God Still Has Huge Plans for President Trump: Diana Larkin Reviews Her Prophecies

And I will place on his shoulder the key of the house of David.
He shall open, and none shall shut; and he shall shut, and none shall open.
– Isaiah 22:22

God has plans for the immediate second consecutive term of our duly elected President Donald J. Trump. They are plans revealed to us in part from eternity and they are unchanged. Highly devoted and disciplined prophetic servant of Christ, Diana Larkin has joined numerous others in describing God’s words of this. She has collected some of the messages she’s been given over the years for us, here. It’s a good time to review, don’t you think?

Before we present this video and list those words, this should set the stage, issued on the infamous morning of November 4, 2020, the day of The Fix, the greatest attack on American soil at least since the War of 1812, in my humble opinion, in the greatest war of subterfuge in human history. Let us be informed.

“It is the WISE and MATURE person who does not decide HOW and WHEN I will fulfill My word. Learn to see the BIGGER PERSPECTIVE of how I view situations. I am always accomplishing MORE than you could ask or think of. (1 Corinthians 2:9) Don’t allow SEEMING setbacks to ROB you of My promises or to STEAL your hope. Realize I am working out My plans in a DEEPER and BROADER way than you had imagined. I am SETTING UP the darkness for a CRUSHING defeat while EXPOSING their crookedness and evil schemes. JOY and VICTORY will come as you hold onto Me.”

Just a note about this broadcast: I’ll be working on improvements to video quality, but the words do get through clearly, except for a couple mumbles of mine. We’re all a work in process, even Donald Trump! No, I don’t think some of the only occasional odd audio effects, nor the changes of light and shadow above my head are necessarily indicative of battling angels and demons… not… necessarily.

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Diana’s more recent words of the Lord are still available in Twitter (yes, even Twitter, to date) at Diana’s account: @JournalDiana11. She’s also found at Gab @journal and CloutHub @JournalDiana11.

Here are the items Diana recounted about the man and the plan of President Donald J. Trump.

1. 11/12/16
On 11/11/16 I looked up 16 verses with address 11/11, and the next day I realized they told a prophetic story: God has given us a Promised Land and a leader who will open the way with God-given strategies for defeating our enemies. God will put guards around this king and will strengthen this kingdom as His people give thanks with all their hearts. He will gather the faithful remnant, the forerunners of the Kingdom who believe we have a good Father. He will resurrect the sleeping Church and display supernatural workings of the Holy Spirit that will make Israel jealous. Both men and women are needed for this task, and they will, like Sarah, have faith to believe the unbelievable. God will display His resurrection power before the world.”

2. 7/1/17
“The enemy has launched a full-scale attack on the one I have chosen to lead your Nation back to its moorings…America’s kindness and strength will once again bless the world. Ride out this STORM on the wings of an eagle—observing and interceding from a Heavenly perspective.”

3. 8/4/20
“This is the ‘Great Awakening,’ and it will result in Donald Trump being elected and in righteousness and justice being restored.”

4. 8/28/20
“In his speech last night (campaign speech) President Trump declared your Nation’s trust in Me rather than trust in government. This bold statement shifted strongholds over America that were deceiving and seducing people to look only to man’s solutions and to leave Me out of your Nation’s life. Your President is truly looking to Me to solve the many challenges facing your Nation and his example will open the way….for (bringing) justice, deliverance, and salvation.”

5. 10/11/20
“I have placed these words in your President’s heart because you will see them come to pass: ‘The best is yet to come.’”

6. 1/14/21
“I have not changed My mind nor have I backed off of My words, My promises, the dreams and visions given to My prophets and My watchmen concerning your President and your Nation. My command to you is to stand strong and to enforce the victory that I have promised you is coming. Do not condemn but pray for those voices who are backpedaling on My words and promises…Rewards await those who stand and who believe I have not changed My mind.

7. 1/24/21
Woe to betrayers…”Woe to you betrayers of your Nation, of its people, and of its rightful President—Donald Trump, your day of reckoning is fast approaching.”

8. 2/1/21
“I have very clearly told you that I am exposing corruption, bringing judgment and justice, and placing Donal Trump as your President for the next four years.”

9. 2/7/21
Jeopardy dream: I awoke in the middle of the night with the theme from the Jeopardy Show going through my head. The original song was called “Think” and it is a 30 second countdown. I think the Father’s communicating that we’re in the countdown to the truth being revealed. 30 could indicate fullness of time, an actual date or number of days, weeks? (30 weeks from this date is the third week of August.)

10. 2/17/20
“This kind of faith in who I am and in My ability to carry out the impossible brings Me glory and helps create pathways of faith for My promises to travel on to reach you…I have clearly stated what My future is for your Nation and your President—will you not continue to contend for what I have promised and what I desire for your Land?”

11. 3/11/21
“To those who have stood with Me among leaders of this Land and to those of My Army I declare that you will be placed in even greater leadership positions and you will receive the spoils of war…and you will see Me seat the rightful President over this Nation. I have spoken and I will do it.”

12. 4/7/21
Your calendar may say that Passover is finished but I say that your Nation is still in a PASSOVER SEASON until you see the enemy PUSHED BACK from pursuing the life of your Nation and those partnered with darkness DROWNED in the flood of My EXPOSURE, JUDGMENT, AND JUSTICE. When you see President Trump installed as the RIGHTFUL LEADER of your Land, then you will know that Passover has ended and you are now FREE to enter the PROMISED land that I have declared over your Nation. There will still be SKIRMISHES to fight and CLEAN-UP operations of evil will continue, but you will know that the TIDE HAS TURNED and that we have OVERCOME the plan to DESTROY America and that FREEDOM, JUSTICE, and RIGHTEOUSNESS are being RESTORED. My calendar trumps all other calendars.”

13. 5/8/21
“I have been doing a deep work in President Trump while he is in exile from his rightful position. Have no doubt that he is an important part of what I’ve planned, and I will seat him in his rightful pace as your President, and he will lead your country into the light.”

14. 5/16/21
God is the Rescuer and not man. “Know that this is not a minor rescue operation focused just on returning the rightful leader of your Nation to his place of authority, this is a far-reaching, multi-faceted rescue of every area of your Nation’s life. If you keep in your mind and heart that this rescue is from Me, you won’t panic when systems fall—you will have confidence that I will raise up new and better systems in their place.”

15. 5/24/21
“This is what I have been preparing your heart and your world for—a visitation of My glory. Understand that it is no coincidence that the leader I have chosen for your Nation to lead you and much of the world into this glory season is marked by gold.”

16. 6/11/21
“Keep reminding yourself of My promises—they are life to you and they will strengthen you in this battle for your families and your Nation. Eat of that promise that I will restore to you your rightful President—President Trump and that I will undo all the evil laws and decrees they have tried to put in place.”

Our first online conversation, a week prior, may be found via Gulag Bound, here.

This entry includes the dream and vision the Lord gave me on the weekend before the fraudulent Biden inauguration. This speaks of God’s high ways that He prepares for us and his ways for us to prepare for Him.

Stay tuned… to the Lord and remain for the next act.

By the way, as for 11’s and 22’s… what do you know, we recorded this on June 22nd.


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