Diana Larkin: Heaven’s Courtroom, War Room, and Angel Intel

This is the second of three October programs, for coordinating our spiritual warfare and to prepare us for the earthly “5th Generational Warfare” (5GW) during the remainder of this year, victorious in our Savior and King Jesus Christ. – AW

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These first two entries are directed to those partnered with darkness

1. 9/26/21 “THE SUMMONS”

“Today I AM issuing a SUMMONS to My Courtroom in Heaven. This SUMMONS will go out to the many CORRUPT and CROOKED people involved in STEALING an election. They think their crimes are still HIDDEN because the media is still COVERING for them. But My Courtroom in Heaven always has the FINAL say. As their crimes are LAID OUT in My presence, only the TRUTH will be seen and My VERDICT will be issued in RIGHTEOUSNESS and complete JUSTICE. What is LAID BARE in Heaven will be LAID BARE before the people of your Nation. Trust My WAYS and My TIMING in the release of all the evidence that is exposed in Heaven. Those who helped COVER UP the evidence on earth will also be SUMMONED to My Court, and they will be issued a GUILTY VERDICT as well. Some of those in darkness will know they are being TRIED today in My Court, and they will BLOW IT OFF—a VERY dangerous thing to do. Many will not be aware of what is happening in the spiritual realm but they will wonder why they feel UNEASY and will struggle with a deep sense of FOREBODING. I will have My way in your Nation and NOTHING will stop Me as I release Heaven’s VERDICTS and JUSTICE onto the earth. Continue to pray that Leviathan—the one who HIDES and TWISTS TRUTH—will be MUZZLED and My Host will BREAK his back and RENDER him POWERLESS to suppress My VERDICTS from Heaven onto the earth. My SUMMONSES have gone forth.”


“This question is mostly asked of the ARROGANT ones who have partnered with evil and sought to put you in SUBJECTION to their lust for POWER and WEALTH. I AM asking the wicked this question because I AM not just coming as a wind to blow upon them and their evil deeds, I AM coming as a HURRICANE that will blow away every COVERING and HIDING PLACE they have used to cover their darkness. This HURRICANE will have such FORCE it will strip away even the clothing they wear and will EXPOSE them before the world for who they truly are. My people who have come to Me as their STRONG TOWER and PLACE OF REFUGE will be protected from the gale-force winds I AM sending against the wicked. Stay CLOSE to Me, DO NOT FEAR, and WATCH Me guard and protect you, as the evil ones feel the FULL FORCE of My justice and judgment. I AM THE HURRICANE THAT IS COMING.”


I am standing behind one of the 24 Elders again with my hands on his shoulders as he’s seated around the conference table in the War Room. The room is filled with a buzz of excitement. The Father gives a low laugh and I hear Him say:

“The time is very near for the release of all that I have promised My faithful ones who have stood in faith believing My promises of healing and restoration. It gives Me great joy to fulfill all their hopes and dreams for their Nation, and it gives Me great pleasure to release abundance and great miracles of healing that will bless them and be multiplied to others. Their faith will soon be vindicated and great will be their peace and celebration. This delights My heart!”

He looks directly at me and says:

“Tell My people not to FLINCH or give up at the coming implosions in the ranks of the wicked because these implosions will send out shock waves that will shake and topple many things you have depended on. Haven’t I proved My faithfulness and power to you? Throw the weight of your life and place all your dependency on Me, and I will display supernatural provision and healing to you. It’s very important that they remain focused on Me, worshiping Me, declaring My light is coming to overpower the darkness. Call forth the rebuilding that I want to do and stay very close to Me.”


I re-read my journal from a year ago where I asked my watcher angel what was happening in the spiritual realm and he had replied that there was panic in D.C., many were packing bags, making travel plans (to escape), but don’t worry they won’t get away. I asked him this morning what was happening in light of this word from a year ago. He said DOUBLE everything: “Double panic in D.C., double packing bags, double making plans to escape, and double that they will not get away.”


“I AM relentless in fulfilling all My promises to you to do you and your Nation GOOD and to BLESS you with PEACE and generous PROVISION. I AM just as relentless in the pursuit of those who OPPOSE My plans for your life and the life of your Nation. Just as I AM pursuing you to do you GOOD, so I AM pursuing the wicked to EXPOSE their evil deeds and to bring them all under My mighty JUDGMENT and JUSTICE. Those who are Mine will feel the weight of My GLORY on their lives, and it will produce LIGHT, LIFE, and RESTORATION. Those who are evil will also feel the CRUSHING weight of My GLORY as it comes to EXPOSE their wicked ways, their HIDING places, and DELEVERS them up for PRISON and PUNISHMENT. I AM relentless to pursue My own with BLESSINGS, and I AM relentless to pursue those partnered with darkness with JUDGMENT. RELENTLESS!”


This morning an old worship song suddenly dropped into my head:

“I will sing unto the Lord, for He has triumphed gloriously, the horse and the rider thrown into the sea.

The Lord, My God, my strength and song, has now become My victory.

The Lord is God, and I will praise Him, my Father is God, and I will exalt Him!”

From the Father:

“The wicked who have pursued you RELENTLESSLY seeking to DESTROY your Nation and your freedoms have now walked into My SET-UP for their DEMISE. The only way to draw them completely into the trap was to allow them to think they were winning and that they were more powerful and smarter than Me and you. This is why they have APPEARED to continue to win on so many fronts, but I was using their ARROGANCE to BLIND them to My AMBUSH. This is why I have encouraged you to continue to TRUST Me and to realize that you couldn’t focus on outward circumstances because much was going on BEHIND THE SCENES as My TRAP was laid. THE CLOSING OF THE RED SEA HAS BEGUN. It is too late for them to change course and save themselves. They will soon be covered over with My JUDGENT and JUSTICE, and the world will see My strong right arm obtain the VICTORY. You will sing and worship Me with all your heart for I will TRIUMPH GLORIOUSLY over the enemies of all that I have promised for your Land. Do you hear the water beginning to CRASH DOWN?”

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