God’s New Works, His Peace in His War with Globalist Evil; Diana Larkin (Video)

This time, we needed about seventy minutes. We had much ground to cover, including a very special eight days of God’s new beginnings, true initiatives from Heaven last month. Now, we are in the new spaces to which their doors opened. It is war terrain in the heavenlies and in World War III. Listen-in to God’s War Room and participate in God’s manifestations on His Planet Earth.

This three way conversation took place just before Diana’s urgent warning, again from the Lord’s War Room, about the cabal’s atrocity plans for Americas border. Gulag Bound Rejected has just published this too. Please see it too. Track along with the Lord with us, if you wish. Obedience in what He tells you, personally, is effective.

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From Diana, accompanying this video:


Words of assurance, encouragement, faith-building, our position, warning, direction, invitation, strategy, tactics, vision, and news updates!

1. July 17, 2021

Vision: I saw a brief vision this morning of a huge band of eagles flying in a pattern over the United States. Above them flew an enormous battalion of the mighty Host of Heaven deflecting second heaven attacks against the eagles. Below the eagles flew an Angel Army deflecting attacks sent against the eagles from those partnered with darkness on the earth. Then I heard the Father say: “If you are one who believes My PROMISES and My FAITHFULNESS and you have asked to see circumstances from My PERSPECTIVE, then you are an eagle. Let your FAITH SOAR and join your hearts, prayers, and decrees and encircle this Land with cries that will bring forth REVIVAL, JUSTICE, and GREAT HOPE. Your movements in the Heavenlies are STIRRING up the Angels and Hosts to BATTLE for you and to CARRYOUT My words over this Nation. See yourself as part of this vast group of eagles (you are not alone!) and feel the POWER of My SPIRIT WIND and SOAR above circumstances and see with My eyes as I DELIVER and RESCUE your Nation.”

2. .July 18, 2021

Hebrews 12:16,17 “Be careful that no one among you lives in immorality, becoming careless about God’s blessings, like Esau who traded away his rights as the firstborn for a simple meal. And we know that later on when he wanted to inherit his father’s blessing, he was turned away, even though he begged for it with bitter tears, for it was too late then to repent.” “As a LOVING Father, I want to warn you of THROWING AWAY My promises because you want instant gratification. Demanding that things happen according to your TIMELINE and your desires will result in you DISCARDING My promises and looking elsewhere for your agenda to be fulfilled or in losing all HOPE in the promise of My intervention. Esau chose instant gratification over his inheritance. It seemed a long way off and was not HONORED by him until it was too late. I don’t want you to miss your FULL INHERITANCE and DESTINY in Me because it is TRULY GLORIOUS. Don’t demand your desires be instantly gratified concerning your life or your Nation. BELIEVE, CLING to what I have shown you and what I have spoken through My prophetic voices for your FUTURE and the future of your Nation. I don’t want you to miss this great OPPORTUNITY TO STAND with Me, BELIEVE My words, and ENTER into a glorious future receiving your FULL recompense and reward.”

3. July 19, 2021

When my Dad was courting my Mom, he used to come at night and whistle love songs under her second story bedroom window. I think it sealed the deal! “I AM whistling for My Bride—not a strident blowing whistle—but a SONG of deep and passionate LOVE for her and a CALLING her to come HOME to the SAFETY and BEAUTY and STRENGTH of My heart. I desire to have you close to Me not only so you will be STABLE during the days of RAPID CHANGE and release of JUSTICE ahead but so when My GLORY falls you will not put your eyes on it or on the gifts that flow in the glory but your EYES and HEART will stay FIXED on Me and flowing in My Spirit of life. The days you have longed for and prayed for are JUST AHEAD so hear My SONG OF LOVE that I AM WHISTLING over you and draw near and ABIDE in Me.”

