Jesus’ Covenant with America, Therefore Redemption; Prophetic Words to and of Robin D. Bullock, 3-14-21, Transcription (Draft)


DRAFT: In the next few hours and days, I intend to give this another proofing and communicate with the Bullocks’ ministry, to see if they have any preferences as to how it is treated. Afterward, I wholeheartedly suggest this be kept in essential American history both sacred and secular. I may also publish this in a new entry and/or location with a very brief description of key points of how God’s covenant with America came about, from what I have humbly learned. That is also important to spell out and to teach. In the immediate time, please see the video, hear the words, and read them below.

All of the words below are a transcription of the prophecy during the Sunday worship at the church pastored by Robin and Robin Bullock in Alabama, on March 14, 2021. This is the most definitive prophecy I for one, have heard, which answers the question:

Does God have a lasting, covenant relationship with the United States of America?

Oh Lord, we bless you. We thank you for your goodness, and your mercy, and your kindness. Lord I thank you that this very day, you’re looking down upon this nation with your mercy, and your kindness, and your goodness…. Yes, Lord. How we bless you and thank you…. Yes, Lord.

For I look down from my Heaven,” says the Lord, “and I look upon the nation of the blood covenant. I look upon the nation that I have made covenant with, for I made covenant with your forefathers and I made covenant in writing. For I gave my word in writing and they gave theirs in writing, and we made this covenant bond together,” says the Lord.

I was there with Paul Revere. I was there when they pledged their life and their fortunes. I was there,” says the Lord, “and those lives and those fortunes still stand as a memorial before my face in Heaven, and I will not forget,” says the King. “For though forces are arrayed against you and arrayed against the world, trying to take down my America,” the Lord says, “they will not take down my America! For my hand upholds it and the right hand of my power sees to it, for the blood of the covenant is between us.”

As you worship and as you praise,” says the Lord, “all of Heaven, recognize the bell that rings in Heaven. Hear ye! Hear you! For the covenant of this nation is still in the ears and the eyes of God. For I am going to show you what I can and will do, for what you’re about to see me do will make the nations tremble and it will make the wicked lose the strength of their loins. For I am going to cause them to fall, for the weakness of fear will come upon them, as I send my praisers out ahead. So get ready to see it and be a witness to it.”

But do not forget!” says the Lord. “Do not forget this day and tell your great grandchildren what you heard. For they will need to know again in twenty hears what was said. They will need to know again in a decade what was talked about. For I am looking for those who will establish Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, so I’ll start with you Abrahams! And you begin to call it forward, for I am going to show my strength and a three-fold cord is hard to break.”

Somebody give the Lord a shout in the house!

In my Father’s house! [Singing]

This is a very solemn time. It’s a very sobering time that we live, for in this time, you now know the sobering, silent thoughts before the parting of the Red Sea. You know now the silent and sobering and sombering thoughts before they were released from Egypt.” For the Lord says, “This is a time of monumental status. This will be a time that will go down in history as such a time as that. And you will be recorded forever in Heaven, that you were there when it took place.”

The Lord says, “Learn the vocabulary of silence. Learn when to speak, when to walk, and when to run.” For the Lord says, “I am doing a thing that you haven’t seen under the sun. There has been times and seasons connect over the years gone by, that are resembling this time, but you’ve never seen that.” But the Lord says, “It’s still the same power, the same covenant, and the same blood that will deliver you here, that delivered you, there. For this was only a few minutes ago, to me,” says the Lord, “though it was thousands of years for you.”

For now in the great cloud of witnesses, Moses looks upon you, prophets look down over the balcony and they know the spiritual status of things that are happening. They are called a cloud of witnesses. The cloud, yes, the cloud! What cloud? The same cloud that led them from Egypt, the same cloud that settled over the tabernacle in the wilderness, the same cloud that came over Jesus, Elijah, and Moses. It’s called the cloud of glory. They see through the glory. See through the glory?” ask the Lord. “’Yes.” You ask. “Yes, through the glory, because as they see through the glory they are looking for the promise I made to Moses,” says the God of Creation, “that my glory will fill this earth.”

And so they’re seeing through the glory and as you raise your hallelujahs and you raise your praise, and you raise your obedience level unto God, the glory begins to fill greater and greater expanses and they are seeing through the glory as they watch the promise come to pass.

They will watch it, you will live it! They will see it and you will run in it! For the time is coming when limbs will grow out again, arms will grow again, for the time is coming when the fingernails will come again on the end of fingers, as the healing is complete. The time will come again,” says the Lord, “as my glory rises, for as Azuza was but a taste of filling the Earth, for Azuza was filled with the glory for three years, three and a half years, and these miracles happened, but I’m going to fill the Earth with my glory! Sinking battleships will suddenly rise again. Things will happen that only happens in the glory. So, walk when I say walk. Run when I say run. Talk when I say talk, so that your story of the glory can be heard for centuries to come.”

Hallelujah to the Lamb of God! Give Him praise and honor and glory! Hallelujah!

Come on and you praise, just a moment. [music]

Oh, the glory! [singing]

The glory of God….

“Take courage and be strong, for I could have had you born in any time in history, but you were born for such a time as this! For as the obedience of the Esthers rise, their crown of Esthers will be worn. As the obedience of the Esthers rise, the crown of Esthers will be borne and worn. For as you reach out and boldly come to the King,” the Lord says, “I will stretch out my my scepter to you, for grace – grace to do things you’ve never been able to do!”


[Singing: The year of grace. It’s the year of grace. It’s the year of grace, great grace, true grace, great, true grace…]

[There is more, following. – AW]


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