Diana Larkin: From the Commander in Chief—Directives for Our Part in This War

This is the third of three October programs, for coordinating our spiritual warfare and to prepare us for the earthly “5th Generational Warfare” (5GW) during the remainder of this year, victorious in our Savior and King Jesus Christ. – AW

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From the Commander in Chief—Directives for Our Part in This War


Hold on and do not waver in this extended warfare season. Hold out for complete victory and clean-up of the darkness, completed judgments and justice and righteousness established.


Two-fold assignments: mow down and trample darkness and bring in life and light. Sword of truth: strikes lies and releases truth to those seeking answers. Shield of faith: stops enemy attacks but reflects His glory to those seeking healing and hope. Shoes of peace: trample death and evil schemes and releases peace into the world.

3. 9/17/21 OPEN DOOR

Darkness will experience terror and loss; He is providing open doors of opportunity for us to walk through to destiny. We believe, take courage, and listen for His voice.


Anchor in His Word and heart and we’ll see evil toppled. We are to help lay a new foundation of righteousness and justice.


It is your prayers and your partnership with Me that have made a highway for My presence to come.

6. 9/23/21 DARK TO LIGHT

Shocking exposures bring trauma—loose shock and trauma from your soul and replace it with His peace. Pray shock and trauma off of others and release His peace into them.

7. 9/25/21 WALK WITH ME

Walk with Me closely through your personal challenges (just as we walked with faith in His ability to change our Nation).

8. 9/26/21 THE SUMMONS

We are to continue to pray that the twisting, lying Leviathan will be muzzled and that My Host will break His back and render him powerless to suppress the truth and God’s verdicts from heaven to earth.


Don’t get all panicky on Me… remember–it’s not over till I say it’s over.


Keep watching and waiting and hoping in Me—My Kingdom will prevail in your Nation.

11. 9/29/21 BOUNTY OF MY TABLE

Man’s systems will fail, we are to put our trust in His Kingdom resources and do not fear. He promises to guide us in the process off of dependency to man’s systems and onto His system of provision.


Don’t flinch or give up at coming implosions—throw the weight of your life on Me, focus on Me, worship Me, declare My light is coming to overpower darkness, call forth rebuilding, stay close to Me.

13. 10/3/21 I HAVE SEEN

He has seen every sacrifice and loss—we are to bring our doubts to His feet and worship until we can again see with His eyes and His heart. He promises=repay, restore, reward!

14. 10/5/21 DAY OF RECKONING

Continue to pray dark schemes will be uncovered and defeated and their evil plans will blow up in their faces.


Rejoice that justice is coming!


Look to the future with great anticipation—use your spiritual imagination: taste sweet victory, see giants fall, see exposure and His hammer of justice fall, watch love poured out on angry, deceived, and fearful.

17. 10/8/21 HUSH OF WAITING

Guard your heart while waiting against fear and discouragement. Worship often as it magnifies Him in our hearts and builds faith. Fill your mind with His promises and not fear or be anxious. Be still and know that He is God.

18. 10/9/21 TELL ALL THE WORLD

Tell all the world when you see His rescue plans unfold and witness His power and goodness and how He saves, heals, and delivers. Acknowledge that He brought victory and justice. Remember to thank Him and He’ll give counsel to rebuild.

19. 10/10/21 FROM THE WAR ROOM

Welcome Reaper Angels, worship Him, declare His power and goodness and stand firm in His promises.


Look with spiritual eyes—view from His perspective—He’ll show us behind the scenes to see Him flip the script. If you begin to slip into fear or impatience, ask Him to show you what is happening in the spiritual realm behind the scenes.

21. 10/14/21 THIS IS WAR!

We must be just as determined to defeat them as they are to trample us into the ground. This is all-out warfare and we are to push back darkness, declare His awesome power to defeat enemies and to turn the tide from darkness to light. We are to renew our strength in Him daily.


I’m in the War Room in Heaven, and I hear a buzz of excited conversation. I hear parts of phrases as the Elders talk amongst themselves.

