Ted Cruz Swarmed At LAX By Pro-Illegal Immigrant Leftists Screaming “Free The Children!”

By: Terresa Monroe-Hamilton | NoisyRoom.net

Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) can’t even catch a flight in peace these days because of leftist whack-jobs. Ever the gentleman, Cruz was accosted at Los Angeles International Airport this last weekend for being a strong supporter of legal immigration. Pro-illegal immigrants protesters swarmed Cruz once he was recognized at the terminal. That’s California for you – it’s more Mexico than the US these days.

The group Voto Latino tweeted out a video of the group chanting: “Free the children!” at Cruz. According to the tweet, Cruz supports locking illegal aliens in cages along the southern border. Especially children. That’s an utter lie and they know it.

“Those in positions of power must be held accountable for the treatment of children and families at the border. #CloseTheCamps,” the group tweeted.

And politicians were, of course, involved. From the San Francisco Examiner:

“San Francisco politicians angrily spout off about President Donald Trump and Republicans in general so often you could set your watch by it. “But rarely do they do it directly, face to face. In that regard, Supervisor Hillary Ronen is living the dream. “The San Francisco legislator, who represents heavily Latinx neighborhoods like The Mission, got right in Texas Sen. Ted Cruz’s iconic nose Sunday, raking him over the coals for poor conditions at migrant detention centers at the Mexican border. “We are horrified with what is happening with the caging of children and separation of families,” Ronen told Cruz. “I don’t know how you can live with yourself.”

“The San Francisco legislator posted the video to her Facebook page, Monday morning.”

Not only was that media piece leftist it sounded bigoted to me as well with the slur about Cruz’s nose. Disgusting.

Ted Cruz supports building a wall and securing it for America’s sovereignty and safety. He believes in legal immigration and the rule of law. The left just can’t abide that. He wants to fix our broken immigration system and has been very outspoken over the dangers children face when coming to America illegally. He even recommended using infamous drug lord El Chapo’s seized fortune to help offset costs. He also has publicly called for asylum law changes along with an increase in immigration judges, to hear the pending legal cases that have flooded the US court system.

“Earlier today I visited the Central Processing Center here in the valley, visited the McAllen headquarters. One of the more disturbing figures that I heard from the chief is in 2014, not too many years ago, of the adult men crossing illegally into this country roughly one percent had a child with them,” Cruz stated earlier this month during a press conference.

“Today roughly fifty percent of the adult men crossing into the Rio Grande sector have a child with them. The reason for that, the fault of that is the U.S. Congress because we have told the traffickers, the human traffickers, we’ve told the drug traffickers, if you bring a child, that child is essentially a get outta jail free card. It is an incentive from the United States Congress: Go and find a small child and take that arduous journey, risk that child’s life,” Cruz said.

Cruz also said, “Far too many of those children face physical abuse, they face sexual abuse, they face neglect. And a growing problem we’re seeing is fraudulent family units.”

None of that matters to open-borders communists. They blame Republicans when in fact, this whole mess has been coordinated by Democrats. President Barack Obama implemented this system back in 2014 – he built the damn cages. It’s something Border Patrol agents have long talked about. Republicans have been trying to undo this travesty ever since but Democrats block them at every turn.

Ted Cruz handled the whole harassment bit with class. He even took a pic with a fan during the attack. He was cool the whole time and never lost his temper. That takes tremendous self-control and professionalism.

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