Waiting and Waiting for the Great COVID-19 Social Undistancing Spike

Peek-a-boo. Still no peak. – AW, Ed.

Richard J. Wright | “Still Waiting,” Virtual Wright

Monday, June 29, 2020

It’s now been 4-1/2 weeks since the start of the riots in which tens of thousands of people violated the “science-based” and “data-driven” decrees of our feudal lords running our states and cities, and who themselves violated their own orders. These orders stated that groups of more than 10 people were tantamount to murder because they would cause the virus to spread and kill people.

The average time to death for those who die from the virus is about 3 weeks. As I pointed out last time, there should have been a massive peak in deaths and I predicted there would be none.

There has been no peak.

The blue line is the start of the riots, the red line is 3 weeks later. As a reminder, I collect data 3 times a day so multiply the red curve by 3 for the actual daily number. I removed the spike caused by New York suddenly adding in thousands of deaths at the height of the epidemic to more clearly represent the situation.

There has been absolutely no change in the steady decline of deaths since the peak. Yet, every day we are continually bombarded with reports of spikes and surges in cases and hospitalizations. And if that won’t work, they’ll revive the idea of a second outbreak in the fall — just in time for the election!

But this proves that the lockdown hysteria is just that, hysteria. We now have a really good experiment and it proves the “experts” wrong once again. Sweden was right.

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