4. .July 20, 2021

I can supply EVERYTHING you need no matter what outward circumstances are occurring. World systems are going to be SHAKEN but that does not mean that you need to be shaken. I AM collapsing financial systems of the WICKED because they are built on GREED and DARK SCHEMES. This does not mean that your finances need to collapse. I AM able to PRESERVE what I have entrusted you with and going beyond that I really am going to TRANSFER the WEALTH of the wicked to the righteous. DRAW NEAR to Me and pull your LIFE and PROVISION from Me. Refuse to partner with FEAR of the UNKNOWN and FEAR of the FUTURE. These will DISTRACT you from DRAWING LIFE from Me and they will PARALYZE your ability to make decisions prompted by Me. Instead of worrying about your financial future, spend your time asking Me to help you to be a GOOD STEWARD of the portion of riches that I release to you. Fear causes INDECISION and WAVERING; faith sees the next step on the path and takes it with CONFIDENCE because they are DRAWING LIFE from Me and MOVING with Me.” Isaiah 54:10 “For the mountains may be removed and the hills may shake, but My favor will not be removed from you, nor will My covenant of peace be shaken, says the Lord who has compassion.” Isaiah 30:21 “Your ears will hear a word behind you, this is the way, walk in it, whenever you turn to the right or to the left.”

5. July 21, 2012

“There are yet dark days for your Nation to come through, as DEEP DARKNESS is exposed and a depth of hatred for what is good and what is innocent is LAID BARE before you. Peoples’ FOUNDATIONS of who they trusted and what they were told was truth will be COMPLETELY SHATTERED. All those who belong to Me and to My UNSHAKEABLE KINGDOM must be ready to give an answer for the HOPE that is in you and to lead these completely shaken people to the ROCK-SOLID foundation of My Son. As exposures come in EVER-INCREASING WAVES, your job is to keep yourself ENCOURAGED and STRENGTHENED in Me. Keep CLOSE to My heart and TUNED to My voice. I want to give you glimpses of the future—I want you to HEAR that LAUGHTER in your spirit, and share with others that after the STORM clears and the DAMAGES are cleaned up and RESTORED that GREAT JOY is coming and that ALL WILL BE WELL.”

6. July 22, 2021

“Do you hear the sound of RIPPING and TEARING? Darkness seems to be getting away with HIDING who they really are and in PUSHING THROUGH their hidden and disguised agendas of DESTRUCTION and CONTROL over your Nation. Don’t panic, don’t fear, just STAND STRONG in Me and WATCH as I SUDDENLY RIP the COVERS OFF all the dark agendas and off of all the people who are of darkened deceitful hearts. The thin veneer of their pretended civility will be torn away, and they will be EXPOSED before the world for who they really are. As the world looks on in SHOCK and HORROR, these evil ones will come FACE TO FACE with the LIVING GOD, and they will collapse in DREAD and SHAME. The world will see a living example of the FOOLISHNESS of arrogance and greed. Darkness has placed a big Band-Aid over the festering wound of evil and perversion in your Nation but I tell you to LISTEN because you are going to hear the sounds of RIPPING by My powerful hand tearing off the Band-Aid and exposing what needs to be brought to JUSTICE and CLEANSING. Declare with Me that I AM RIPPING THE COVERS OFF and that I am bringing My Kingdom to establish My JUSTICE and My RIGHTEOUSNESS.”

7. July 23, 2021

“I have spoken to you many times about the coming EXPOSURES of evil people and agendas because this is a season of HARVEST and the FULLNESS of what has been SOWN into your Nation will now be REAPED. I want to remind you that this is not just a revealing of the evil that has been sown but it is also a revealing of the harvest of what the RIGHTEOUS—My children—will be reaping. You are about to reap a harvest of GREAT MERCY, ABUNDANT BLESSING, and COMPLETE RESTORATION of what the enemy STOLE or DAMAGED. My people have sown seeds of REPENTANCE, SURRENDER, WORSHIP, PRAYER, TEARS, and DECREES over this Land; and you will reap a hundred-fold harvest of My MERCY and My FAITHFULNESS. A harvest of LIGHT and DARK will be DISPLAYED before the world and many will choose to align with Me and My Kingdom. Behold, the harvest is here…to the darkness—EXPOSURE and JUSTICE; to the righteous—GOODNESS and MERCY.”

8. July 24, 2021

“I spoke to you last year about My POWER TO RESTORE and that word has become even more needed in this season of an ATTEMPTED TAKEOVER of your Nation by dark forces—in the spiritual realm and in the natural realm. In a desperate attempt to keep CONTROL, the darkness has opened a FLOOD of LOSS and DEVASTATION over your Land but FEAR NOT I see all that has been done and My plans of COMPLETE RESTORATION ARE ON THE HORIZON. My plan to RESCUE your Nation is fully EMPOWERED and MOVING FORWARD as an UNSTOPPABLE FORCE. My rescue will free you from dark TYRANNY over your Land and will free people from the CLUTCHES of the enemy’s traps laid to ENSNARE them. After I remove darkness, I will put RIGHTEOUS LEADERS in place and My RESTORATION will follow—POWERFULLY and BEAUTIFULLY.” Isaiah 61:4 “Then they will rebuild the ancient ruins, they will raise up and restore the former desolations; and they will renew the ruined cities, and desolations of many generations.”

