God’s Fire Works, Our Response, July 4, 2020 to July 4, 2021 – Diana Larkin (video, text)

What in the world is God doing about America and what does Independence Day, Sunday, have to do with it?

I believe this will be highly instructional and empowering. God tells us what we can do according to His purposes for us at this time!

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This is the third video interview of Diana Larkin that I’ve been honored to share in the last three weeks. The others may be seen via the “Diana Larkin” tag below this entry.

Diana’s prophetic words leading to July 4, 2021, as she read in the video:


“Your best days are yet to come! Look forward to CLEANSING, HEALING, and RE-DIRECTION as I move across your Land proclaiming LIBERTY FROM EVIL, FREEDOM from those who would ENSLAVE and JUSTICE for ALL. A new day for your Nation is dawning with a shoring up of your FOUNDATIONS, an exposure and cleansing of DEVIOUS and DARK PLANS, and an establishment of MY LOVE and MY WAYS of righteousness and justice. Prosperity coupled with the revelation of who I AM will wipe out ANGER and SELF-PITY and will create an atmosphere of CREATIVITY and INNOVATION for the world. America will become the STANDARD of righteousness and justice for the world to follow, as I usher in My Kingdom on the earth. BELIEVE AND DECREE THIS GOOD NEWS!”


“Declaring My praises into the atmosphere is a POWERFUL WEAPON against the dark forces that are at work in your Nation spreading LIES, SLANDER, and PLOTTING the overthrow of your President. Your praises in the face of their BRAZEN attack PUSH BACK and PUSH BACK the darkness until it FALLS UPON THEM, and they are CONSUMED by their own evil; as it is heaped on their heads. As you declare WHO I AM, WHAT I have done in the past, and what My PLANS are for your Nation in the future, your COURAGE will rise and your shield of faith will grow STRONG and IMPENETRABLE against the enemy’s taunts and threats. Declaring My praises FOCUSES your heart on Me and not on circumstances and will give you My PERSPECTIVE on what is happening in your Nation and you will catch glimpses of My SECRET PLANS that I am releasing in response to your worship. Engage this powerful weapon!”


“This season will EXPOSE the good, the bad, and the ugly. Not only will this season expose those who have done EVIL, CORRUPT things, it will expose those using UGLY WORDS to call EVIL GOOD and GOOD EVIL. The TRUE GOOD will SHINE forth as I uncover the bad and the ugly DEEDS, SCHEMES, and LIES. As this darkness is brought to the light, the SHOCK of the evil and corruption exposed will TEAR the VEIL from peoples’ eyes, and they will be able to CLEARLY SEE the good. The media and leaders who have CONTINUALLY lied to the people and PROJECTED evil on the good, will be OVERTHROWN and DISCARDED as the epic TURNAROUND occurs in your Nation. The showdown is set between the good, the bad, and the ugly. LIGHT and LIFE will win.”


“I am SHAKING, SHAKING the people at the tops of the mountains of influence. I am shaking both the unrighteous and the righteous leaders. The unrighteous are being shaken from their positions, and they will FALL. The righteous leaders I am shaking to PURIFY their MOTIVES and to raise their level of COURAGE. Only the strong and courageous in Me will survive this shaking. The CORRUPT and LUKEWARM will be destroyed or cast aside. I am declaring a JUBILEE across your Land, and I will shake loose strongholds of EVIL, DECEPTION, and BONDAGE in order to set the captives FREE and to RESTORE financial freedom to you. You have partnered with Me in FAITH and COURAGE, and I am sweeping in to bring answers to your cries that are above and beyond what you can think or imagine. DO NOT FEAR the trembling and shaking because it is My hand bringing FREEDOM and DELIVERANCE.”

Did you feel the mountains tremble, did you hear the oceans roar
When the people rose to sing of Jesus Christ the risen One.
Open the doors and let the music play, let the streets resound with singing
Songs that bring Your hope, joy, dancers who dance upon injustice.
And here we see that God You’re moving, a time of jubilee is coming
When young and old return to Jesus, fling wide you heavenly gates
Prepare the way of the risen Lord!


“I assure you today’s OPPRESIVE ATMOSPHERE will give way to My powerful LIGHT and DELIVERANCE. I want you to know that the BELLS of LIBERTY will ring out across your Land in a grand CELEBRATION of My rescue. People will be in AWE as My hammer of JUSTICE falls, and they will proclaim, ‘How the mighty have FALLEN!’ Look up! Your redemption draws near!”

PSALM 56:1-3,8-10 “Lord, show me Your kindness and mercy, for these men oppose and oppress me all day long. Not a day goes by but that somebody harasses me. So many in their pride trample me under their feet.

But in the day that I’m afraid, I lay all my fears before You and trust in You with all my heart. You’ve kept track of all my wanderings and my weeping. You’ve stored my many tears in Your bottle—not one will be lost. For they are all recorded in Your book of remembrance.

The very moment I call to You for a Father’s help the tide of battle turns and my enemies flee.

