Only You Can Prevent Voter Fraud

Missing among the misbehaviors that the government warns us against—smoking, littering, texting while driving, driving without seat belts, driving drunk, starting forest fires—is one that is arguably more significant: voting while illegal.

The reason for the government’s reticence is obvious. For the last century or more, one party has depended on illegal votes to secure power. Without those votes, Lyndon Johnson would never have been elected U.S. Senator and John F. Kennedy would not have been elected president.

In the last half-century, the major media have increasingly come to align their interests with said party, and thus have chosen not to investigate the phenomenon. Worse, they have challenged the racial agenda of those who do.

These trends became manifest in Kansas City these past two months when illegal voters conspicuously swiped a Democratic primary in August and the apparent loser unexpectedly took the winner to court.

The trial transcript shocks even those of us who thought we had seen it all. “Did you notice groups of Somali voters entering the premises?” the challenger’s attorney asked an election judge at the September trial.

“Oh my gosh, all day long,” she said. When asked how many voters she had seen, the election judge answered, “To be honest, more than 50. That’s the truth, your honor, more than 50.”

None of the Somalis could speak a lick of English. In conspicuous violation of the law, “interpreters” told them how to vote and for whom to vote and in many cases simply filled out their ballots for them.

In a disturbing little twist, an attorney for the Kansas City Election Board grilled a second election judge as though she were a hostile witness.

After she acknowledged that the Somalis were all somehow registered to vote, the attorney asked with classic liberal smugness, “Do you believe these voters should be disenfranchised?”

“The biggest deterrent to them becoming citizens, because they all want to be American citizens when they come here,” said the election judge, who actually helps resettle the refugees, “is that they do not have a handle on the language to be able to pass the test.”

The bottom line: roughly sixty Somali voters, likely none of them citizens, were instructed to vote for a given candidate who won the primary for a Missouri state house by one vote. The Somalis made up nearly 5 percent of the district’s voters.

Predictably, to date the Kansas City Star has failed to use the word “Somali” in print in the scant attention it has given to the case.

Without media attention, similar tactics will be employed in November against Republicans especially in those congressional districts and states where the election hinges on a small number of votes.

To get some sense of how citizens could fight back, I asked a retired director of Kansas City’s election board. His advice is pertinent wherever you live.

  • Immigrants, legal or otherwise, can register only if they are citizens.
  • A non-citizen who registers to vote commits perjury.
  • A lawful voter is entitled to assistance if blind or unable to read.  However the assistant can only help one person.
  • The voter being assisted must sign an oath that the helper is a family member and two election judges must sign off on the same
  • Informed Republicans need to attend every local election board meeting to see what issues and policies are on the table.
  • Concerned citizens need to contact their local election board and/or Republican Party to enlist as judges and poll challengers. Volunteer for the tough districts.
  • Republicans need to prepare a specific program to make sure absentee ballots are secured.
  • “Inside Challengers” who know what they are doing should be placed in polls believed to be problematic.
  • Party functionaries should attend the training sessions for election judges and deputy commissioners.
  • Election judges are often elderly and, even when honest and civic-minded citizens, are capable of being overwhelmed or intimidated.
  • Most fraud takes place outside of the polls either through absentee abuse or registration irregularities.
  • The Republican Party typically does not work registration or absentee voters. It should.
  • The Democrats are all over the election boards. Republicans hardly know where the offices are. Time to change.
  • There is a list of election crimes and punishments in Chapter 115 of the Revised Statutes of Missouri.  All states have such statutes. Judges and challengers should know them.
  • Persons whose registration records are out of order and in “cancellation” status are given “vote orders” by circuit judges on election day.  Usually the ACLU types are behind that practice.  Competent Republican lawyers need to be at the hearings to object.

Personally, I would recommend a campaign to make potential voters aware that the local Democratic Party is exploiting them at the risk of their freedom.

Those who do not speak English may be unaware that what they are doing is a federal crime. I think it would pay to remind them in the language of their choice.

“If you vote here today, and you are not a citizen, you can go to jail.”

Press one for Somali.

Jack Cashill is the author of numerous books which reveal key elements in our society and its crises, his latest being Popes & Bankers: A Cultural Study of Credit and Debit from Aristotle to AIG.

He is also an independent writer and producer, and has written for Fortune, The Wall Street Journal, The Washington Post, The Weekly Standard, American Thinker, and regularly for WorldNetDaily. Jack may be contacted at

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