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The picture at the top of this page is what the average person in my little suburb just outside of Chicago looks like these days. And who can blame them? 24/7 we are bombarded from every corner of government, the internet and media with constant stories of the virus is going to kill us all.

Every time the government tries to protect us, it get’s worse, even as the epidemic declines.

When Illinois Governor Pritzker locked down Illinois, everyone panicked and bought every roll of toilet paper they could find. It’s taken six weeks for it to come back in stock in sufficient quantities. But they didn’t just hoard toilet paper, they hoarded hand sanitizer, rubbing alcohol, vitamins and all manner of food items. One day I walked into my neighborhood store and the entire frozen food section was completely empty. I thought I was in Venezuela.

Now that the epidemic is declining, our government and scientific “expert” overlords proclaim:

  • We must never shake hands or touch our faces ever again (until our all-wise government leaders says so).
  • We must forever stay at least six feet away from every other human being, and dogs (because viruses can’t fly more than six feet, I guess).
  • We must always wear masks while in public settings where you can’t be six feet apart (says the experts who originally said masks don’t help).
  • Children probably won’t get sick but they are carriers and will infect you (zero evidence).
  • “There’s no doubt after reading this [one] paper [based entirely on anecdotal evidence] that asymptomatic transmission is occurring” (Anthony—it’s only anecdotal—Fauci).
  • Cases keep going up! (Now that we’re finally testing people who aren’t in hospitals).
  • “The disease is death!” (New York Governor Cuomo, even though at least 99% do not die).
  • “You’re bringing death to your doorstop” (Chicago Mayor Lori—haircuts for me but not for thee—Lightfoot).
  • If you protest against the lockdowns, you’ll infect your grandmother (Dr. Birx)

The list goes on. But people aren’t panicking because they’re seeing masses of people dying in the streets, they’re panicking every time government restricts our freedoms under the guise of protecting us and with the constant media bombardment of “cases are surging”, “there will be a second wave”, “we’ll have to shutdown again if we reopen too fast”, “unemployment at all time highs”, “protesters are white supremacists”, “we can’t get back to normal if we don’t have a vaccine and we may never have a vaccine”, “it will be seasonal like the flu”, “there will be meat shortages”, “the new normal”, etc.

And it’s a bait and switch. Initially, the lockdown was to flatten the curve so as to not overwhelm the hospital system. The system was not overwhelmed but now we’re told we must continue in this oppression because “death is at the doorstep”! No deaths from this disease can be tolerated. One life is too many!

Unless you die from the seasonal flu or are one of the 3,000 people who die in this country every week, all year round from pneumonia. No newspaper is going to keep a list of your names. No one will suggest lowering the flag to half staff for you. No newspaper is going to do a story about how your death had such tragic consequences for your family. You will not be considered to have died in the line of duty if you’re a policeman or fireman.

The Spanish Flu killed 195,000 Americans in a single month in 1918. We don’t really know yet how bad the Wuhan Virus is but it’s nowhere near that bad. But they didn’t destroy their economy back then. They weren’t as foolish as we are today thinking that we can stop this thing by hiding in our homes. They understood that life has to go on, even in the midst of disease and death. People still have to work so they can eat and provide for their families. They didn’t know what a virus was in 1918, but we do now and that makes us arrogant, thinking we can control it. We’ve been working on flu vaccines since 1938 and today they’re at most 50% effective on average. 45% this year and 29% last year.

Yet Dr. Ezekiel Emmanuel is out there saying that we can’t get back to normal for at least 18 months, until we have a vaccine, even though there’s no reason to believe that we will ever have one, especially since coronaviruses are notorious for mutating, just like the flu. “We have no choice”, he proclaims. He’s an expert. He must be right.

The media are profiting greatly with 24/7 fear. The politicians are on a power trip so great they may never come down off it short of being removed from office. The elite “expert” bureaucratic scientists think they’re saving humanity by performing a massive nationwide laboratory experiment and telling the politicians what to do and they know they’ll never suffer any consequences if, and when, they’re shown to be wrong (as they have been already, many times). Meanwhile, 80% of my neighbors cower in fear and gladly exchange their constitutional liberties for the vague hope of a cure.

I’d love a cure, too. It’s a serious disease. But I’m not willing to live in a totalitarian society waiting for a day that may never come. Especially when the tyrants violate the orders they give to everyone else, like Lori Lightfoot getting her hair done, and J. B. Pritzker’s wife flying down to their Florida horse ranch. They threaten to arrest us for leaving home for a non-essential reason and are indignant when anyone dares question their blatant bourgeoisie hypocrisy.

Richard J. Wright, a chemist and information technology specialist, has been tracking the official Covid-19 epidemic (SARS-CoV-2 virus) data and assessing our government’s disease progression modeling, plus responses, at virtualwright.com.

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