WWIII in America, God’s Words to Diana Larkin, the Storm and the Calm

Diana Larkin’s essential update of the Lord’s critical words in His warfare to save the world for His plans, are read in the following video. Their text follows, below.

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Yahweh Visits the Earth


“I have given you many patterns in My Word that will help you UNDERSTAND the season that you and your Nation are in. Moses and the Red Sea, Saul and David, the Resurrection, David in exile when the kingdom was stolen from him…all to show you PATTERNS that you can expect to play out. I called Donald Trump to be My CYRUS for your Nation during his first term, but I am bringing him back for his second term as My DAVID, and I will cause him to TRIUMPH over his enemies and to STABILIZE and PROSPER this Nation. He will ACKNOWLEDGE Me in all his ways and will give GLORY to My name. Things looked DARK and DESPERATE for King David, but I DELIVERED him out of it all. I am promising you that I will do this for President Trump as well so take heart and keep fighting in faith.”

PSALM 89:21-24 “I will be strength to him and I will give him My grace to sustain him no matter what comes. None of his enemies will get the best of him, nor will the wicked one overpower him. For I will crush his every adversary and do away with all who hate him. Because I love him and treasure him, My faithfulness will always protect him. I will place My great favor upon him, and I will cause his power and fame to increase.”


Musings on the “stone” in Prophet Kim Clement’s word about a David-like leader who will bring down the giant with a stone. A quick search of the Bible revealed these various uses of stones: foundations, weapons to kill, breastplate of the high priest, identity, Jesus the Cornerstone, altars, memorials, jewelry, adornment, walls, source of minerals, millstone, blocks openings, they can praise, white stone engraved with a new name. I found this interesting verse:

ZECHARIAH 3:9 “For behold, the stone which I have set before Joshua; on that one stone are seven eyes (symbolizing infinite intelligence, omniscience). Behold, I will engrave an inscription on it, declares the Lord of Hosts, and I will remove the wickedness and guilt of this land in a single day.”

This verse repeats the concept of a nation being born in a single day as found in Isaiah 66:8 and tracks with Kim Clement’s word. The stone that David flung at Goliath penetrated his mind—could this stone represent truth that our David (President Trump) slings at the mountain of lies?

“For now, the stone of mystery will have to remain a MYSTERY in order to HIDE it from the enemy’s camp. But I WELCOME and ENCOURAGE your pursuing what that stone could be or what it could represent. SEARCH for examples in My written Word, PONDER what I might mean partnering with Holy Spirit and seeking His REVELATION. I may share things with you that I ask you to keep to yourself right now because they would tip the enemy off, but I will share things with you that you can bring before others as together you search out My mysteries. It PLEASES Me when you SEEK Me and SEARCH OUT the meaning of My messages.”


Certain: sure, true, undoubted, unfailing

“You may be experiencing an UNEASY FEELING and that is because there are MANY CHANGES on the horizon. I am giving you a ‘heads up” because I don’t want you BLINDSIDED nor do I want you falling into FEAR. I have been GROWING, DEEPENING, and STRETCHING your FAITH so that you will go through these many changes HELD FIRM in My GRACE, My LOVE, and My TRUSTWORTHINESS. As you see institutions, people, and systems come CRASHING DOWN, understand that I am tearing down what is built on a foundation of GREED and EVIL. In order to REBUILD a strong and free Nation, the ROTTEN FOUNDATIONS must be removed and new foundations of JUSTICE and RIGHTEOUSNESS must be laid. I will PROTECT you during this tearing down process, and I will GREATLY PROSPER you after new foundations are set. This is My CERTAIN PROMISE to you. I will help you sort out what are ATTACKS of the enemy that you need to pray against and what is of MY HAND and you are called to support in prayer. Encourage one another, encourage yourself in Me, and worship Me often for it will STILL the enemy’s voice trying to get you to fear. Rest in the fact that I AM the one IMMOVABLE, ABSOLUTELY CERTAIN thing in your life.”


“Clouds are gathering over your Nation, and a MASSIVE STORM is about to be unleashed. These clouds are My DARK GLORY, and they are full of My THUNDER (shakings), My LIGHTNING (exposures), and My POURING RAIN (truth). These shakings, exposures, and a TORRENT of TRUTH will be unleashed ALL OVER your Land in a great flood that cannot be stopped or explained away. Can a nation be changed in a day? WATCH and SEE what I will do! The darkness sees this hyge storm coming in, and they will LASH OUT in panic and great fear and hatred. Keep up the PRAYER WALL against the enemy’s PLOTS, SCHEMES, and ASSIGNMENTS. Take AUTHORITY over them in the power of My Son’s name and DIRECT the Host of Heaven to bring down those plots, expose the plans, and highlight those who planned these evil schemes so they can be brought to JUSTICE. Watch the sky…MASSIVE STORM CLOUDS are forming.”

