Elections: Chavez Government Mirrors U.S. Democrats

Conservative Examiner’s Jim Kouri has predicted President Hugo Chavez’s political agenda would be in jeopardy in its congressional elections and says his diminished power is mirroring the dissolution of confidence experienced by the controlling U.S. Democratic Congress. According to Jim’s article in The Conservative Examiner:

The opposition party members, who had refused to participate in the 2005 elections, believe that as a result of Sunday’s elections they may increase their members beyond the 12 assembly members who recently defected from Chavez’s political machine.

If Chavez’s socialist government is unable to keep at least a two-thirds majority of assembly seats, opponents will possess a better opportunity to slowdown Chavez’s nationalization of entire industries in Venezuela.

Update: the Chicago Examiner reports on Sunday’s results. Jim Kouri’s predictions proved accurate. Let’s hope the results follow suit here in the U.S. Midterms.

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