“Launch OPERATION RESCUE!” “Counter measures are now in place to PROTECT the Saints from the coming UPHEAVALS and SHAKINGS.” “We have planned well for this day; we just need the Saints to STAY CLOSE to the Father and not PANIC and make foolish moves or decisions.” “This will be a season of RECONNECTING HEARTS who have been MISLEAD by the corrupt media back to the Father and back to TRUSTING HIM and His prophets. It will also be a season of reconnecting ESTRANGED family and friends who didn’t understand the SPIRITUAL significance of this time and who hearts have been VEILED by believing SECULAR voices over SACRED voices.” “Good things are coming after the CRASH and BURN.”

The Father adds:

“We are launching OPERATION RESCUE. Unprecedented SHAKINGS and OCCURENCES will happen but remember I’ve already told you there will be a HAPPY ENDING. GOOD will triumph over evil, LIGHT will outshine the darkness, and JUSTICE will be dealt to the corrupt and evil. I AM your REFUGE and your STRONG TOWER, and you can bring others who are panicking and troubled into this place of safety. Live in My LOVE and in My PRESENCE. BREATHE Me in and EXHALE any fear or anxiety. I AM your faithful and true Father who has ARISEN to come and fight for His children and for your Land. Let your heart be LIFTED UP knowing that you and your Land’s REDEMPTION is very near.”

23. 10/18/21 THE TWO BI-DONS

I had an interesting dream last night about an interviewer and the one he was interviewing—they both were experiencing memory loss, and it was painful to watch them stop mid-sentence forgetting what they were saying. This morning I heard the Father say:

“I told you on June 5th of this year that My JUDGMENT against J.B. had been rendered and that I was requiring his life because of his stubborn REBELLION and continued EVIL DEEDS. His death is a reality in the spiritual realm and will be manifested in the physical realm according to My timing. What I want to reveal to you is that there are two Bi-dons—the shell of the real one and an IMPOSTER the arrogant elite chose to impersonate the ailing real one. What I AM revealing to you is that the darkness, in all their master planning and scheming, never dreamed that their imposter would also be afflicted with memory loss. Now they are spending their time trying to juggle these two ailing men and working to salvage their grand scheme of government takeover when their two kingpins are both WEAK and ready to FALL. I want you to know that their SEEMING grip on power is rapidly slipping and that they are not the FORMIDABLE foe they want you to believe they are. Be ENCOURAGED that your WARFARE is working and that this whole evil empire is CRUMBLING from within and will shortly FALL. Continue to push back darkness and call forth My light of EXPOSURE until the VICTORY is won.”

24. 10/19/21 ANGEL INTEL and “WATCH THE SKIES”

I asked my watcher angel what was going on in the Heavenlies? He answered, “See the clear blue Fall skies? Well, out of the blue, disaster is going to strike the wicked plotters and schemers. Watch the skies.” (I think I’ve heard several other prophetic voices who have said ‘watch the skies.’)

The Father speaks:


“You have asked why I have directed you and other voices to ‘WATCH THE SKIES’? How can I bring DELIVERANCE to your Nation from the skies? These are good questions, and they will be answered soon. I will swoop in on My fiery chariot to start a FIRE among the wicked. I will show up with the sound of a TRUMPET with My Calvary of the Host to RESCUE your Land, and out of the skies I will release the information that SEALS THEIR DOOM. The wicked are busy looking to each other, their idols, and to foreign powers to save them, and My blow from the sky really will hit them from OUT OF THE BLUE.”

JEREMIAH 50:22-27 “The thunderclap of battle shakes the foundations! The Hammer has been hammered, smashed, and splintered; Babylon pummeled beyond recognition. I set out a trap and you were caught in it…That’s what you get for taking on God…I brought out My weapons of wrath…Send them to their doom! Doom to them! Yes, Doomsday! The clock has finally run out on them.” (MSG)


· Stay close to the Father: spend time with Him and His Word, ask for His perspective on what is happening, breath Him in and exhale fear, depend on Him and His provision and protection

· Guard your heart: against fear, anxiety, doubt, impatience. Antidote is worship. Believe, take courage, listen

· Prayers: partner with Him, muzzle Leviathan, expose the wicked and that their schemes would blow up in their faces.

· Weapons: truth, faith, peace

· Declare: His power, goodness, and promises; welcome Reaper Angels and Heavenly Hosts.

· Anticipate and rejoice at coming victories, help lay new foundations.

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