UPDATED ‘Murder’: NYC COVID-19 Patients ‘Left to Rot and Die’ in Hospitals – ‘Sara NP’

Article originally published Sunday, April 26, at 9:11am CDST

COVID-19 patients are being severely abused and caused to die, rather than being faithfully treated in certain New York City hospitals, according to allegations related through a nurse practitioner with the Facebook user name, “Sara NP.” At approximately 10:30pm CDST Saturday, April 25, she posted a video in Facebook, in which she states she was given details by a trusted friend who has worked in one or more hospitals there, of patients being effectively “murdered” by their physicians.

Video presently shown via bitchute.com. YouTube has censored it after thousands of views.

Sara NP relates she was asked to report that patients are unnecessarily administered high pressure intubations which soon kill them. She goes on to say that they are not given the treatments of {hydroxychloroquine + zinc compound + in some cases, antibiotic} which numerous physicians have been using for weeks, and by which they are recording swift, curative results. She states further, these patients are not provided proper oversight, nor direct nurse visits with the frequency given to other patients, and they are separated from family members who might question or give input to practitioners about their treatment.

Sara’s introduction, excerpted:

For her safety, she cannot come out and say these things, so I am her voice. […] She wants this to get out. […] In New York City right now, in some of the hospitals, this is what is going on. […] People are sick, but they don’t have to stay sick. They are killing them; they are not helping them. She used the word, “murder.” […] She has never seen so much neglect. […] Now, a couple of weeks ago, I was on with some nurse friends of mine and we were discussing different medications that could be used to potentially help people – doctors who are reporting around the country that they were using a combination of medications that were helping people. People were not dying when they were on these medications; they were getting better. Those medications are not being used in hospitals in New York City.

She then goes on to describe what her source says is actually happening.

They’re putting people on nasal cannula. If they require more than six liters of nasal cannula, they get intubated, they go on the vent, or they get trached, if there’s not enough vents. They don’t get high-flow, no non-rebreather, no non-invasive ventilation, no c-pap, no bi-pap. […] The patients don’t know any better. They don’t have family with them! There is no one there with them, to advocate for them. So, they are scared and they give consent. The ventiltors have high peep, high pressure, which then causes barotrauma and causes trauma to the lungs.

Then, Sara refers to a video from New York City doctor, Cameron Kyle Sidell, “a few weeks ago” which alerted people to the harm of this kind of ventilation, “They pulled his video from YouTube and they took him out of ICU.” And on the video goes, to describe further horrors alleged to occur in these hospitals.

UPDATE 4:30pm 4/26

This morning, Sara NP posted the following image. One would presume it is a message by her source and friend, the nurse in New York City, shown to validate her own reporting.

As of this Sunday evening, the video is still posted in Facebook and the story is being circulated in social media. According to Sara NP and her nurse friend on site, patients are still being mistreated, “murdered” by the omission of the best medicines, even killed by the imposition of a directly harmful method of invasive ventilation, reportedly at high pressure.

UPDATE 3:45am 4/27

Unsurprisingly now, the Facebook page of Sara RN is no longer available. Such censorship of “the free exchange” is what we have come to expect from our monopolistic, para-governmental social media. Gulag Bound has uploaded her video to a second site, to be linked here should it be removed from YouTube by Alphabet, Inc. and I will be monitoring.

Comment sections below the article at GulagBound.com and at YouTube have been active and interesting. On the whole, I consider them to be roughly corroborative of the claims Sara has conveyed for her alleged friend, presumably the woman in the tiny round picture, above. At least one commentator has defended such treatments/mistreatments, while others have relayed concerns and stated they also know of such problems.

One has reason to believe that aside from New York City, this is a moot case for nearly everyone in America, since the actual, bell-shaped epidemic curves (a.k.a., epi curves) have indicated the pandemic is virtually over. What is bothersome however, is that epi curve updates have ceased to be conveyed, at least by the CDC, to our sovereign citizenry. Why would our federal government cover-up the end of the “bump” of the onsets of COVID-19, as that truly epidemiological tally subsides to near-zero? And then, why are so many of us locked away from gainful employment?

I, for one, continue to pray for the sick in New York and for truth and justice to be served us all.

