Glenn Beck Explains the Ukraine Scandal and Impeachment

[AW]: These Glenn Beck videos do a masterful and essential job of presenting the evidence of the broader and deeper workings of the Deep State and Shadow Government in our overall “#SpyGate,” “#UkraineGate,” and “#TrumpImpeachment” crisis. They come not merely recommended; they are must see, especially the third, “The Democrats’ Hydra,” netcast November 13.

For those who have not watched, I suggest starting there, then reading the new Gulag Bound entry, “It is Bigger than Burisma and the Bidens, Trump Knows,” then clicking on our “George Soros” and/or “Shadow Government” tabs, below this entry.

As you do, let us not make the mistake of assuming Soros is just a lone figure atop a personal pyramid (or center of the octopus, or hydra). Think of him as one of whatever number, including those for whom he plays lightning rod of attention, for their cover.


  1. […] [AW]: For more context and up-to-the-minute evidence on the “Deep State Coup” see “Glenn Beck Explains the Ukraine Scandal and Impeachment.” […]

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