If You Can’t Beat Them Pretend to Be One of Them: Attempted Union Corruption of PA Governor Race Revealed

Vote fraud is revealed in the Election Journal.

From the AP    

John Krupa, a self-proclaimed “tea party” candidate for governor, has withdrawn from the race in the face of a challenge of his petition signatures.

Krupa’s lawyer, David Montgomery, said he signed the withdrawal papers on Sunday. He filed them Monday, just before a hearing on a challenge to Krupa’s candidacy was to begin in Commonwealth Court in Philadelphia.

It a move that both Tea Party activists and Republican officials are calling dirty politics, Krupa’s petitions were circulated by supporters of Democratic candidate Dan Onorato. The Pittsburgh Tribune-Review noted:

Members of unions that endorsed Allegheny County Executive Dan Onorato, as well as one of his campaign workers, helped get Tea Party candidate John Krupa onto Pennsylvania’s gubernatorial ballot for November’s election, state records show.

Among those who gathered signatures are officers of building trades unions, whose statewide organization unanimously endorsed Onorato on June 9 — including several officers from a Pittsburgh union hall where Onorato announced his candidacy and celebrated his primary victory.

Several union officials the Tribune-Review contacted refused to say why they circulated Krupa’s petitions or whether they support him.

Krupa’s petitions were challenged by Diana Reimer, PA State Director of the Tea Party Patriots.  Reimer told me she was looking forward to the hearing this morning because she wanted to shed light on the rampant fraud on the petitions themselves. Below is a press release she sent out:

“I am very satisfied with the outcome of our challenge and pleased that this perversion of the electoral system was not allowed to stand,” said Diana Reimer.  “Having personally sat in Harrisburg the last three days reviewing petitions at Commonwealth Court, I was extremely irritated that John Krupa and the Onorato Campaign forced a lot of good people to waste their time combing through petitions rife with fraud.

“Judging by the individuals supporting John Krupa, there was no doubt that the Democratic Party and Dan Onorato orchestrated this entire effort.  They tried to steal this election, and I and the many people that worked alongside of me all weekend was not going to let that happen!

“After this weekend it is clear that FRADULENT is the best way to describe John Krupa, his nomination papers and Dan Onorato.  I would urge Mr. Onorato to stop trying to deceive the voters!  This was such nonsense and showed a blatant disregard to the democratic process that so many of us work so hard to preserve.”

All of this plays well for Republican candidate Tom Corbett. The latest Rasmussen poll has Corbett leading Onarato 50/39. Krupa likely would have siphoned votes from Corbett.

G. Terry Madonna, political science professor at Franklin & Marshall College, summed it up:

“It’s low-ball politics. This does show the degree to which Democrats are deeply concerned about how badly off they are in this election cycle.”

Be vigilant Patriots, you too may find and thwart corruption if you keep your eyes open!


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