El Paso Shooter and Anti-Trump Media Do their Evil Work Together

El Paso Wal-Mart security camera image

Time after time, we’ve seen shootings (or attempted shootings) by insolent, racist progressivists, who hate society being based on personal freedom with responsibility to God’s moral authority and who along with it, hate Donald Trump’s presidency. Immediately, the “progressive” hive mind jumps to the mass murderer’s beck and call, joining his effort by the psychological projection of blaming their fictitious “#WhiteSupremacistInChief” instead of the rebelliousness they also embrace.

The original fascists, including Mussolini and Hitler, were former Marxists who sought a more workable socialism. Who are those like them, today? Who plays upon race, in whatever directions, in the attempt to organize and build their dystopic society?

What is the “root cause” of all this violence against all persons? Evil Marxofascist thought and motivation, embraced by rebellious, maladjusted hearts.

The El Paso Shooter Admits he is a Progressive Leftist – America First with Sebastian Gorka

It should come as no surprise that the FakeNews Industrial Complex has already pounced on the latest mass shooting for political purposes. Already there has been a flurry of cries from pundits and presidential candidates alike insisting that this shooting was somehow caused by President Trump and his rhetoric, and that this is allegedly further …


  1. Every day, 24/7, you hear the communist democrat politicians screaming “HATE!”, “THEY ARE EVIL!”, “THEY ARE RACISTS!”, “CONSERVATIVES DENY CLIMATE CHANGE THAT IS KILLING US!” and the topper “CAPITALISM KILLS PEOPLE!”
    Every day, 24/7, you hear the democrat media scream “CONSERVATIVES ARE RACISTS!”, “CONSERVATIVES HATE IMMIGRANTS!” (of course, they mean the illegal alien invaders who are new democrat voters), “CONSERVATIVES HATE THE POOR!”, “CONSERVATIVES WANT US TO DIE, THEY DENY CLIMATE CHANGE!” and “CONSERVATIVES HATE FREEDOM!” as the media equates socialism to freedom.
    So, you have a person that has grown up hearing that we have only 10 years to LIVE unless we get rid of conservatism and a weak-minded democrat fascist takes a gun and starts shooting.

    Do ANY of you know the percentage of people that create these mass shootings? They are 0.000000013%. So, the ENTIRE country would be disarmed and left at the mercy of the communist democrats because a law might be passed because 0.000000013% shot some people.
    Had the cowardly Americans been armed, the shooter would not have gotten very far. THAT was how the Founding Fathers designed the United States.
    ALL ‘gun control laws’ are unconstitutional. REFUSE to bow to the tyrants.
    Cowardice has its consequences.

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