The Humanitarian Hoax of White Supremacy: Killing America with Kindness – Hoax 44

By: Linda Goudsmit | Pundicity

The Humanitarian Hoax is a deliberate and deceitful tactic of presenting a destructive policy as altruistic. The humanitarian huckster presents himself as a compassionate advocate when in fact he is the disguised enemy.

The radical leftist hucksters in the Democrat party have repeatedly accused President Trump of being racist and a white supremacist. Is it true? Let’s find out.

Racial unity has been the subject of political speeches since before the Civil War. The United States was founded in 1776 during an era of worldwide slavery when even black men owned black slaves. Supremacy is the corollary of enslavement – you have to be a supremacist to own a slave. Slavery was outlawed in the United States in 1865 with the passage of the 13th Amendment. So, let’s be clear, slavery has been illegal in the United States of America for 154 years.

Many countries and religions in the world continue to legally practice and embrace slavery – not Judeo-Christian America. The United States has Constitutionally rejected slavery and the attitude of supremacism that supports it. Instead, our American national credo strives for racial equality that is made possible through upward mobility and a robust middle class.

Equality in America is a matter of equal opportunity, not a guarantee of equal outcome. This is a very important distinction because it is what separates President Trump’s America-first ethos of individualism, from the radical leftist Democrat party’s ethos of collectivism. We will come back to that.

President Donald Trump is an unapologetic advocate of upward mobility and wealth creation for ALL Americans. Jobs! Jobs! Jobs! President Trump’s economic policies are color-blind and responsible for the lowest unemployment in the black community in history, as well as the lowest unemployment rate for Hispanics in America since records were kept.

President Trump’s color-blind America-first economic policies are bringing jobs back to America. In 2017, 171,000 manufacturing jobs were added. In 2018, 284,000 manufacturing jobs were added – it was the largest job increase in 21 years. In 2017, the President signed an Executive Order for an apprenticeship program to fill 6 million open positions. So, why do the hucksters call President Trump a racist and a white supremacist? Let’s find out.

We begin with a discussion of supremacy as a concept. A supremacist advocates the superiority of a particular group. Black supremacists believe blacks are the superior group. White supremacists believe whites are the superior group. Islamic supremacists believe Muslims are the superior group. Leftist supremacists believe that the radical left is the superior group. Male chauvinists believe men are the superior group, and radical feminists believe women are the superior group. So, being a supremacist is an arrogant attitude of exclusion, superiority, but not necessarily a racial issue.

Of all the possible divisions in society, racial divisions are the easiest to see and, therefore, the easiest to exploit. Why does this matter?

President Trump is unapologetically pro-American and demands American sovereignty and the protection and preservation of the United States Constitution which is a document of inclusion and equality. President Trump is the existential enemy of the Leftist/Islamist/Globalist axis that seeks his destruction, and the destruction of the Constitution he protects. The tactical strategy of the Axis is projection. The Axis accuses the President of being what they themselves are – political, religious, and philosophical supremacists. Does this surprise you? Let’s take a look.

Arrogant Leftists seek to destroy the Constitution and replace it with the centralized government of socialism. Arrogant Islamists seek to destroy the Constitution and replace it with supremacist Islamic sharia law. Arrogant globalists seek to destroy the Constitution and internationalize the world under a one-world government that they themselves rule. America-first President Donald Trump opposes them all, and no Axis member can succeed in any individual objective without first succeeding in the shared objective of toppling President Trump and shattering America from within. How can they do it?

There are two separate judiciaries adjudicating cases in the United States today with two very different agendas. The first is the legitimate federal judiciary, one of three co-equal branches of government organized under the United States Constitution and laws of the federal government. The federal judiciary has courthouses where cases are adjudicating according to rules of evidence designed to establish the truth with facts, and a foundational presumption of innocence until proven guilty. The second is the illegitimate court of public opinion where the humanitarian hucksters try their cases on the Internet and in the entertainment media without regard for truth or facts and without the Constitutional presumption of innocence. Why?

