Fox Takes Sides, Columbia U. Takes Note, I Left a Note

News Corp. may actually be seeing things more clearly, thanks to Glenn Beck and… you.  See this item in the long subverted Columbia University’s Columbia Journalism Review.

Seeing FOX for What It Is

News Corp donations mandate reevaluating the network’s role

By Zachary Roth

Will this week mark the beginning of a new phase in the way that Fox News is perceived by the rest of the media, and perhaps ultimately the public too? As surprising as that sounds, it seems plausible.

Politico’s Ben Smith reported yesterday that News Corporation, Fox’s parent company, had donated $1 million to the Chamber of Commerce, the business lobby that’s shaping up as the single most important outside backer of Republican candidates this election cycle. That news came on the heels of another $1 million contribution by News Corp., this one to the Republican Governors Association.

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Having read this (alerted by the tweet of Carydc) my comment is humbly offered here as it was, there:

This is not about “Conservative” vs. “Liberal.”

This is about a free America of Sovereign Citizens fighting with their First Amendment rights, against those who wish to murder it.

This is a soft war imposed by globalists and Marxists, upon America.

I am glad for Fox News or anyone else who fights for America.

Now, what I did not say is that I do not encourage anyone to donate to the U.S. Chamber of Commerce!  Not unless they commit themselves to change from their being a tool set for globalist, multinational corporations, in their side of the warfare assailing us.

Remember what Norman Dodd discovered, three quarters of a Century ago: many of America’s tycoons and their foundations (and their corporations — and their foreign counterparts — and their financiers, of central banks and otherwise)  are some of the primary perpetrators in this long planned attempted murder of America.

The most important thing for us to do now in this soft war, is to alert all our available family and  friends, to let them know what is truly going on, then make sure they cast informed votes, whether they have ever voted before or not — and to directly volunteer and donate,  for especially the right local candidates, from now, through November 2nd.

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