PSALM 97:2-5 “Clouds both dark and mysterious now surround Him. His throne of glory rests on a foundation of righteousness and justice. All around Him burns a blazing glory fire consuming all His foes. When His lightning strikes, it lights up the world. People are wide-eyes as they tremble and shake. Mountains melt away like wax in a fire when the Lord of all the earth draws near.”


“President Trump is still my CHOSEN LEADER for your Nation and a FATHER to the rest of the world. Everything is in motion and unfolding to bring him back into his RIGHTFUL POSITION as your President. His reinstatement will flow from a series of SHOCKING EVENTS, and people will be thankful for his

STRONG LEADERSHIP. Can you wait 3 more months? 6 more months? 9 more months? How long can you wait and CONTINUE TO BELIEVE ME for your Nation? What if I SURPRISE you and it’s this month?! The length of time is NOT the issue—your HEART and its ability to TRUST Me and to WAIT upon Me are what is at stake. Waiting on Me in the UNKNOWN is the PROOFING and the STRENGTHENING of your faith. Let Me say this to you, My faithful listener, it’s SOONER rather than later.”


“Do you feel it in the atmosphere—that sense of something BIG is about to happen? Do you find yourself HOLDING YOUR BREATH in the stillness of waiting? Deep in your spirit you sense that the world is WAITING for Me to show up and to BREAK the seeming DEADLOCK between dark and light. I DO NOT DISAPPOINT! Behind this quiet morning, I AM a coiled spring ready to BURST OUT with great FORCE and POWER. The nations of the world are going to KNOW that I AM GOD and that there is no other besides Me. DREAD CHAMPIONS, you have fought this battle well, and you are going to see your prayers, your decrees, your tears answered by a MIGHTY DISPLAY of My power as My LIGHTNINGS FLASH around the world. The earth will respond to this unleashing of My power with EARTHQUAKES AND VOLCANOES. Landscapes will be CHANGED; river courses will be MOVED in response to My power touching the earth; and people will know that I AM GOD. This is the time you have been praying for and waiting for. Let out your breath and watch as I impact your world with My JUSTICE and RIGHTEOUSNESS.”

PSALM 29:5-9 “His tympanic thunder topples the strongest of trees. (Trees symbolic of leaders)…Now He moves Zion’s mountains by the might of His voice…The lightning-fire flashes, striking as He speaks. God reveals Himself when He makes the fault lines quake, shaking deserts, speaking His voice. God’s mighty voice makes the deer to give birth. His thunderbolt-voice lays the forest bare. In His temple all fall before Him with each one shouting, ‘Glory, glory, the God of glory!” TPT (my emphasis)


“Waves of MERCY, TRIUMPH, and GLORY are set to roll across your Land. During these last days of FIERCE BATTLE, I want you to know what I have promised will come to pass, and you will see with your own eyes as I bring MERCY to the deceived, the lost, the trapped; and I will bring TRIUMPH where it looks like all is lost; and I will send My GLORY to heal and restore and repay ALL that has been lost and stolen. Keep REMINDING yourself of My SURE promises even as circumstances look the opposite. Realize that SETBACKS can be SETUPS to great EXPOSURES that will result in JUSTICE, JUDGMENT, and VICTORY. I am asking you to TRUST Me on a new and deeper level and to take your stand on My FAITHFULNESS. When the victory comes it will be a TRIUMPH of your FAITH in Me, and the celebration will be SWEET and the REWARDS great. Watch for My WAVES of MERCY, TRIUMPH, and GLORY.”


Whose report can you believe? I see fear-porn on both sides of the great divide in our Land, and everyone claims their own “experts.” We desperately need TRUTH released from the Spirit of TRUTH! Cry out with me for the Spirit of Truth to be released across our Land! When fear is released, it brings freedom and the ability to make wise decisions.

ISAIAH 59:14 “Justice is turned back, and righteousness stands far away; for truth has stumbled in the street, and uprightness cannot enter.”

“What will bring peace and rest and health to your Nation? A release of the TRUTH can accomplish these goals that seem impossible right now in your sharply divided America. TRUTH is the only foundation for TRUE FREEDOM and for the WISDOM needed to make good decisions. Watchmen be careful what you share—in your passion to warn, are you releasing fear instead of sharing solid, balanced facts that will allow people the freedom to make a wise decision? Fear is always a CONTROL mechanism and is from the enemy’s ancient bag of tricks. Allow Holy Spirit to examine your motives—He will be faithful to show you if you have strayed into the minefield of using the enemy’s tactics. CRY OUT for the Spirit of TRUTH to be released like a SUDDEN TSUNAMI that rolls across your Land. This is the great need of this hour in your Nation. It will be the WEAPON the enemy cannot DEFEAT. Cry out for a release of the SPIRIT OF TRUTH!”


