G&M: Friday 1-15 Before Inauguration, Please See First

Happy Friday.

Before publishing this issue of The Globe & Malevolence, I waited for Elijah Streams to come online, with Steve Schultz interviewing Christian prophet Jeff Jansen. But they immediately had technical difficulty and are postponed. Reminds me of a key interview program that friends and I set up on a BlogTalkRadio.com channel during Deepwater Horizon’s spill. It featured experts with better clean-up solutions than sea-poisoning Corexit. The program ended about five minutes in and I couldn’t get it back on that night. Suspicious? I sure thought so and do to this day. Other programs were functioning that night. Just not ours.

There are a number of questions and bits of knowledge to bring together. These especially have to do with this cosmically pivotal Inauguration time.

“Please stand by.” And please Stand in faith in Jesus Christ, the only son of the Father, given for salvation from sin, to those who receive Him.

Here is one of my questions — in two parts:

Is this current, phony impeachment of President Trump meant to be held over his head into the beginning of the next term, to try to prevent him from revealing deep, dark secrets, including but not limited to his conclusively demonstrating the election fraud with foreign involvement which has prevented his elector certification as president?

…and to try to prevent him from, standing upon decisions made by military tribunals, coupled with military action, from having his own, due inauguration?

Please be advised about the above-the-fold articles on “Lin Wood drops major bombshells…” and “Isaac Kappy, Suicided?…” The content is disturbing, about allegations, partially evinced, that a global network lures powerful people into heinous sex-related crimes in order to blackmail them. It is time to add that to the mix, again. To be continued.

Let’s get this issue out and then, next steps.


  1. I had intended to follow this up with a set of questions and observations Saturday. Rather, it became time to rest up and soak in some more truth in this painful time — and to feel the pain of the moment, as we look to the Lord’s extraordinary deliverance.

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