Is the COVID-19 Economic Shutdown Adversely Affecting our Private Healthcare System

With all this talk of the importance of the nation’s health to justify the current shutdown that is crippling the economy, why is there no mention of the adverse effects on our “private” healthcare system.  The media has turned this into a health vs. making money argument but, what about the fact that money plays a huge role in American healthcare because we have a market driven health system?  Are the two mutually exclusive, or is there a synergistic relationship that links them?

How does someone with zero income pay their health insurance premium?  How do they cover relevant co-pays for medication, tests, doctor visits and the like?   We keep hearing that people can’t pay their rent, and they can’t make utility payments, or auto loan payments, but what about expenses that are directly related to healthcare costs in this difficult time? 

It is ironic to me, that officials try and push the narrative that they are keeping us healthy and protected with these draconian measures.  Meanwhile, at the same time they are preventing us from working, which makes it impossible to pay for any healthcare services that we may need to access during this shutdown.  Is this not America collectively cutting off our nose to spite our face?

We have seen states issue orders to prevent evictions of those that cannot pay rent for a certain amount of time and other attempts to soften the impact here until we get back to some kind of normalcy.   Have we seen anyone advise health insurance companies to refrain from cancelling peoples’ insurance for non-payment?  Is this even on anyone’s radar at this point?  This is just another inconsistency in the overall narrative that makes me question the intent here regarding the shutdown. 

I don’t question the validity of the virus itself, I just have a major problem with the disinformation, doom and gloom, false models, and an overreaction by officials that has led us into the abyss we currently find ourselves in.  I just wanted to draw attention to the fact that you cannot separate the healthcare system and the private sector in America because our healthcare is part of that private market.

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