Huge Dose of Reality Coming, Antidote to Cabal’s Snake Venom

God’s agenda and Satan’s can not pervade and prevail in the same nation at the same time. Something is going to break. To be of use on the victorious side, let us discern and gain the actual news, from trustworthy sources and ignore the hiss of the enemy. As we do, and especially as we gain from the Lord, the Living Word of God, we also prepare for “BREAKING NEWS.” And as we do, may we prepare to help others handle the truth.

Take a look into the Book of Isaiah, chapter 36. The army of Assyria’s wannabe Emperor Sennacherib began to put siege to Jerusalem. Its commander pressed the soldiers of the Army of God, “Do not listen to Hezekiah…” Judah’s king. But the enemy press is what not to heed, not the voice of the persecutor of Jesus your Eternal King of Judah and Lord of Jerusalem. No need to answer such a commander, nor even bother to note his name.

Here’s an excerpt, but I suggest the whole, brief chapter. Does it sound to you like any voices you’re hearing now? From government? From the media? Even from some leaders and influencers under Christian banners?

“Listen to the message of the Great King, the king of Assyria! Don’t listen to Hezekiah’s lies. He can’t save you. And don’t pay any attention to Hezekiah’s pious sermons telling you to lean on God, telling you ‘God will save us, depend on it. God won’t let this city fall to the king of Assyria.’

“Don’t listen to Hezekiah. Listen to the king of Assyria’s offer: ‘Make peace with me. Come and join me. Everyone will end up with a good life, with plenty of land and water, and eventually something far better. I’ll turn you loose in wide open spaces, with more than enough fertile and productive land for everyone.’ Don’t let Hezekiah mislead you with his lies, ‘God will save us.’”

Then, check out chapter 37 to its end. See what happens.

That should complement, but I pray my own words don’t distract from what the Lord told Diana, and you, this morning, my so beloved Christian brother/sister.

UPDATE, 7:39pm CT


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  2. Great report and great website. God bless you. In Jesus mighty name we stand and we cannot fail!

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