Anarcho-Socialists and Police Execute Capitol Violence for the Cabal: Video Evidence + Emergency Divine Guidance

As expected, we are in the midst of the globalist cabal’s insurrection and international war against the United States of America. It is coming to a head.

I have one video to post here at first, then putting out more in a Globe & Malevolence.

Meanwhile, President Trump sets up in Camp David, we hear. We pray for God’s justice, complete and as immediate as He chooses, against the demonic and human strongholds trying to conquer us. May His justice obliterate the poison fruit, leaf, branch, trunk, and all of the root system of the evil of globalism. The whole world needs it. And the whole world needs a sovereign and free America.

There is much to add which makes it clear that the police were actually or virtually inviting the anarcho-communist thugs into the Capitol first, then Trump supporters to give them cover and cast the blame. Pray for God’s own course of justice, quick and complete in all of this and in President Trump’s ensuing second term! Please tell your neighbors the truth about it all. America needs us to do so.

UPDATE (1 of 2)

The video below, from 7pm, shows this and other video clips, and much more. It is essential viewing from beginning to end.

Pray also for those who have still been finding critical information on the cabal’s war on America, and who are trying to relate it to the actual patriots in the Trump Administration and Congress. Pray for Trump’s true heroes as well. Please pray for their thorough success and remember, that begins with their safety. Also remember their loved ones.

UPDATE (2 of 2)

In today’s Globe & Malevolence I’ve posted numerous videos featuring the organized thugs who broke into the capital, plus eyewitnesses who observed them. (Scroll down to “VIDEOS,” then click “All videos,” to see them all.) But beginning with the video above is the recommended. (However, personally, I fail to see any confirmation that Antifa terrorists were in the white vans escorted by police; further information is sought.)

There are many relevant items in the G&M as usual. Keep an eye on the attempts to impeach, or abuse the 25th Amendment against President Trump. It is the behavior of the guilty, to press an attack for self preservation. That has been the history of Trump’s first term.

One news item floating around for which we haven’t found credibility is the testimony of one Mary Zack, of an alleged Italian whistleblower named Arturo D’elio whom, she says, is a developer that participated from Italy, in Dominion Voting Machines election fraud. Some of Zack’s comments, also her Web site, seem a bit too odd, also her mentioned desire for money. And why, as Raheem Kassam brings out, is the alleged confession of the alleged D’elio written in English?

Also excluded are rumors of Mike Pence being an anti-Trump agent, though I believe his decision was misguided, clinging to one passive interpretation of constitutionality, to preside over and thus give his virtual imprimatur to extremely grave unconstitutionality.

Back to what is truly knowable, we are at what appears to us to be a great impasse and omnipotent God knows it much better than anyone else. How can we fight? The second video in the issue is also very highly suggested, Dutch Sheets’ “The Warrior’s Heart.” Let’s be suited up and engaged (Ephesians 6:10-18).

Some Christian leaders may be resorting to reassuring messages, that though it appears we’re in that “Dark Winter” Joe Biden pitched in one of the debates, we still have the Lord. But having the Lord, let us be engaged in this great earthly battle, for the sake of His eternal purposes, and rejoicing in the opportunity! It is one of the most wonderful times to be alive and fully invested!

VICTORY 2021 — by God!

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