Meet These FBI Agents That Worked For Mueller

By: Denise Simon | Founders Code

Let’s begin with Michael Gaeta. There is a specialized group of FBI agents in lower Manhattan. The Eurasian organized crime unit, led by a veteran mob investigator named Michael Gaeta, scrutinized criminal groups from Georgia, Russia, and Ukraine that were running sophisticated scams in the U.S. As Randall and Gaeta linked street-level criminal operators to figures in Eastern Europe’s business and political elite, they started piecing together a string of rumors that led them to an unsettling conclusion: Russia might be bribing its way to host the 2018 World Cup.

Remember when AG Loretta Lynch prosecuted some people for FIFA embezzlement and corruption? On May 27, 2015, Loretta Lynch — in her new role as U.S. attorney general — announced the indictment of 14 defendants, mostly foreign nationals, in the FIFA case. It all started with Chuck Blazer, a former FIFA official who had an apartment in Trump Tower.

Now dead of rectal cancer, the native New Yorker hardly resembled his image as a statesman of soccer — an infamous bon vivant who made so much money for the game’s international governing body, FIFA, that he was hailed as its virtuoso deal maker. He dined often with sheiks and heirs at the trendiest restaurants and attended society events with a rotating cast of striking companions. His personal travel blog pictured him with the likes of Bill Clinton and Vladimir Putin and Miss Universe. At 400 pounds, with an unruly white beard and mane, he looked like Santa Claus, talked like a bricklayer and lived like a 1-percenter.

Meet Chuck Blazer - the ex-Fifa official and parrot ...

Blazer’s big secret, as he looked down on the Manhattan streets, seems so obvious now: He had embezzled his fortune through kickbacks and bribes.

How did the FBI get involved in the first place? Christopher Steele actually and he brought the case to the FBI. Now, why is Michael Gaeta important? He was Josef Mifsud‘s handler. This has been confirmed by George Papadopoulos. Gaeta, Mifsud, and Steele all had a working relationship operating out of Rome. Mifsud was a professor at Link Campus University in Rome. The school is under proprietary ownership of the University of Malta. Link University is but one of the major ‘go-to’ places for FBI agents to teach and train. Oh, it is also a location where up and coming spies for the UK and sometimes the United States have sessions.

Beginning to see how nuts all this is? When it comes to John Solomon, Senior Editor of The Hill, he confirmes that Mifsud worked with the FBI beginning in 2016. It was Mifsud too that introduced George Papadopoulos to Dr. Ivan N. Timofeev who is described as being a director of a think-tank located in Moscow.

So, during the House Intelligence hearing with Mueller, Congressman Devin Nunes provided a couple of key names. One interesting person he mentioned was Steven Schrage. He is an interesting person as he is the former Deputy Assistant Secretary of State and is currently at Cambridge University as a Ph.D. candidate. Schrage as a Ph.D. student was under Stephan Halper. Schrage hosted a conference in July of 2011 in Cambridge that had Madeleine Albright as a keynote speaker. Here was the moment that Stephan Halper was deployed to dangle Carter Page.

And so begins the plot for naming Special Counsel Robert Mueller due to James Comey, some agents, the DoJ operatives like Bruce Ohr and at least Victoria Nuland at the State Department.

The choreographed operation continues.

So, how about the rest of the FBI agents to confound this story? Ready?

Assigned to the Mueller/Zebley team were the following:

  1. Omer Meisel, (an SEC investigator, formerly assigned to Enron, read Andrew Weissman)
  2. Robert Gibbs, an expert in Chinese espionage
  3. Sherine Ebadi, previously prosecuted multi-million dollar corporate fraud cases
  4. Jennifer Edwards, an expert on identity theft, internet accounting, managed the Papadopoulos case
  5. Jason Alberts, an expert on public corruption
  6. Brock Domin, a techie on Russian operations, assigned to prosecute Manafort
  7. David Archey, a utility agent who previously worked in Bahrain, Jordan, Algiers, and Rwanda in counterterrorism
  8. Greg Andres, a lawyer with IRS specialty
  9. Kyle Freeny, a lawyer with the FBI specializing in money laundering
  10. Walter Giardina
  11. Curtis Heide, he forced Papadopoulos to wear a wire
  12. Francesco Corral, specializing in cybersecurity and foreign intelligence

So, hoping this gives the reader some jumping-off point if you choose to research more on all this Russia probe. Meanwhile, let’s hear what Congressman Jim Jordan has to say after the Mueller hearing. He wants to continue to investigate the investigators and so do we.

One last item/factoid. Keep a close watch on Perkins Coie and Marc Elias. The law firm Perkins Coie provided office space for Fusion GPS to use. It was Marc Elias that hired Fusion GPS and it was Marc Elias that was behind the law firm to the DNC and the Hillary campaign. By the way, Marc Elias now is the lawyer of record for the Kamala Harris presidential campaign.

Oops, remember when the FBI went to the Hillary campaign several times to talk about foreign cyber intrusions of the Hillary campaign servers? The campaign refused to allow the cyber team at the FBI any access to the login files. The campaign instead hired Crowdstrike at the behest of Perkins Coie.  It was Perkins Coie that blocked the FBI access to the DNC servers and those of the Hillary campaign. Crowdstrike was under an agreement with the FBI to provide the forensic computer evidence, which never happened. One must argue now that Crowdstrike under orders from Perkins Coie destroyed all server, computer, and operating systems in 2016 or they just brought in new servers. Evidence is still out there unless Bleachbit was used.

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