Diana Larkin: God’s Prophetic Words, How Donald Trump Fits in His Plans, June 2021 (Video Interview, Arlen)

Yesterday it was my honor and pleasure to interview a fellow believer in Christ who delivers spot-on words from the Lord virtually every morning and publishes them in social media. The purview the Lord is giving here is very often national events, for fellow Christians. I suggest the half-hour and onward, for gaining perspective on “the Trump prophecies.”

Which venue would you like to choose, to hear her?

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Diana Larkin is found on: Twitter @JournalDiana11, Gab @journal, CloutHub @JournalDiana11

Here are items read or refereed in this video:


11/9/2016 “ACKNOWLEDGE”
“Thank you for understanding what I am doing in your Nation, and for seeing past SURFACE ISSUES to the HEART of what I am doing. This man’s (President Trump) STRONG LEADERSHIP is the answer to the cries of My Church to turn their Nation BACK TO ME. Pray for him. Acknowledge him as MY CHOICE and watch what I will do.”

“Turning the tide in your Nation is a HUGE task, but I am more than able to accomplish it. I am requiring that the Church PARTNER with Me to bring it about. This is not only about the REBIRTH of a Nation’s destiny, it is about learning to work with Me—growing in your ability to HEAR and to OBEY Me and realizing I want to work with you as with a FRIEND—like the Son worked with Me to create the Universe. It brought great JOY to both of us—that’s what I want for the Church and I to experience—on a corporate and on an individual basis. I am calling you into a DIMENSION of relationship to teach you how to CALL FORTH LIFE and ORDER in your Nation. Position yourself with Me and watch what I will do through you.”


“Harvest is not going to look like anything of the past moves that I’ve sent. Large parts of movements that have gone before were lost because there was no true teaching and modeling of life in Me and with Me. This harvest will look more like small families springing up within the Church where people will be drawn into LOVE, COMMUNITY, and how to WALK IN THE SPIRIT with Me—that is learning to HEAR MY VOICE, becoming a TRUE WORSHIPER and being taught the blessings and necessity of INTIMACY. These little families will be REAL LIFE shared together. The result will be a beautiful bride, a powerful army, and a priceless city in which My presence will remain. Just look to Me—I will do it.”

“I am working behind the scenes through My faithful ones to HEAL the divide in your Nation. My faithful ones PARTNER with Me in calling forth the Kingdom into the hearts and lives of those I bring to their attention. They are using their authority against the TIDE of DARKNESS that has been released by the enemy, and they are calling forth the TSUNAMI TIDE of My LIFE and LIGHT and GOODNESS to turn back and to overcome that darkness. They are not using their authority against people but for people and against the darkness. As fierce as the opposition seems, it is nothing when compared to My power—the power of My love and My light.”


“The Army of God is rising up out of its dullness & apathy. As with ONE VOICE you call on My name to come & deliver your Nation out of the grip of evil, I am responding by unleashing the POWER OF HEAVEN to come to your aid. As you press into the battle with Me, you will see the tide turn. PUSH BACK the darkness & CALL FORTH My light! I want you by My side as we win this battle together.”

From Psalm 34 & 35 “I cried to God in my distress & He answered me. He freed me from all my fears! Gaze upon Him, join your life to His, & joy will come. Humiliate those who seek my harm. Defeat them all! Blow them away like dust in the wind, with the Angel of Almighty God driving them back!”

On another subject, Pastor Dave mentioned something on His Glory News yesterday that if true would be a lot of bombshell exposures. I have no way of checking it out and wondered if you might be able to. He said he had a report that there had been another massive Wiki Leaks drop exposing all HRC emails and tons of other stuff.


“Your calendar may say that Passover is finished but I say that your Nation is still in a PASSOVER SEASON until you see the enemy PUSHED BACK from pursuing the life of your Nation and those partnered with darkness DROWNED in the flood of My EXPOSURE, JUDGMENT, AND JUSTICE. When you see President Trump installed as the RIGHTFUL LEADER of your Land, then you will know that Passover has ended and you are now FREE to enter the PROMISED land that I have declared over your Nation. There will still be SKIRMISHES to fight and CLEAN-UP operations of evil will continue, but you will know that the TIDE HAS TURNED and that we have OVERCOME the plan to DESTROY America and that FREEDOM, JUSTICE, and RIGHTEOUSNESS are being RESTORED. My calendar trumps all other calendars.”

Wanda Alger on Elijah Streams as Diana mentioned (same day): https://youtu.be/WNPBJSi2nvA

Link to Word Monday 6/14, “EXPOSURE WEEK”: https://twitter.com/JournalDiana11/status/14044783182

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