The goal of the court of public opinion is mass social engineering. What this means is that the Leftist/Islamist/Globalist axis is cooperating in their shared effort to topple President Trump by smearing him with false accusations of racism and white supremacy. The accusations are patently absurd but the directors of the Axis powers don’t care. Their “ends justify the means” tactic is the foundation of every dictatorship in the world.

The once independent informational World Wide Web has been co-opted by the radical Leftist/Islamist/Globalist axis for political purposes. This is how it works.

The Leftist/Islamist/Globalist axis falsely and hypocritically claim that open borders are humanitarian and that President Trump’s attempts to secure the border are racist and a function of his white supremacy. Axis members do not accuse Iran of being too Islamic. Axis members do not accuse Nigeria of being too black. Axis members do not accuse Indonesia of slavery. Why not?

Because the Axis powers are not interested in facts, truth, and a presumption of innocence – the court of public opinion is only interested in destroying President Donald Trump. They are deceitfully using the court of public opinion to smear President Trump in preparation for the 2020 election.

Now let’s continue our discussion of individualism and collectivism to see how it fits into this deception. Socialism, communism, globalism, and Islamism are collectivist systems of centralized government where the group takes precedence over the individual. Capitalism is a system that prioritizes the individual and the opportunity for upward mobility and free enterprise. In capitalism, there is private property and the individual rights that support it. In capitalism, individual property rights ensure upward mobility. Upward mobility is the foundation of the American dream that has taken the United States from an era of worldwide slavery to the election of a black president.

In collectivism, there is no private property and no individual rights – the government owns and distributes the fruits of your labor. The disingenuous accusations of racism and white supremacy lodged against President Donald Trump completely disguise the racism and supremacist ideals of the Leftist/Islamist/Globalist axis accusers. What?

The black supremacist Black Panthers do not represent the greater black community, the white supremacist KKK does not represent the greater white community, the sharia-compliant Islamic supremacists do not represent the Muslim community who embrace our Constitution. One must be able to distinguish between groups in order to foment discord and divisiveness between them. The court of public opinion makes no such distinction. They insist that since President Trump is white he is a racist and a white supremacist. Their argument has no rational basis, no truth, and no facts, but that does not matter in the court of public opinion.

The court of public opinion does not respect Constitutional law and the presumption of innocence. The court of public opinion follows the 12 rules for social revolution articulated in Saul Alinsky’s infamous manual Rules for Radicals. According to Alinsky“Before men can act, an issue must be polarized. Men will act when they are convinced their cause is 100 percent on the side of the angels, and that the opposition is 100 percent on the side of the devil. . . This includes lying a hundred thousand times over, if necessary, and always with a straight face.”

The Axis liars are non-sectarian supremacists following the rules of revolution where the ends justify the means. The Leftists and Globalists liars are endorsed by Alinsky. The Islamist liars are endorsed by taqiyya (lying in the service of Islam). If we are to avoid violent revolution we must turn off the noise of the divisive false accusations made by the illegitimate court of public opinion. We must examine the facts of President Trump’s color-blind policies and accomplishments according to the rules of evidence defined by the Constitution. Unity has a purpose and so does disunity.

The disunity that is facilitated by the false accusations of racism and white supremacy made in the court of public opinion is designed to create the social chaos necessary to make the supremacist Axis Dreams come true. Personally, I prefer ordered liberty and the equality of the American Dream. I reject the supremacism of Leftism, Islamism, and Globalism entirely.

Do not be fooled by the illegitimate court of public opinion – it is deliberately facilitating the humanitarian hoax of white supremacy designed to kill America with kindness. President Donald J. Trump represents equality, ordered liberty, and the color-blind upward mobility of the American Dream. In the legitimate federal judiciary, the facts prove that POTUS is not a racist or a supremacist – his enemies are.

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