This one thing I know: God is on my side! I trust in the Lord. And I praise Him! I trust in the Word of God. And I praise Him!”


“Time is up for those who have continued in their REBELLION and in their WICKEDNESS…My judgments are set to FALL and they will be DEVASTATING to those who have pursued and worshiped evil. What I say in My Word will come to pass. ‘I the Lord have spoken; it is coming and I will act. I will not relent, and I will not have compassion and I will not be sorry; in accordance with your ways and in accordance with your deeds I will judge and punish you,’ says the Lord God.’ Ezekiel 24:14. I want to warn you not to rejoice or to gloat over those who fall, but you can rejoice that I am CRUSHING EVIL and bringing in RIGHTEOUSNESS and JUSTICE. The fear of the Lord is clean and enduring, and it will provide a ROCK-SOLID FOUNDATION for your life and the life of your Nation. Turn your eyes and heart to Me, and I will COVER you and see you through the shakings.”


“Two thousand years ago as the new day dawned the world witnessed the GREATEST VICTORY ever known to mankind when My Son rose from the dead after WRECKING hell and the GRAVE. I am declaring to you that your Nation, your life, and much of the world have now entered into a NEW DAY where My Son will arise to TRAMPLE on the darkness, to SHINE the light of HEALING and SALVATION, and to sweep a beautiful HARVEST of souls into the Kingdom. Because of the resurrection and His life weaved into yours, you are called to PARTNER with Him in bringing in this TRIUMPHAL SEASON I have set to take place in the earth. REJOICE and be GLAD at the new day that dawned when Jesus rose from the grave and in the NEW DAY that is dawning for you and the world.”


“I am looking for those in this hour who have the COURAGE to STAND on My promises even though there is great OPPOSITION from circumstances and even from fellow Believers who are judging by what their eyes see and by what man has said is fact. Each time you refuse to accept man’s counsel and instead choose to BELIEVE what I have said is My future for your Nation, I have released to you another level of INNER STRENGTH. Receive and acknowledge this strength from Me and you will find your courage to be UNWAVERING and your faith SOLID and GROWING. Those of you with courage to stand are HOLDING THE LINE against the onslaught of darkness, and it is your continual, unrelenting PUSHBACK of the darkness that will secure the VICTORY, and you will suddenly find yourself sharing in the SPOILS of a DEFEATED FOE. I will also bring about RECONCILIATION with your brothers who should have supported you but instead opposed you. Make sure you allow Me to PREPARE your heart for that reconciliation and do not harbor UNFORGIVENESS, BITTERNESS, or a CRITICAL SPIRIT as they will darken your own heart. Right now, I want you to focus on having the COURAGE TO STAND, to continue to share My PROMISES, and to keep PUSHING BACK THE DARKNESS. You will hear a resounding ‘well done!’ when the war is won.”

1Corinthians 16:13 “Remember to stay alert and hold firmly to all that you believe. Be mighty and full of courage.”


“I am visiting your Nation with My HOLY FIRE. It will come in unexpected places like in the desert with Moses who saw My fire in a bush that burned. My FIRE is HOLY and that is why I told Moses to remove his shoes because he was on holy ground. My fire EXPOSES DARKNESS and if there is not a turning to Me, it will CONSUME you. Do not be afraid of what My FIRE exposes in your own heart but be quick to ACKNOWLEDGE those areas to Me, REPENT, and ask My Spirit to TRANSFORM those areas, so that you SEE with My eyes, HEAR with My ears, and RESPOND how My heart would respond. Don’t miss the fact that My FIRE is not just to expose the very evil but it is designed to PURIFY your heart and motives so that you will FULFILL your call and FULLY live out your destiny. My HOLY FIRE also brings great POWER and BOLDNESS on those seeking Me like the disciples on the day of Pentecost. Some (even some of the wicked) will hear the SOUND of My HOLY FIRE coming like a mighty, rushing wind or a huge crash of thunder. It will come SUDDENLY and there will be no ESCAPE for the wicked for whom it will mean destruction, and there will be no way to hide from it if you are seeking Me and it will PURIFY, EMPOWER, and give you great COURAGE to bring My Kingdom into everyday life. Some will FEEL My FIRE fall as a BURNING on their heads or a burning in their belly but they will know they have been visited by My HOLY FIRE, and their lives will CHANGE and their destinies will COME FORTH. Call out to Me: ‘Bring Your fire, O King of the Ages!’ I am coming as a HOLY FIRE!

The event of worship, celebration, and prophecy in Nashville on July 4, 3pm EDT, to which we referred (click for page):

Also discussed, as an example of fulfillment of prophecy, here is Diana’s word from God on Monday, June 14. Just click the graphic in order to see the the Twitter thread I mentioned, showing the apparent exposure that I happened to pick up on as the week progressed. It is not meant to be a complete set meeting the Lord’s own scrutiny.

Diana in Twitter: @JournalDiana11; at Gab @journal; and CloutHub @JournalDiana11.


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  2. God so blessing, I think I’ll post Diana’s morning words from Him, July 1st through 4th.

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