ANGELIC encouragement: The guardian angel who guards my heart said, “He is more powerful than you can imagine. All is well!” The guardian angel who watches over my safety said, “Fierce clashes, wild battles, the Host and Angelic Armies are in full battle array, and they are fighting with grim determination and full confidence of wiping out the enemy as long as you Believers KEEP UP THE PRAYER SUPPORT whose foundation is trust in God’s promises and His faithfulness.”

“The enemy is throwing everything into a LAST-DITCH effort to CONTROL people and to maintain their POWER. If you pay too much attention to their SEEMING victories, you will find yourself in ANXIETY, STRIFE, and LASHING OUT with the anger of man that does not accomplish the righteousness of God. Remind yourself of all My PROMISES: I will RESCUE your Nation from this dark scheme, I will SWEEP ASIDE laws and decrees that steal freedom, I will EXPOSE and BRING DOWN those partnered with darkness and who have SOLD OUT your Nation for a bribe and a promise of power, and I will RESTORE to you your rightful PRESIDENT—the one I have called and anointed for this pivotal hour in your Nation’s history. The enemy has puffed himself and his people up like a GIANT BLOWFISH that looks very threatening and intimidating—until you remind yourself of My GREAT POWER. If I release My ROAR against this giant blowfish, it will suddenly SHRINK to the size of a cheap plastic toy. Anxiety is a red flag that you have looked for too long at the giant blowfish. Turn your gaze back to Me, and I will reveal My POWER, My MAJESTY, and My FAITHFULNESS to you.”


“These are days of INTENSE warfare over your Nation. Are you feeling the intense pressure of the NARROW PLACE? Keep in mind the words ‘setback for a setup’ as the enemy thinks they now have an advantage as man’s attempts to uncover their evil schemes seem to all be failing. Don’t buy into what the enemy is sowing into the atmosphere…INTIMIDATION, MOCKING, FEAR, DEFEAT. His SEEMING victories will blind him to the AMBUSHES that are awaiting him as this battle for your Nation is now pushed into a narrow place. There is NO ESCAPE from this narrow place for either the darkness or the Light. The Light must continue to PRESS THROUGH, PRESS THROUGH until they have passed through the Red Sea and come into WIDE, OPEN places. I AM the wide, open place, and I AM the DELIVERANCE for your Nation. It will come from My mighty hand, as I draw the enemy into the Red Sea and cover them with the waters of JUDGMENT and JUSTICE. Do not be drawn into the enemy’s atmosphere—you choose to live in the atmosphere of the Kingdom by praying in your Heavenly language, remembering My promises, walking in love and forgiveness, and worshiping Me. The narrow place will not be for long—soon you will be out in the open with My Son shining on you and a ‘well done’ from Me for staying in faith and knit to My heart.”


“I know that it RANKLES your soul when darkness seems to be succeeding in their LIES, their DECEITFUL laws, and in SUPPRESSING the voice of the righteous, but this is not the END OF THE STORY! I have some amazing PLOT TWISTS in store, and a SURPRISE HAPPY ENDING that will bless you, your Nation, and the world. Will you continue to TRUST Me as the plot thickens and all HOPE seems to be lost? Will you despair at circumstances or will you cling to and trust in My CHARACTER and My PROMISES? Look to the drama of the Salvation story—Jesus came with a message of HOPE and POWER over darkness, only to have the darkness SNUFF OUT His life. The darkness seemed to have won, all hope seemed to be CRUSHED…but wait! What is that LIGHT in the tomb? SUDDENLY, life springs forth from death and the GREATEST DEFEAT of all time is turned to the GREATEST VICTORY ever accomplished. I AM the God of the Resurrection, and I AM fully able to PULL THE RUG OUT from under the enemy’s feet and deliver your Land out of DEATH into GLORIOUS LIFE. Here come the SURPRISES!”

PSALM 35:8 “Let destruction come upon my enemy by surprise; let the net he hid for me catch him; into that very destruction let him fall.”


ISAIAH 45:3 “I will give you the treasures of darkness and hidden wealth of secret places, so that you may know that it is I, the Lord, the God of Israel, who calls you by your name.” (Spoken to King Cyrus)

“I will tell you what UNLOCKS the TREASURES of darkness: FAITH (you believe what I have promised you), OBEDIENCE (you do what I am asking you to do—risk), and THANKSGIVING (you are grateful and express your thanks to Me before you see the fulfillment of what I’ve promised). These three KEYS will unlock many TREASURES from this dark season and you will find HIDDEN WEALTH flowing to you. The REWARDS for faith, obedience, and thanksgiving are great and FULFILLMENT will be incredibly sweet.