An alert of the Sara NP video was received by Gulag Bound via email, shortly after it was posted. – AW


  1. Abortion is now legal in New York until the age of 120.

  2. These hospitals need surprise visits and medicines already approved to treat the virus should be given. Maybe the nurses and doctors in said hospitals need to go to the local media.

    • She is being reported to the authorities for failure to report as a healthcare provider.

      • How do you know she hasn’t reported it? She was brave enough to risk her own career to report something she is being told that is going on. Im a nurse so i guess i better report this seeing how I just watched her video. So if you’re a mandated reporter you better pick up your phone and report it.

  3. I am sickened by this post…I hate to believe it…I feel the need to do something…….It seems like just another case of ‘the HAVE’s” and the ‘Have NOTS’…….Has this post reached the Mayor or the Governor….If this true which , I unfortunately can imagine the possibility of truth, in fact I find it quite possible, having been on both sides of that coin in my life……I am appalled by these allogations of extreme unethical practices, by men/women who have taken a hypocratic oath..The very 1st line states “I will do no harm’…I could be off a word or two or a line , but I do know that is the jist of the beginning of the oath that Medical Doctors in this country take when they go through much education and possibly they should be taught more about compasssion and ethics than just getting a shiny new BMW to ride about….I find myself in tears since once again I have met w/ both kinds now.. and to misquote a famous singer and songwriter “Still somehow it’s life’s illusions I recall,I don’t know LOVE at all’ (or maybe I can’t see Love at all) But my heart is full of sorrow……………………………………………………………………………………………..signed l doone May God bless us all, we need his blessings more than ever…All of us do…………………………………………………………..!!!

  4. Pondering these two reports, above and below, having discussed the Cloward-Piven strategy of manufactured (and intentionally escalated) crisis with now U.S. congressional candidate of Maryland, James M. Simpson

    — and having talked with a mutual friend, the deceased Weather Underground infiltrator and FBI informant, Larry Grathwohl, about the murderous ruthlessness of American neo-Marxists, encountered first hand

    — also, having heard from Trevor Loudon and Terresa Monroe-Hamilton, of the neo-Marxism of Mayor Bill de Blasio, for just one of so very many in New York City with that bent.

    Societal breakdown is the preliminary goal of the Marxist, the more “disruption,” the more they believe can be accomplished.

    Are unnecessary, even induced deaths merely results? Or, are they all a part of the cause? The cause to (neo-Marxist) progressives is the gaining of hegemonic control, for the religiously grand “Arc of Progress” which must overarch all else, material or metaphysical. Another word for “metaphysical” is supernatural and for the demons involved, the answer should be taken for granted. But what about the intentions of those now in control of the medical institutions in question? What, fully, are they?

    Whomever said it first, as Diana West best says of late, “The issue is never the issue; the issue is the revolution,” whether precipitous or incremental, perhaps in this case, death by death. There are no issues left, for the remains of the innocents killed.

    Here’s How Much Downstate New York Is Skewing the United States’ Coronavirus Numbers

    I live in New York State. But I live in Western New York-not New York City or downstate. If you ask anyone from downstate, they are New Yorkers. I am not. And quite honestly, I’m okay with that. I have no problem with not being lumped in with the downstaters.

  5. This vid is being reported to the authorities. She is not an accomplice to a crime.

    Mandatory Reporting. Mandatory reporting is a legal requirement, in state statute or regulation, for nurses to report an occurrence or individual, including another nurse, when the public is at risk. Mandatory reporting is enacted when the interest of public

    The laws and regulations set out in a states Nurse Practice Act have been put together to reduce the risk of harm to patients and to protect patients by ensuring the highest level of competence. The Nurse Practice Act aims to ensure quality care.

    She will be reported to her organization ACIP

  6. This web site has been reported. She will be reported to the authorities.

  7. Busted
    Stop trolling.

  8. Shes being reported for whistle blowing?! This isnt China. Sorry you can’t make people disappear for reporting what they see or hear.

  9. I’m sure is the truth otherwise they won’t risk their life n career!! I have seen a lot of doctors and nurses that don’t give a flying **** about the patients. Okay so not all of them are angles. A lot of them get paid by the Democratic Party. So they can ruin our economy and most importantly ruin our life’s. Wake up Americans and smell the ******* coffee!!!

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  11. I need to get in contact with this woman, please let me know-how.

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