‘CAN YOU NOT STAND! and not turn to the left and give yourself as a partner to the evil that wants to take this land?’ Trump’s 2nd Term

The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy. I came that they may have life and have it abundantly.
– Jesus of Nazareth, John 10:10

Two wise women used to remind me of something. They would say, Satan cannot truly create a thing of his own. He can only counterfeit in a defiling way, what the word of God has already established.

Since childhood I’ve heard occultists promote their idea of a mystical “New Age” and Christians warn of it. Satan after all, wishes to “steal, kill, and destroy,” this especially in his attempts to preempt and subvert God’s plans. We should consider that when we see the efforts of “progressive” politicians to dominate society. Minions of our spiritual enemy, they try to systematize our entire existence for their centralized power and profiteering, while their “thought leaders” pitch their schemes as budding Utopia and the holocaust of babies presses on.

In reality, until His return this shall always be the age of the New Covenant, of the blood-spilled and resurrected Jesus Christ. In it we are entering a new era, when His spiritual presence will be more manifest through and around His willing servant-disciples for the sake of His Great Commission. Many have spoken of this. We have begun to witness it.

About the conflict of these two agendas we may know two things: 1. progress toward their goals can not coexist upon the same planet, and 2. God is infinitely more powerful than Satan with his vestigial attachments here, by God’s primordial arrangement with Lucifer and the first Adam’s fall.

Here are four post January 6 videos to witness, concerning recent prophecies of the Lord. Those prophecies concern God using a man that is increasingly His servant-disciple, to catalyze His political will for our new era. That is, to initiate a significant reconditioning of America and thus, the world, in greater righteousness, freedom, and peace. The reason, to make way for His saving of vast multitudes of beloved human beings from sin and death, to His holiness and eternal life, through present and future generations. That pivotal political man is the only one who could now carry on to a consecutive presidential term greater than his first, our fallible Donald John Trump, as God has proclaimed.

Your pardon please, I don’t like to reiterate segments of videos. Rather, if you wish, you can adjust their speed up and down, and if you’re in a rush to get to the meat, you could catch the first half of the Hank Kunneman video, then scroll down to Kat Kerr.

In the first vid, Marvin Swanson teaches believers today about standing on the words God is speaking through a harmonic consensus of His prophets unprecedented in our time. Do you like dogs?

In the second, Hank Kunneman relays pointed new prophecy on our critical subject, including what God says about timing (after a few prophetic minutes, he and his team move on to intercession).

In the third, Robin D. Bullock explains revelatory details of Scriptural interpretation, plus his own personally significant testimony of his doings near the Capitol on January 6th. He tells of the rhyme and reason of things God has been working even through those disruptive events and onward. (By the way, I advise a wait-and-see attitude about Maria Zack’s attestations regarding the election fraud that we know has occurred.) Bother Robin is a gifted expositor of time, timing, and circumstantial confluences, for this… time. He speaks of serviceable dogs too, by the way.

And if you’ve made it this far, here is a special reward. Kat Kerr speaks a very gracious and as necessary, stern lecture, partially from God, Himself. This happened on January 7th, the evening after that disruption which our political (and spiritual) adversaries believe they’re using for their own purposes. Silly adversaries. LISTEN UP, if you will. Seriously.

Now, for extra credit, here are the actual remarks of President Trump on Wednesday, Jan. 6. He asks for peaceful watching and protesting near the Capitol, though if they had their way, our domestic enemy would seem to wish to call that a capital offense. They’d better watch their own past, present, and future behavior.

By the way, presently, this site does quite a good job of allowing us to download videos. It brings the video up in a new screen, then we can right-click to download.

I’ve placed these videos and very timely reminders for prayer and proclamation by both Tim and Dutch Sheets in the present issue of The Globe & Malevolence (plus, another mention to believers, that God and His angels like to hear this song in the air lately, perhaps you too).

As impossible as it may seem, God has compelled Himself like a spring, to act. Free America must not continue to be defiled by its subversives to destroy itself. Rather, God has critically important and irresistible plans for this lasting, sovereign nation devoted to Himself. For a conclusion, please refer again to those words here in our title.

Prior article on this subject: “Christian Prophets Proclaiming Trump’s Consecutive Term? Really? Still? Yes,” December 20, 2020.

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  1. This is a great article and a great website. I will check it out further. God bless you in your pursuit of freedom and salvation for all who will come to the Lord, in Jesus name. Amen.


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