You were MOCKED for your faith, BELITTLED for your obedience, and LAUGHED at for your thanksgiving; and I, the Living God, tell you that you will be VINDICATED before men and HONORED in the courts of Heaven. Press on, press in, and press through with Me to the PROMISED VICTORY.”


“When I created your earth, I established the principle of sowing and reaping—or the principle of HARVEST. Before sin entered your world, the harvest was always GOOD—it was a harvest of PLENTY and LIGHT. After sin was chosen the harvest became a reflection of that, some was a good harvest and some was a harvest of EVIL, SELFISHNESS, and DARKNESS. The principle of harvest is always at work in peoples’ lives and in their nations, but I have declared this as a MEGA SEASON of HARVEST. It will be a season of SHARP CONTRASTS between seeing WONDERFUL harvests as I draw people and nations into My Kingdom, and really AWFUL harvests of darkness and destruction as the enemy tries to take CONTROL and suck people and nations into his darkness. As the dark harvest becomes very obvious, many will AWAKEN and choose the Kingdom of Light and will enter in through the blood of My Son. This is a difficult season to live through as you see the BLATANT evil and hatred unleashed but realize you were born for this season, and you will witness My hand bringing about JUSTICE and JUDGMENT against the darkness and a BEAUTIFUL RISE of the Kingdom of LIGHT and LOVE. As you continue to battle by My side, you will witness the DESTROYERS BEING DESTROYED. You will witness those faithful to Me being BLESSED and ESTABLISHED. Your STRONGER and FREER Nation will bless the world with STRENGTH and STABILITY.”

CONFIRMING WORDS from other prophetic voices:

VERONIKA WEST: She has seen many visions of America as a mighty oak tree in the forest of the nations. “America, America, I am standing in the midst of the trees of the great forest of the nations, and I hear the piercing sound of deep cracking in the midst of a loud sound of the hacking of axes…suddenly I feel the ground beneath my feet beginning to tremble, and I see the branches of the great Oak tree beginning to sway, I see the hordes of hell are unrelenting in their pursuit to destroy the planting of the Lord…but then I hear the sound of thunder and the heavens shake, I hear ‘For I laugh in the heavens at the folly of my foe that think they can uproot what I have planted or tear down what I have built’…watch!…for in the midst of the great shaking in the forest there is a sound rising from deep within the ground…it’s the sound of resurrection power and glory that shall suddenly bring forth new and greater life and liberty…for out of the deep darkness, a piercing light shall suddenly break forth to expose the works of darkness, the veil and the scales shall be removed and peeled back from the blind eyes of the people, and surely they will declare with a loud voice, ‘A great awakening is now come upon a nation that has been slumbering and stumbling in the dark.’”

“I heard the Spirit say, “The beast from the East is rising in power, but watch for I have a David with a stone in his had that will bring down this beast…and its head will be cut off with its own sword.”

Veronika saw a vision of JB riding a horse that he kept whipping and digging his heels into its side harder and harder whipping the horse to make him go faster and faster, when she saw a piece on the bridle come loose and the whole bridle and reins fell to the ground. JB lost all control and fell to the ground with thick dust filling the air. She heard these words “Watch! For there will be a sudden breaking of the

reigns of demonic power that has sought to control and bridle the Spirit of Truth and righteousness over this Land. Watch! As the one that sits upon his high horse is suddenly and swiftly brought down to the ground and shall never recover!”

Johnny Enlow: “It will not just be a reversal that takes place. There will be a whole upside-down turning of world systems. In that intense and even furious process, it will be the Kingdom of God that is suddenly right-side up. That is how the new era will take off. Eye hath not seen. We are there.”

Robin Bullock from the Eleventh Hour 8/17/21: “This last secret deal has been made with the enemy; it went too far. Now there is no pulling back from the harvest that will come from that decision. You have sown for this harvest and now in your sleep you’ll begin to reap.” “He brings harvest as He walks…He comes to help His people. Count on it.” “The only reason you wicked rulers have power is because of seeds that were sown for the harvest, but you will soon run to the end of it and the limit will be gone. I’ll give your wealth to another.” “He’s bringing a lightness to His people and joy will return. Heaviness and gloominess you see today won’t be seen forever. These are the last dregs of the harvest that was sown for in ‘92. Even now good wheat and tares are being separated in this harvest. Good to His barns, bad to the fire.” “Not many days or weeks and the wicked people who have plotted will say where did we go wrong? How come it couldn’t happen this time? Because you were trapped in the corner where seed and harvest meet and you can’t operate beyond it.”

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