UPDATED 7/26,27 – God’s War Room Visits with Diana Larkin, WWIII Briefing, Instructions

“He’s got the whole world in His hands, He’s got the whole wide world in His hands….” Who doesn’t know that song?

God has a war effort in His hands which shall be known as a great, great turning point in the history of the world. At present, every one of us lives in a World War III of subterfuge and treachery thoroughly spiritual, as well as both unnaturally and naturally occurring on Earth. That war has heated to the boiling point. Have you seen the streets in many nations? It is rapidly getting hotter.

Wouldn’t we like to know more about what is actually going on behind it all? Imagine God in the War Room of His Council, and perfect counsel, in Heaven. What would be said?

Biblically gifted Diana Larkin was brought there a year ago and heard just what God wanted us told.

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Messages from the Lord featured in this broadcast:

July 19, 2020

1. “The enemy is trying to wear down the saints with his multitude of evil schemes.”
2. “They must be RESOLUTE against DISCOURAGEMENT.”
3. “They must know that the multitude of schemes are flying off a dying crocodile who has been caught in his own trap & is now in a death spiral of defeat.”
4. “This is their strategy for defeating bad reports: Bring them to NOTHING in Jesus’ name, declare they are DEFEATED. Declare that His KINGDOM will be RAISED UP in the place of the bad report.”


“What you are witnessing is the IMPLOSION of an ancient scheme of the enemy to DEFILE & DESTROY the world & to plunge it into the deepest DARKNESS under the control of perverse & arrogant people. The implosion is in slow motion right now but as more & more facts are brought to the light & more & more offer testimony against the wicked, the SPEED of the implosion will pick up until the whole scheme lies in the dust. There will be no place to HIDE & no DEFENSE  available & no more corrupted people in place to protect their evil ways. TRUTH & JUSTICE WILL PREVAIL. I have spoken, & it will come to pass. I am OVERPOWERING the darkness with My Army of Light. Continue to stand by My side sharing My HEART & My battle STRATEGIES.”

Biblical meaning of the #19: God’s perfect order in regard to judgment.

July 21, 2020

1. We need our minds and spirits quickened to the strategies of Heaven—strategies empowered by Heaven. (In the war room the Elder I’m standing behind reached his hand back to touch my right hand—I felt love, fondness, and then an empowering to heart and focus on Heaven’s strategies.)

2. Don’t just focus on defense against the enemy’s schemes but with Heaven launch OFFENSIVE attacks against the darkness. Offensive prayers:
A.  Sow DISCORD, confusion, & fear into the enemy’s camp
B. Cut off their streams of REVENUE
C. Release COURAGE to whistleblowers & defectors to come forth & expose TRUTH
D. Expose their HIDING places & FLUSH them out into the LIGHT


“I have declared that this battle is Mine so you can have TOTAL FAITH that the VICTORY is assured. If you waver and doubt and spend your days spinning in FEAR, you will still experience the victory but you will not have shared in the fight with Me nor will you receive a portion of the spoils. Throw the weight of your life on Me, trust Me, & not the swirl of opposition the enemy raises. Partner with Me in fighting the good fight and declaring My victory. When the victory is won over your Nation, you will receive a portion of the spoils. FEAR loses out, FAITH receives rewards.”

July 14, 2021

“Have you been MOCKED and SCORNED for believing that what I have promised—no matter how IMPOSSIBLE it seems in man’s eyes—will come to pass? Hold on with CONFIDENCE in who I AM for your REWARD will be great. There are two sides of EXPOSURE—the UNCOVERING of great EVIL which has incurred My JUDGMENT and the HIGHLIGHTING of My FAITHFUL ones who will be RECOMPENSED and LIFTED UP before the world. You have chosen WISELY to BELIEVE Me and to continually ENCOURAGE yourself in Me and to BUILD UP each other’s faith. Eventually the whole world will be blessed by what you have stood for in faith, but My faithful ones will be BLESSED FIRST and will be HONORED the most.”

PROVERBS 14:2,9,11,12,26
“Lovers of truth follow the right path because of their wonderment and worship of God. But the devious display their disdain for Him.”“Fools mock the need for repentance, while the favor of God rests upon all His lovers.”“The household of the wicked is soon torn apart, while the family of the righteous flourishes.”“You can rationalize it all you want and justify the path of error you have chosen, but you’ll find out in the end that you took the road to destruction.”“Confidence and strength flood the hearts of the lovers of God who live in awe of Him, and their devotion provides their children with a place of shelter and security.”