9. July 25, 2021

“The enemy is LOSING on many fronts in this battle between DARKNES and LIGHT. He is lashing out anyplace he can in his anger and spite against those who carry the LIGHT OF GOD. He has now launched a WAR over your DESTINY and CALLING, and he is trying to DISQUALIFY you, SIDELINE you, or DISCOURAGE you so that you give up. Be AWARE of these schemes and be ALERT for them. Holy Spirit, your Guide and Counselor, will help you DISCERN when you’re facing one of these attacks. SEEING and RECOGNIZING the attack is half the battle. Then you move on by taking AUTHORITY over it, bringing it to NOTHING, and you REFUSE to partner with any SCHEME or FEELING or TEMPTATION that the enemy has sent. WATCH for old areas of sin the enemy attempts to tempt you with, ATTACKS of sickness or weakness he tries to put on you, rumors he send of BAD NEWS or IMPENDING DOOM over your life or over your Nation–all these should be met FIRMLY with RESISTANCE and a TURNING to Me for strengthening and encouragement. Be aware of the WAR OVER YOUR DESTINY and the destiny of your Nation.”

10. July 26, 2021

“Let Me fill you in on the PROGRESS and STATUS of this Great War effort for the SOUL and FUTURE of your Nation. Angelic Forces have been dispatched to uncover WHISTLEBLOWERS and to strengthen them and give them courage to bring forth the TRUTH. These Angel Forces are covering the truth-tellers with their wings providing them COVERING and HIDING them from the enemy. The proud elite thought they were feared and that no one would DARE bring EVIDENCE against them. It will add to their SHAME that they are being exposed and brought DOWN by those they considered their INFERIORS. There is a great multitude of My Angelic Forces and My Host STATIONED all across key places in your Nation ready to REPEL evil plans and to facilitate and PROPEL the plans of those who are partnered with Me. We will WIN THIS WAR. I have powerful Watcher Angels positioned all through your government, and they are watching over those I have COVERTLY placed to carry out Heaven’s assignments. You will be surprised at who ends up being on our side so be careful of judging by OUTWARD circumstances or by words SPOKEN FOR EFFECT. D-Day is coming and a MASSIVE INVASION of TRUTH will flood the Land that no one partnered with darkness will be able to hide or explain away. The invasion date is secret to that it will have its FULL EFFECT. Keep your hope and strength in Me and be ready to SUPPORT this invasion with your PRAYER COVERING. War status: MASSIVE VICTORY ON THE HORIZON.”

11. July 27, 2021

I’m back in the War Room of Heaven. This time I’m aware of the rich royal colors of the 24 Elders robes. I can hear a quiet murmur of conversation going on among the Elders and the Father. Phrases would float up to me that I could hear:

“The date is set to install President Trump into his rightful position.”

“Biden has been dealt with.”

“She doesn’t know (speaking of all 5 feet of me) that she’s a giant in the faith.” (This applies to all who are standing with the Father’s promises and believing the prophetic words He’s inspired.) How about that?! We’ve been worried about the giants we’re facing who are trying to destroy our Land when all along we are giants, too! From this giant in the faith to all those giants of evil–’You are coming down!’”

“What man could not accomplish; Heaven will step in and do. Can a nation be born in a day?” (I hear quiet, knowing laughter among those at the table who already see the victory secured.) The Father says, “When My plans meet the power of your faith, the victory is assured.”

Psalm 27:14 “Here’s what I’ve learned through it all: don’t give up; don’t be impatient; be entwined as one with the Lord. Be brave and courageous, and never lose hope. Yes, keep on waiting—for He will never disappoint you!”

The first word to Diana read on the program:

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Lightning-struck mural photo from “George Floyd Mural Struck by Lightning, Crumbles to the Ground,” in Lehigh Acres Gazette, Jerubbaal photo from “3,000-Year-Old Inscription Found in Israel,” Archaeology.org.

Baal’s Altar
Jerubbaal, destroyer of the idol altars, “Let Baal contend with him.”

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