Diana Larkin: The God of Justice Speaks

This is the first of three October programs, for coordinating our spiritual warfare and to prepare us for the earthly “5th Generational Warfare” (5GW) during the remainder of this year, victorious in our Savior and King Jesus Christ. – AW

Video, with text of Diana Larkin’s relayed words from the broadcast

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  1. 1. 9/23/21 “DARK TO LIGHT”

“As deep darkness and depravity is EXPOSED to the world, it will bring SHOCK and TRAUMA to people everywhere—their world will be SHAKEN as they gaze upon how EVIL a human heart can become when it partners with DARKNESS. Much of what has been told you of history and current events will prove to be HALF-TRUTHS or outright LIES and MISDIRECTION. It will be a time of outer and inner SHAKING. This is why I have been DRAWING you close, REVEALING My power and love to you, and PURIFYING your hearts and motives. This will result in you being CARRIERS of My LIGHT, and you will be BEACONS of HOPE and SAFETY for those around you. ANCHOR all your hope in Me, and I will KEEP you. As you hear each shocking discovery, LOOSE shock and trauma from your soul and replace it with My PEACE—which is the abiding of your soul in My LIFE and LOVE. Pray shock and trauma off of others and as they come into My PEACE, they will be able to HEAR My voice and LEAN totally on My love and strength. You REMAIN in My LIGHT and then you will TRANSFER this light everywhere you go until the LIGHT completely ECLIPSES and OUTSHINES the darkness…DARK TO LIGHT.”


Heard from my watcher angel: ‘Great anticipation is in the Heavenly realms. Massive troop forces are awaiting the Father’s signal to launch a sweeping, powerful attack. They are excited to see the light overcome the darkness and bring an end to unnecessary suffering and the stealing of freedom and resources. They cannot wait to vindicate the Father’s name and the faith of those who are standing strong with Him.’

The Father responded: “I will echo what your angel shared with you. All of Heaven is eagerly anticipating a GREAT BATTLE and a RESOUNDING VICTORY over the dark forces arrayed against your Nation. My highly trained spiritual forces can see My battle strategy laid out before them, and they can already TASTE the SWEET VICOTRY in their mouths. They are more than ready to LAUNCH at My signal. Even as you fight these last desperate battles with darkness, I want you to begin to look

with GREAT ANTICIPATION to the coming COMPLETE VICTORY. I want you to begin to TASTE the sweetness of VICTORY and VINDICATION. With eyes of faith see GIANTS FALL, see the wicked EXPOSED and brought under the hammer of My JUSTICE, and watch My LOVE pour the water of the Spirit on the ANGRY, the DECEIVED, the FEARFUL. This will be known as a SWEEPING VICTORY of light over darkness. This is a day of GREAT ANTICIPATION.”

PSALM 27:14 “Wait for and confidently expect the Lord; be strong and let your heart take courage; yes, wait for and confidently expect the Lord.”

3. 10/8/21 “THE HUSH OF WAITING”

“Everyone is now in the HUSH OF WAITING. Both those who are Mine and those who serve darkness are waiting in an enforced still moment—what is going to happen in this great battle? The darkness is TENSE and fluctuating between DREAD of defeat and WILD hope that the darkness will win. This makes them UNSTABLE, UNSURE, prone to FOOLISH decisions. This is a vulnerable time for My people as well. The HUSH OF WAITING is not easy—GUARD your heart against the enemy’s devices of FEAR and DISCOURAGEMENT. Worship Me often because this will MAGNIFY Me in your own hearts and build FAITH. REMIND yourself of all My PROMISES—let them fill your thinking and not fear and anxiety. This HUSH OF WAITING will be broken—the other shoe will DROP, the EARTHQUAKE will come, the VOLCANO will erupt, the TSUNAMI will roll, the AVALANCHE will thunder down, and JUSTICE will PLOW the evil under your feet. Be still and know that I AM God.”

HABAKKUK 2:20 (22!) “But the Lord is in His holy temple. Let all the earth hush and be silent before Him.”


I was unexpectedly taken again to the War Room of Heaven. I am ushered in and take my place behind one of the 24 Elders. The Elder reaches back to pat my hand, and it melts my heart. Quiet, serious conversation is heard but undergirded by confidence in the Father’s plan that is unfolding.

The Father speaks: “The SHAKINGS in the natural and in the spiritual realm will increase from this day forward. When My people see shakings in the natural, they will know that a shaking is also taking place in the spiritual realm. The whole demonic structure hell has built has already been shaken and damaged, but even GREATER DESTRUCTION is being unleashed against them that will bring the whole structure DOWN INTO RUINS. What they have sowed into your Nation—FEAR, TRAUMA, TERROR, SICKNESS, LOSS—will now be REAPED by them in full.”

A murmur of agreement and support rises from the Elders. The Elder I am standing behind speaks: ‘This is the perfect time for a Harvest Season, and the Reaper Angels have been dispatched to harvest your Land, and they will gather the evil to receive JUDGMENT and JUSTICE, and they will gather those whose hearts are ready to be brought into the Kingdom.’

The Father adds: “Tell My people to WELCOME the Reaper Angels and to support My plans by WORSHIPING Me and DECLARING My power and goodness and STAND FIRM in My promises to you and your Nation. I AM arising to perform My word.”


Diana publishes her prophetic words in Twitter @JournalDiana11, Gab @journal, CloutHub @JournalDiana11, and as “Diana Larkin” in Xapit.com, and features our videos with permission in YouTube.

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