Christian, Look to the Lord about 2021 Events (and Trump) Not to Speculations, Nor Naysaying

There are three notable items I’ve come across online today, that with your indulgence, I’ll share right away. One is a set of very apt words from the Lord in prophecy at the church fellowship led by Robin and Robin Bullock, in Alabama. I intend to transcribe that and put it in another entry. Another is a clear direction from the Lord about looking to Him, not to man, via Diana Larkin in Twitter. Another is a criticism of the Trump 2021-2025 prophecies, by the reputable pastor and author, R. Loren Sandford.

I’ll present what I’m very confident Ms. Larkin relayed from God, then link to what Pastor Sandford said and show you my reply. Succinct enough?

The Lord has been applying Diana Larkin virtually every morning. I encourage you to look back through the image files she creates in Twitter, for more. The point I repeat here is: look to the Lord, not to what we hope (or fear) of men’s plans.

What I wrote in social media about it: In times of trouble, many of us fall back to what we’ve relied on in the past. If that’s Jesus Christ, the word of God made flesh, then perfect! But we have to realize He’s way ahead of us, of course, beckoning us to come along. And thankfully, He doesn’t shut up for anyone.

(Click the image to enlarge it, if you wish.)

Here is Pastor Sandford’s video today, about a kind of reform that I believe is posed as a response to a perceived blip that isn’t really on the radar, and the beginnings of a solution that is fraught with hazard.

Humbly at the Lord’s feet, my reply.

Frankly, this is a pretty sad mischaracterization of servants of the Lord and beyond that, of how God decides to say what He says. When God speaks, God speaks. We therefore should discern and respect it. I’ve listened to many and no Christian prophet I’ve heard has spoken for the Lord to refute what His prophets have echoed for Him in interwoven and mutually confirming fashion. I have heard no, “Thus says the Lord, Biden is our rightful president,” nor, “Trump is not president this term, says the Lord,” in any prophecy. Just the opposite. Also, He is saying and showing this and revealing prayer and proclamation points through many, not merely by some previously notable prophets. When God is speaking through a prophetic voice about it, that voice confirms or supports that Donald Trump is our current president as the Lord recognizes him and he will be brought back to the Oval Office soon.

Such “says the Lord” prophecy is not “prediction for the sake of prediction.” This is not a human-to-human buzz, like the sillier Y2K hype. (As for COVID-19, the real pandemic level threat was indeed over by May 2020, but the enemy suppressed the curatives that were and are available, it was used as a weapon against some, unchecked, and way too many believers and unbelievers both have believed Satan’s lies about it, propagated by his earthly cabal.)

We love you. We love and fear the Lord, not any man. The believers about this that I’ve witnessed are not giddy; many-to-most know this is massively serious in the epochs of world history. This is not about Trump; it is from, of, and about God, His plans and His own executions thereof. We look forward to that which you will also see with your eyes, even if not in faith at this time, brother Sandford. Let us be unified in Jesus, not by organized methodologies of controlling each other under a banner of “accountability,” that in effect, would be a religious attempt at eclipsing that which is between God and each of us. He who blows like the wind (John 3) is in charge and in control of His servants as He chooses. God our Father watches over his word, to perform it.

For Christians, I heartily suggest further examination into the veracity of the Trump prophecies and the larger set of prophecies about the new era we are entering. Here’s a prediction! Stemming from this time, numerous sets of criteria for assessing prophecies will be pronounced and books sold. (Actually, I heard a very good teaching about this a few weeks ago, from Brenda Kunneman that I may place in another entry.) But, perhaps this Elijah Streams interview last Thursday 3-11, of Johnny Enlow, by Steve Shultz, would be a very good next step!



    The very strong statement made via Diana Larkin, also on March 11 (before the Enlow interview) also indicating there are “no more delays” in God’s rescue plan.

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