Heads Up, America: North Carolina Special Election Matters

By: Lloyd Marcus

Though I love her dearly, my wife Mary interrupts my peaceful morning cup of coffee by reading me disturbing headlines on her phone.  “Court rules Idaho must give transgender inmate gender surgery.”  Thank God the Republican governor, in essence, said it will be a cold day in hell before his state pays for the convicted sex offender’s “reassignment” surgery.

For the record, a Johns Hopkins psychiatrist said transgenderism is a “mental disorder” and sex change is “biologically impossible.”

Ruling that Idaho must pay for surgery so a sex offender can look like a member of the opposite sex is on a growing list of crazy, immoral, and anti-American agenda items Democrats are hell-bent on forcing down the throats of mainstream America.  The wacko court ruling illustrates why we must elect courageous conservative leaders who are willing to push back — to just say no!  It is also a prime example of why it is extremely important that we elect conservatives in political races that are not on the radar of many Americans.

One such crucially important race that is somewhat below the national radar is the September 10 congressional special election in North Carolina.  Rock-solid Christian and constitutional conservative Republican Dan Bishop is fighting to retain his seat against a Democrat challenger.

Dan Bishop’s Democrat challenger in North Carolina is the father of four children.  How can he support a political party that is relentlessly seeking to legalize murdering babies even after they are born?

Republican Dan Bishop is pro-life.  N.C. Right to Life and North Carolina Values Coalition support Dan for protecting the unborn and defending conservative Christian values.

Pro-gun, Dan has been A-rated by the NRA for protecting our Second Amendment rights.

In 2014, Dan ran for state Legislature.  In just his third term, Dan became one of the most effective and conservative lawmakers in North Carolina.  He led the fight to put the Voter ID Constitutional Amendment on the ballot last November.

Dan cut or eliminated state income taxes on 99% of North Carolina families, and he voted to punish sanctuary cities that harbor illegal aliens.

Dan Bishop is one of us, folks — a warrior in Trump’s fight to keep America great!

Why is winning low-key elections like this one in North Carolina so important?

The results in these races will affect the math in 2020 of how many seats the GOP must gain to take back the majority and how many seats Nancy Pelosi can lose and still be in charge in the House.  Removing the Democrats from the House majority will take away their ability to hold conservative legislation hostage and conduct frivolous and malicious investigations into the Trump administration.

This is why Democrats’ anti-American leftist buddies are pouring tons of money into the September 10 special election for the N.C. 9th District congressional seat.  Democrats came frighteningly close to winning this seat last year.

Our patriot brothers and sisters at the Conservative Campaign Committee are in the thick of the battle, fighting to retain this crucial North Carolina congressional seat.  Your support is greatly appreciated.

I read this disturbing headline in an email from our Christian conservative patriot warriors at Liberty Counsel: “Punished for calling a boy a boy.”  In Ohio, a vice-principal scolded and punished a sixth-grader by pulling him out of P.E. class.  The sixth-grader’s crime was telling a male fellow student who is gender-confused that he is not a girl.

Democrats and progressives in powerful positions are forcing mainstream Americans to abandon common sense and truth to implement their insane agenda.  Restoring America and keeping her great demand that we elect conservatives in races that do not make the national spotlight — local dog-catcher, school boards, and so on.

This special election in North Carolina has not received much national attention, mostly due to fake news media’s 24/7 obsession with feeding Americans propaganda to remove President Trump from the White House.

Early voting is already underway.  Please help Dan Bishop win his/our seat.  This congressional battle in North Carolina matters much to America.

Lloyd Marcus, The Unhyphenated American
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