Praying for President Trump? A Dream and Vision to Share, 2021 Q1-__

Published on our National Day of Prayer, 2021

I’ve been hoping to get to a point where I’m comfortable sharing some matters that come as spiritual gifts from the Lord. I hope this comes sufficiently to you, maybe you’d like to let me know in a comment.

Official portrait of President Donald J. Trump, Oct 6, 2017

Here is something that came up on the weekend before the fictitious Biden inauguration. I was sure of it and so, didn’t care to watch the perverse January 20 spectacle. (I may write a bit about the confused “two minutes of silence” during that event, in a separate item.)

He is President Donald J. Trump. I stopped praying for his reelection and a manifestation of his second consecutive term before Election Day. This is not due to doubt. I became firmly convinced of God’s promise for Trump to be president for two consecutive terms, so why would I keep asking for it? What father enjoys his son continuing to ask for what he has already promised him?

Instead, my desire has been to join others in building upon God’s prophetic word on the matter and in faith, pray for the thoroughness of God’s intentions surrounding it all, including myriad works of investigations, confessions, prosecutions, rescues, and redemptions — and of many kinds. Every life involved matters. May the Lord’s redemption be as as extensive as possible, as we enter a new era in the history of God’s grace and love for all men.

So, at that night in January I prayed especially about God’s plans for President Trump. It was met with a short dream topped with a vision upon awakening from the dream.

The setting was the basement of a house, a generic “my house,” like the old parsonage where I was raised, or the two-flat I owned, where I moved my widowed and aging mother into the first floor. She was there, in front of me in the basement, as I stood at my washer and dryer. She told me she just bought a new washing machine, not for her use, but for a certain man. It was a white, high efficiency washer that she ordered for $700-something. I let her know I thought it should cost $600-something. And why did she buy a washer for this man? What man?

The mystery was solved upon waking, The Lord gave me a short vision. I was on an overpass of a highway, snipers on my left and right. Beneath me passed a white SUV. Trump was in it, unseen, I simply knew it. On the car’s hood in large, bold-sized letters but only seen by a narrow outline in faint gray or silver was written: “WORD.” (It looked a bit like the old Christian record label.). The snipers were at the ready, but their target was not recognized and they let it go by.

Then I realized who needed his clothing washed — from the swamp, yes, definitely. Perhaps also, from Manhattan and some of the arts of the deal. Perhaps (very likely as with us all) from our old sin nature with it’s habits and patterns.

Obviously, this was a call to pray, both for President Trump’s washing and for his protection, successful thus far. That gave me a clue. When it became time to look over my elderly mother, I decided to take only part-time jobs. One of these was actually in selling large appliances and furniture. I knew the reason such a washing machine would cost more than one would think is that the “installation” and “protection agreement” were ordered with it. So there it was: 1. the appropriate clothes washing, 2. protection, and 3. the president’s best installation upon return to Washington; a number 4?

Yes, there was also: 4. Why the big, “WORD,” apparently hidden from the snipers’ view, as was their target? That also came fairly quickly. God told Jeremiah, “I am watching over my word, to perform it.” The “Living Word,” is the ancient title of Jesus, Himself (“logos,” in the New Testament’s Ancient Greek). “WORD” was in the lead, front and center of the chaste (white) vehicle of the plans and determinations of God. Such plans include those of His to further utilize His chosen (and duly, constitutionally reelected) United States President. The perspective the Lord shared with me, was from above, watching over this “WORD” on this vehicle. The view of the driver also watched over this “WORD.”

Let God Himself be America’s driver, from embarkation to destination. Even so, may He be our vehicle of deliverance. Let us continue to pray for a very safe and successful journey. And then, let us make it just so, with the One to whom we pray.

White washer, white car; clean clothes, clean trip. Deliverance.

(By the way, I don’t claim that God’s assigned for me to be a prophet, per se. He issued me about 30 years ago, to be a political activist and organizer among sovereign Americans in our land of many mountains and bluffs, with many slippery slopes. There is more for me to say, but on this National Day of Prayer, I’ll let this suffice and probably add in the comments section, or in further entries to


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