Jonathan Cahn’s Call for Prayer and Fasting on Election Day May Need Extending

Perhaps the most pivotal moment for America this year came on Saturday, September 26, when something the Bible calls a “Solemn Assembly” (also called Sacred Assembly) was conducted on The Mall in Washington D.C. Believers interceded in repentance for our nation’s sins, as they confessed their own, according to Scripture.

Johnathan Cahn, Messianic pastor and author of The Harbinger delivered the keystone message, leading in proclamation and prayer.

Fascinatingly, this came on the same day that Franklin Graham organized a prayer vigil and march, same town. Graham also contributed last evening for an time of online prayer. Many other Christian leaders have also participated and continue to, in organized events upon this critical theme in our year of pestilence(s); these include pioneer in intercession, Dutch Sheets. Perhaps we can chronicle some of this a bit later and find where we are on the map of returning to the Lord in repentance and redemption.

Cahn has also called for this to be a day of prayer and fasting for the General Election, as we vote.

But this is not a day for me to write extensively about it all; perhaps not a time for much reading, either. This promises to be a very contentious time and it may go on for much longer than we would hope. More here on all this later, I trust, but please do participate. And is there anyone you want to make sure has a way to the polling place?


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