July 15, 2021

“When I planned this great Nation that would be covenanted with Me, I created a BEAUTIFUL LAND filled with a great variety of landscapes. I formed majestic mountains to inspire awe, I made fertile plains, deep valleys, deserts, coastlines, and wetlands—all with their own unique characteristics and wildlife. Then I filled this land with people as VARIED as the landscape, each a TREASURE with unique contributions to bring to the whole—the UNITED States of America. This Land was formed to DISPLAY My GOODNESS and to be an example of the POWER of My love upon a nation and moving through its people to BLESS THE WORLD. The enemy has sought many times to bring her down and to DESTROY My plans for her to be a LIGHT. Evil forces were launched against her and worked out through those partnered with darkness. But I will have MY WAY, and My plans for AMERICA THE BEAUTIFUL will come forth into MATURITY AND FULLNESS. My people, I have called you to STAND with Me and to FIGHT for her DESTINY and to bring down the evil plans of the enemy—this Nation and its destiny are so WORTH FIGHTING FOR. Declare that My Son will arise and shine His light from SEA TO SHINING SEA.”

July 16, 2021

“I AM still the God who parted the Red Sea and who brought Egypt to her knees. I AM positioned and ready to do such a DRAMATIC RESCUE for your Nation. If you don’t have FAITH to believe it, ask Me to build your faith. One way faith is built up is by OVERCOMING FEAR. What is your greatest fear? It is the GIANT in your life that needs to be brought down and slain so that your faith can GROW and be placed on a SOLID foundation of My FAITHFULNESS. I will meet the giant with you—ask for My STRENGTH and My STRATEGY and together we will fling ROCKS OF TRUTH against it until it falls and you SEVER the ENORMOUS LIES you believed that the enemy taunted you with. Then let faith ARISE and together we’ll WIN against the Goliath system of MOCKING, TAUNTING darkness raised up against your Nation’s DESTINY. Hebrews 11:34b ‘Faith sparked courage within them and they became mighty warriors in battle, pulling armies from another realm into battle array.’ Lean the full weight of your life on me, and I will prove to you that I AM the GOD OF THE IMPOSSIBLE.”

July 13, 2021

“Amid all the clamoring voices attempting to SILENCE TRUTH-TELLERS and to BLOCK the discovery of FRAUD and EVIL DEEDS, I have stood up from My Throne and I have something to say to all those FRANTIC voices and to My people—especially those who have stood strong on My promises. The first thing I have to say is, ‘ENOUGH!’ At this powerful word that I decree goes forth, MYRIADS of Angel Armies arise AS ONE to carry out My command. As the enemy’s camp hears this decree RING OUT, a deadly silence will fill their camp. TREMBLING and DREAD will fill their bodies and minds. The warrior Angel Armies that are now released are the BEST that I have saved for last. Strongholds will be SHREDDED; wicked schemes UNCOVERED and DEMOLISHED; imposters, evildoers, and liars will be EXPOSED. I also declare to you, My covenant people, and to all who oppose you and My chosen leader for your Nation, I am arising as righteous KING and JUDGE and I AM closing the Red Sea over the heads of all those partnered with darkness, and you will see them no more as My JUSTICE goes forth from My mouth to CONSUME them. I have spoken and I will do it.”

EZEKIEL 26:21 “I will bring terrors on you and you will be no more though you will be sought, yet you will never be found again, says the Lord God.”

Diana Larkin publishes in Twitter: @JournalDiana11, Gab @journal, CloutHub @JournalDiana11, and search “Diana Larkin” in Xapit.com. You may also wish to see her new channel in YouTube!

Update: Here is the video of Hank Kunneman published March 8, 2020, about COVID-19. Just think of how pandemic-free we would have all been since let’s say, May of that year, if we were all settled on the truth, that the God of Psalm 91 and the Zelenko Protocol He afforded would keep us well, or cure us. (Both are Web searchable.)

And that being the case, just think… think… there would be no Operation Warp Speed emergency authorization for the deadly and crippling mRNA gene contaminations (placed in bases of other dangerous substances). Nursing home murders would have been thwarted. There would be no vaccine passports. There would be no lockdowns. There would be no resulting efforts for “The Great Reset” with global electronic currency enmeshed with a social credit system, to usher in a new “mark of the beast” methodology, and no antichrist -style global government — at least not with that intentional destruction as their pretext.


  1. You might wish to see another song, now, in this “great war effort for the soul and future of (our) nation.” I suggest it. I believe I’ve discovered that our warring angels appreciate it — and our Great Commander in Chief, too. Sing the song? Hear the words as you do. It is a song of divine intercession.

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