Terrorism/Assassination Planned by the Cabal; Prophetic Alerts: Diana Larkin, Robin D. Bullock, Amanda Grace, Veronika West

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Prophetic Words - Diana Larkin, Robin D. Bullock, Amanda Grace - Globalist cabal exploiting border chaos for false-flag terrorism, potential assassinations

While planning a video update with Diana Larkin we were once again pre-empted, to relay God’s alerts about terrorism, including what is being wrought through the intentional border crisis. Now, this crisis has been expanded to include false-flag assassination contingencies for Joe Biden and perhaps for America’s top patriot leaders in Texas.

In addition to be being a prayer concern, that is a critical law enforcement and military matter. Are such actual white-hats involved? Are the politicians alerted? And is this information being made public, enough to contribute to the thwarting of the evils? What are you prompted to peacefully do about it?

If you have any comments to add, whether anything you have learned in any way, or questions, please feel be encouraged to do so.

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The prophetic messages read or recorded in this program were posted in this Gulag Bound entry and in the comment fields below it :


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  2. And are you continuing to pray for President Trump?

    This should give us clues about what to pray for, in his mind and heart, and his circumstances — and what to condemn in the world.

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