact they have predicted that her home run will actually lose the game and they are rubbing their hands in glee and incessantly pushing the instant replay button.  Well, I know that you can’t predict the outcome of a game until the final inning is played, but it’s the bottom of the eighth and the Home team is ahead.  Beware that the old league players are being pitched right down the middle, while the new guys are being thrown curves and sliders and the referees are either on the take or bound and gagged by the old guard in Washington.

I’m encouraging the fans to get out of their seats and stop cheering and start going door to door telling everyone what a great season America will have if only the rookies are given a chance to clean up the ball park.

Offer to drive your neighbors to the polls, be prepared to answer their questions, give them accurate information and dig deep into your pockets to give all you can to campaigns.  Man the polling places as judges and volunteers to “true the vote.”  Most importantly, VOTE! It is a privilege of Citizenship, but it is also a sacred responsibility!

Janet Smiles, a contributor to Gulag Bound, is an advocate of Internet and person-to-person activism.  She advocates overcoming the false taboos of “avoiding faith and politics” with well-behaved and vital communication of both timeless truths and current realities — all for the sake of love, for all our neighbors.

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