DA Drops Charges Against Two Illegal Aliens, While Home Owner Could Face Life in Burglary Case

Your rights and liberty are being taken away daily and this is YOUR chance to put pressure on this DA and let them know “We The People” will not stand for this and we will set things straight.
Here is the DA to contact:
Scott Storey
District Attorney
500 Jefferson County Parkway
Golden, CO 80401
Read more at Fleming and Hayes


  1. Um, yeah this story is pretty messed up, in fact it is REALLY messed up, but there’s just one little prob- oops, make that TWO problems with this site’s framing of the story-

    1) Scott Storey, is a Republican

    2) He was ELECTED to office by the good people of Colorado.

    Where does Obama’s DOJ fit into all this? Honestly just wondering.

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