What Happened on the 4th of July? – Diana Larkin – UPDATED with Video Interview

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By the late evening of July 4th, I hadn’t observed or heard of a natural happening that many prophetic voices had been saying would occur as something significant, on July 4th. So I encouraged myself in the Lord, reminding myself of who He is and of His faithfulness. I asked Him for revelation of what happened on July 4th from His perspective.

He began to speak to me about the Resurrection and how everyone expected the Messiah to deliver them from the evil government of the Roman Empire but the Father had a much bigger plan—He was establishing His Kingdom government in the hearts of the people first. Instead of an OUTWARD REVOLT against an earthly government, an INWARD REVOLUTION occurred, in a people who went on to “turn the world upside down” with their radical teaching and demonstration of the power of the Good News, with the accompanying signs and wonders. The world would never be the same!

How many people on earth knew that the RESURRECTION had taken place? We know that there were 120 people gathered in an upper room waiting for the promised Holy Spirit and that 500 people witnessed the risen Christ. For most people of the world, life continued to look the same, even though the Resurrection was the MOST POWERFUL EVENT ever to take place on planet earth. I believe the Father is showing me that this same PATTERN is playing out over what was prophesied for the 4th of July.

As people watched fireworks, God was EXPLODING in their hearts a desire to return to LIBERTY and FREEDOM and to push back the darkness that is trying to steal from their lives and from their Nation. It’s good to have a remnant Army of Light pushing back the darkness and confronting leaders with God’s agenda of freedom and justice. But how much more powerful will the pushback be against ungodly leaders when there are MILLIONS of VOICES crying out from a God-given desire, demanding freedom from tyranny and a return to righteous rule? The evil elite in government will crumble before such a MIGHTY SURGE of the power of God displayed through His people.

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  1. Thank you very much for sharing this, Diana and for allowing me to publish it here. What you have related from the Lord is in keeping with what Robin D. Bullock, Dutch Sheets, Mario Murillo, Gene Bailey, Todd Coconato, and Kent Christmas spoke of at the Lord’s impetus and what Hank Kunneman prophesied on the evening of Independence Day.

    And, due to the skepticism flapping around, I would note that in my close scrutiny of the “Trump prophets,” as I recall, I heard utterly none of them saying there would be a major White House-ish event on Independence Day. ;-)

    Please Note: At one point in this video conversation, about Joe Biden, I said something that would ordinarily be a mistake to say (the use of the word, “bad”). God never does wrong. He does have to do many things that are very tough, both upon himself and upon those refusing to turn to Him.

  2. We need God’s fiery passion and wisdom in our hearts, alright. Even as American freedom becomes hopelessly lost, except for the Lord’s intervention:

    Eyes of patriots glaze over when Jesus is referenced.

    Eyes of Christians glaze over when politics is discussed.

    Eyes of both look away when God’s current prophecies on politics are published.

    Pride, fear, misplaced faith, and running from guilt are at the root of wilful ignorance, much of the time. We need to stop trying to find comfort latching onto some elements of truth and overextending and distorting them, while failing to understand (stand under) the full truth of God in His true perspective.

  3. Johnny + Elizabeth Enlow

    July 4, 2021

    BACK TO EDEN? (From my Rosh Hashanah word from last September. Nothing has changed from this prophetic purview)

    YES! Forget your boxes of man-made eschatological classifications. I refuse to even detail my end-time views in the boxes of preterist, partial preterist, premillennial, post-millennial, etc. etc. Every one of them is deficient in capturing where we are going and we often become most dogmatic on that which is furthest out and subsequently less revealed to us. The boxes fail to capture the main aspects of the storyline and thus distract from the storyline by even being acknowledged. We can’t just grab a “position” that allows us to ignore scriptures we don’t like or understand. I like kingdom language with kingdom objectives.

    We are in a true day of repentance. The Greek word for it is METANOIA, also meaning “to do an about-face”. 2020 is when the 180-degree turnaround begins. The church has as much turning/repentance as anyone. Until kingdom conversation, kingdom structures, kingdom power and kingdom community are exemplified we have 180’s scheduled in our future. We know how to check off the box for “eternal security” but almost nothing about present living. It is why there is at times just the slightest of difference in our reality and those that walk without Him. We are the “eternally assured” but presently befuddled and overwhelmed. We acknowledge the King but live in ignorance of His Kingdom. They come together and cannot be separated. His Kingdom on earth, is His ways on earth. His ways— in government, in media, in family, in business, in arts, in education as well as in church. We are to go from life-insurance salesmen to how to live life-practitioners. The King and His Kingdom revealed. Revival meets Reformation meets Harvest. All sourced by the Tree of Life which stands beckoning all in the middle of Eden. It’s back to the future.

    This is now a prophetic segment. From 2020-2040 God will jumpstart this turnaround almost unilaterally. By that I mean He will ask for our cooperation with what He is doing but will not be dissuaded even if we don’t. For 20 more years HE is choosing our president in the USA— as it is on behalf of the nations. After that He will let us choose and trust we are on track enough to recognize His preference. But He is exerting His “Ruler of the Nations” rights to do some unilateral things. He has the double-rights of Creator and of subsequent Redeemer. We head into a Luke 14:23 day where if those who are supposed to work with Him won’t He will recruit from “the highways and byways”. He has a “great supper” to share with all the nations BEFORE He returns and entire denominations and movements could miss it without some 180’s. Repent to His Kingdom priorities. Jesus is still saying, “Your Kingdom come!” and He is still ignoring “Please, take us away”. They were a tiny microscopic minority up against the cruelest of antichrist regimes and yet in John 17:15, He said, “I DO NOT PRAY THAT YOU SHOULD TAKE THEM OUT OF THE WORLD.” How much more now that He has died and sent the Holy Spirit as HELPER? Is this HELPER here to assist an exit plan or a Kingdom reveal? Exit plans don’t require HELP. Plans to remain on assignment and occupy are matters that require HELP.

  4. Johnny + Elizabeth Enlow

    July 5, 2021

    Nope the Republic is not dead. God has just spoken “Come Forth” and the grave clothes are being pulled off. Soon the proof all are looking for will be evident. Meanwhile, let every dead hope in each of us rise into newness of life. A whole new era is straight ahead of us. The resetters are getting reset by the King of kings. Go ahead and arise with that reset now. The God of peace will crush Satan under our feet. Face/Chase the enemy in every way you can and start marching/stomping.

  5. In GETTR this morning:

    BANNON: We’re actually the governing majority in this country and it’s time to start acting like it. They tried to convince us, with the onslaught of media that we’re not. We’re actually the controlling majority in this country. That’s why the November 3rd project upsets them so much. They’re petrified that we’re getting to where the receipts are.

  6. From Veronika West, 6/7/21

    I hear a sound being released in the Spirit realm in this hour,….that is causing a mighty shifting to take place over Nations…..”SHEEP NATIONS ARE NOW BEING AWAKENED AND REALIGNED BY THE LIONS ROAR”,…”


  7. The Lord’s words through Hank Kunneman, “Let Freedom Ring” rally, Nashville, Tennessee, July 4. I suggest that prophecy and then listening to the entire “panel discussion,” led by Gene Bailey.


  8. Notice how the themes for this time are spoken by the Lord and through His prophets, and are then echoed in voices such as those of Steve Bannon, Raheem Kassam, and… Alex Jones:

    “The globalists have launched their planetary depopulation attack, but the wheels are coming off! Tune in to the most demonized/censored broadcast in the world and find out why tyrants everywhere are scared!’


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